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ف ر ق
General Root Meaning
to separate/distinguish/divide/split/decide. farqun - the act of distinction or separating. fariq - who separates, discriminates. firqun - separate part, heap. firqatun - band of human beings. fariqun - part/portion, some party or band of human beings. furqan - criterion of right or wrong, draft, evidence or demonstration, a name of The Quran, aid, victory, argument, proof, dawn, distinction.
faraqa (vb. 2) to make a division or distinction, make a schism. tafriq - division, dissension.
faraqa (vb. 3) To quit, depart.
mutafarriqun - diverse, different. fariqa - to fear, be frightened, plunge in the wave, seek refuge in fear, succour. yafraqu - to be timid and afraid, appear in one's true colour, be cowardly, be ridden by fear.