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ف س ق
General Root Meaning
to commit disobedience, go astray, transgress commandment, live in profligacy, disorder, become wicked, profligate, commit lewdness, become perverted, be impious, act wickedly.
   l-fāsiqūna   (3)

You are (the) best (of) people raised for the mankind - enjoining the right and forbidding [from] the wrong and believing in Allah. And if believed (the) People (of) the Book surely would have been good for them. Among them (are) [the] believers, but most of them (are) defiantly disobedient.

Then whoever turns away after that, then those they (are) the defiantly disobedien

And those who accuse the chaste women, then not they bring four witnesses, then flog them (with) eighty lashe(s) and (do) not accept their testimony ever. And those, they (are) the defiantly disobedien

(has) promised Allah those who believe among you and do righteous deeds, He will grant them succession in the earth, as He gave succession to those who from (were) before them, and He will surely establish for them their religion which He has approved for them, and surely He will change for from after their fear, security (for) they worship Me, not they associate with Me anything. But whoever disbelieved after that, then those [they] (are) the defiantly disobedien

And (do) not be like those who forgot Allah, so He made them forget themselves. Those [they] (are) the defiantly disobedien

And indeed We revealed to you Verses clear, and not disbelieves in them except the defiantly disobedient.

And let judge (the) People (of) the Injeel by what has revealed Allah in it. And whoever (does) not judge by what revealed Allah then those [they] (are) the defiantly disobedient.

The hypocrite men and the hypocrite women, some of them (are) of others. They enjoin the wrong and forbid what (is) the right, and they close their hands. They forget Allah, so He has forgotten them. Indeed, the hypocrites, they (are) the defiantly disobedient.

So be patient, as had patience those of determination of the Messengers, and (do) not seek to hasten for them. As if they had, (the) Day they see what they were promised, not remained except an hour of a day. A notification. But will (any) be destroyed except the people - the defiantly disobedient?

   l-fāsiqīna   (4)

And We ordained (laws) for him in the tablets - of every thing, an instruction and explanation for every thing, "So take them with firmness and order your people (to) take (the) best of it. I will show you (the) home (of) the defiantly disobedient

They swear to you that you may be pleased with them. But if you are pleased with them, then indeed, Allah not (is) pleased with the people (who are) defiantly disobedien

That (is) closer that they will give the testimony in its (true) form or they would fear that will be refuted their oaths after their (others) oaths. And fear Allah and listen; and Allah (does) not guide the people, defiantly disobedient ,

Indeed, Allah (is) not ashamed to set forth an example (like) even (of) a mosquito and (even) something above it. Then as for those who believed, [thus] they will know that it (is) the truth from their Lord. And as for those who disbelieved [thus] they will say what (did) intend Allah by this example? He lets go astray by it many and He guides by it many. And not He lets go astray by it except the defiantly disobedient.

He said "O my Lord! Indeed, I (do) not (have) power except (over) myself and my brother, so (make a) separation between us and between the people the defiantly disobedient."

(Allah) said, "Then indeed it (will be) forbidden to them (for) forty years, they will wander in the earth. So (do) not grieve over the people the defiantly disobedient."

Say, "If are your fathers, and your sons, and your brothers, and your spouses, and your relatives, and wealth that you have acquired and the commerce, you fear a decline (in) it and the dwellings you delight (in) it (are) more beloved to you than Allah, and His Messenger and striving in His way, then wait until brings Allah His Command. And Allah (does) not guide the people - the defiantly disobedient."

Ask forgiveness for them or (do) not ask forgiveness for them. If you ask forgiveness for them seventy times, never will forgive Allah [for] them. That (is) because they disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger, and Allah (does) not guide the people, the defiantly disobedient.

Whatever you cut down of (the) palm-trees or you left them standing on their roots, it (was) by the permission (of) Allah, and that He may disgrace the defiantly disobedient.

And when said Musa to his people, "O my people! Why do you hurt me while certainly you know that I am (the) Messenger (of) Allah to you?" Then when they deviated, (was caused to) deviate Allah their hearts. And Allah (does) not guide the people, the defiantly disobedient.

