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ف ر ط
General Root Meaning
to precede, neglect, remiss, omit, excess, forsake, act hastily or unjustly, fall short, exceed bounds, be extravagant/excessive, injustice, outstrip others. mufratun - to be sent in advance and abandoned and left.
   farraṭtu   (1)

Lest should say a soul, "Oh! My regret over what I neglected in regard (to) Allah and that I was surely, among the mockers."

   farraṭtum   (1)

So when they despaired of him, they secluded themselves (in) private consultation. Said the eldest among them, "Do not you know that your father, indeed has taken upon you a promise by Allah, and from before that you failed concerning Yusuf? So never will I leave the land until permits me my father or decides Allah for me, and He (is) the Best (of) the judges.

   farraṭnā   (2)

And not [of] any animal in the earth and not a bird (that) flies with its wings - but (are) communities like you. Not we have neglected in the Book [of] anything, then to their Lord they will be gathered.

Indeed, incurred loss those who denied in (the) meeting (with) Allah, until when came to them the Hour suddenly they said, "Oh! Our regret over what we neglected concerning it," while they will bear their burdens on their backs. Unquestionably! Evil (is) what they bear.

   furuṭan   (1)

And be patient, yourself, with those who call their Lord in the morning and the evening desiring His Face. And (let) not pass beyond your eyes over them, desiring adornment (of) the life (of) the world, and (do) not obey whom We have made heedless his heart of Our remembrance, and follows his desires and is his affair (in) excess.

   muf'raṭūna   (1)

And they assign to Allah what they dislike and assert their tongues the lie that for them (is) the best. No doubt that for them (is) the Fire and that they (will) be abandoned.

   yufarriṭūna   (1)

And He (is) the Subjugator over His slaves, and He sends over you guardians until when comes (to) anyone of you the death take him Our messengers, and they (do) not fail.

   yafruṭa   (1)

They said, "Our Lord! Indeed, we fear that he will hasten against us or that he will transgress."

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