(It) is same for them whether you ask forgiveness for them or (do) not ask forgiveness for them. Never will forgive Allah [to] them. Indeed, Allah (does) not guide the people, the defiantly disobedient.

   l-fusūqu   (1)

O you who believe! (Let) not ridicule a people [of] (another) people, perhaps that they maybe better than them; and (let) not women [of] (other) women perhaps that they maybe better than them. And (do) not insult yourselves and (do) not call each other by nicknames. Wretched is the name (of) disobedience after the faith. And whoever (does) not repent, then those - they (are) the wrongdoers.

   tafsuqūna   (1)

And (the) Day will be exposed those who disbelieved to the Fire. "You exhausted your good things in your life (of) the world, and you took your pleasures therein. So today you will be recompensed (with) a punishment humiliating because you were arrogant in the earth without [the] right and because you were defiantly disobedient."

   fāsiqun   (1)

O you who believe! If comes to you a wicked person with information, investigate, lest you harm a people in ignorance, then you become, over what you have done, regretful.

   fāsiqan   (1)

Then is one who is a believer like (him) who is defiantly disobedient? Not they are equal.

   fāsiqūna   (3)

Say, "O People (of) the Book! Do you resent [of] us except that we believe in Allah and what has been revealed to us and what was revealed that before, and that most of you (are) defiantly disobedient."

And if they had believed in Allah and the Prophet and what has been revealed to him, not they (would have) taken them (as) allies; [and] but many of them (are) defiantly disobedient.

How while, if they gain dominance over you not they do regard (the ties) with you (of) kinship and not covenant of protection? They satisfy you with their mouths but refuse, their hearts and most of them (are) defiantly disobedient.

Has not come (the) time for those who believed that become humble their hearts at (the) remembrance (of) Allah and what has come down of the truth? And not they become like those who were given the Book from before, (and) was prolonged for them the term, so hardened their hearts; and many of them (are) defiantly disobedient.

And certainly We sent Nuh and Ibrahim, and We placed in their offspring Prophethood and the Scripture; and among them (is) a guided one, but most of them (are) defiantly disobediently.

Then We sent on their footsteps Our Messengers and We followed with Isa, son (of) Maryam, and We gave him the Injeel. And We placed in (the) hearts (of) those who followed him compassion and mercy. But monasticism they innovated - not We prescribed it for them - only seeking (the) pleasure (of) Allah, but not they observed it (with) right observance. So We gave those who believed among them their reward, but most of them (are) defiantly disobediently.

And not you pray for any of them who dies, ever, and not you stand by his grave. Indeed, they disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger, and died while they were defiantly disobedient.

   fāsiqīna   (1)

Say, "Spend willingly or unwillingly; never will be accepted from you. Indeed, you [you] are a people defiantly disobedient."

And (to) Lut We gave him judgment and knowledge, and We saved him from the town which was doing wicked deeds. Indeed, they were a people evil, defiantly disobedient.

And enter your hand into your bosom it will come forth white from without harm. (These are) among nine signs to Firaun and his people. Indeed, they are a people defiantly disobedient."

Insert your hand in your bosom it will come forth white from without any harm. And draw to yourselves your hand against fear. So these (are) two evidences from your Lord, to Firaun and his chiefs. Indeed, they are a people defiantly disobedient."

So he bluffed his people, and they obeyed him. Indeed, they were a people defiantly disobedient.

And (the) people (of) Nuh from before; indeed, they were a people defiantly disobedient.

   fis'qun   (1)

Are made unlawful on you the dead animals, and the blood, and flesh (of) the swine, and what has been dedicated to other than Allah, [on it], and that which is strangled (t and that which is hit fatally, and that which has a fatal fal and that which is gored by hor and that which ate (it) the wild animal except what you slaughtered, and what is sacrificed on the stone altars, and that you seek division by divining arrows - that (is) grave disobedience. This day (have) despaired those who disbelieved of your religion, so (do) not fear them, but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion and I have completed upon you My Favor and I have approved for you [the] Islam (as) a religion. But whoever (is) forced by hunger (and) not inclining to sin, then indeed, Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

   fis'qan   (1)

Say, "Not (do) I find in what has been revealed to me (anything) forbidden to an eater who eats it except that it be dead or blood poured forth or (the) flesh (of) swine - for indeed, it (is) filth - or (it be) disobedience, [is] dedicated to other than Allah [on it]. But whoever (is) compelled not desiring and not transgressing, then indeed, your Lord (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."

   fasaqū   (2)

But as for those who are defiantly disobedient then their refuge (is) the Fire. Every time they wish to come out from it, they (will) be returned in it, and it (will) be said to them, "Taste (the) punishment (of) the Fire which you used (to) [in it] deny."

Thus (is) proved true (the) Word (of) your Lord upon those who defiantly disobeyed, that they (will) not believe.

   fusūqun   (1)

O you who believe[d]! When you contract with one another any debt for a term fixed then write it. And let write between you a scribe in justice. And not (should) refuse a scribe that he writes as (has) taught him Allah. So let him write and let dictate the one on whom (is) the right and let him fear Allah, his Lord, and (let him) not diminish from it anything. Then if is the one on him (is) the right, (of) limited understanding, or weak, or not capable that (can) dictate he, then let dictate his guardian with justice. And call for evidence two witnesses among your men. And if not there are two men then one man and two women of whom you agree of [the] witnesses, (so) that (if) [she] errs, one of the two, then will remind one of the two the other. And not (should) refuse the witnesses when that they are called. And not (be) weary that you write it - small or large for its term. That (is) more just near Allah, and more upright for evidence and nearer that not you (have) doubt, except that be a transaction present, you carry out among you, then not on you any sin that not you write it. And take witness when you make commercial transactio And not (should) be harmed (the) scribe and not (the) witness, and if you do, then indeed it (is) sinful conduct for you, and fear Allah. And teaches Allah. And Allah of every thing (is) All-Knower.

   fusūqa   (1)

(For) the Hajj (are) months well known, then whoever undertakes therein the Hajj then no sexual relations and no wickedness and no quarrelling during the Hajj. And whatever you do of good knows it Allah. And take provision, (but) indeed, (the) best provision (is) righteousness. And fear Me, O men (of) understanding!

   fafasaqa   (1)

And when We said to the Angels, "Prostrate to Adam," so they prostrated except Iblis. (He) was of the jinn, and he rebelled against the Command (of) his Lord. Will you then take him and his offspring (as) protectors from other than Me, while they (are) to you enemies? Wretched for the wrongdoers (is) the exchange.

   fafasaqū   (1)

And when We intend that We destroy a town, We order its wealthy people but they defiantly disobey therein; so (is) proved true against it the word, and We destroy it (with) destruction.

   lafāsiqūna   (1)

And that you judge between them by what (has) revealed Allah and (do) not follow their vain desires and beware of them lest they tempt you away from some (of) what has revealed Allah to you. And if they turn away then know that only intends Allah to afflict them for some (of) their sins. And indeed, many of the people (are) defiantly disobedient.

   lafāsiqīna   (1)

And not We found for most of them any covenant. But We found most of them certainly, defiantly disobedie

   lafis'qun   (1)

And (do) not eat of that, not has been mentioned (the) name (of) Allah on it, and indeed, it (is) grave disobedience. And indeed, the devils inspire to their friends so that they dispute with you, and if you obey them, indeed, you (would) be the polytheists.

   wal-fusūqa   (1)

And know that among you (is the) Messenger (of) Allah. If he were to obey you in much of the matter, surely you would be in difficu but Allah has endeared to you the Faith and has made it pleasing in your hearts and has made hateful to you disbelief and defiance and disobedience. Those (are) they - the guided ones.

   yafsuqūna   (3)

Indeed, we (will) bring down on (the) people (of) this town a punishment from (the) sky, because they have been defiantly disobedient."

And those who denied [in] Our Verses will touch them the punishment for what they used to defiantly disobey.

But changed those who wronged (the) word other (than) (that) which was said to them; so We sent down upon those who wronged, a punishment from the sky because they were defiantly disobeying.

And ask them about the town which was situated (by) the sea, when they transgressed in the (matter of) Sabbath, when came to them their fish (on the) day (of) their Sabbath visibly and (on the) day not they had Sabbath (they did) not come to them. Thus We test them because they were defiantly disobeying.

So when they forgot what they had been reminded with [it], We saved those who forbade [from] the evil, and We seized those who wronged with a punishment wretched, because they were defiantly disobeying.

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