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ف ق ه
General Root Meaning
to be learned, skilled in divine law, endowed with penetration, understand a thing.
   tafqahūna   (1)

Glorify [to] Him the heavens seven and the earth and whatever (is) in them. And (there is) not any thing except glorifies His Praise, but not you understand their glorification. Indeed, He is Ever-Forbearing, Oft-Forgiving."

   liyatafaqqahū   (1)

And not is (for) the believers that they go forth all together. So if not go forth from every group among them a party that they may obtain understan in the religion, and that they may warn their people when they return to them, so that they may beware.

   nafqahu   (1)

They said, "O Shuaib! Not we understand much of what you say, and indeed, we surely [we] see you among us weak. And if not for your family surely we would have stoned and not you are against us mighty."

   yafqahū   (1)

That they may understand my speech.

   yafqahūna   (6)

Wherever you be will overtake you [the] death even if you are in towers lofty. And if befalls them any good they say, "This (is) from Allah," And if befalls them any evil they say, "This (is) from you." Say, "All (is) from Allah." So what (is wrong) (with) these [the] people, not do they seem (to) understand any statement.

Certainly you(r) more intense fear in their breasts than Allah's. That (is) because they (are) a people not (who do) understand.

And He (is) the One Who (has) produced you from a soul single, so (there is) a place of dwell and a resting place. Certainly, We have made clear the Signs for a people (who) understand.

And certainly We have created for Hell many of the jinn and men. For them (are) hearts (but) not they understand with them, and for them (are) eyes (but) not they see with them, and for them (are) ears (but) not they hear with them. Those (are) like cattle, nay they (are) more astray. Those - they (are) the heedless.

And whenever what is revealed a Surah, look some of them to others, "Does see you any one?" Then they turn away. has turned away Allah their hearts because they (are) a people not they understand.

Say, "He (is) All-Capable [on] to send upon you punishment from above you or from beneath your feet or (to) confuse you (into) sects and make (you) taste - some of you violence (of) others." See how We explain the Signs so that they may understand.

O Prophet! Urge the believers to [the] fight. If (there) are among you twenty steadfast they will overcome two hundred. And if (there) are among you a hundred, they will overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they (are) a people (who do) not understand.

Rejoice those who remained behind in their staying behind (the) Messenger (of) Allah, and they disliked to strive with their wealth and their lives in (the) way (of) Allah and they said, "(Do) not go forth in the heat." Say, "(The) Fire (of) Hell (is) more intense (in) heat." If (only) they could understand.

They (were) satisfied to be with those who stay behind, and were sealed [on] their hearts, so they (do) not understand.

Until, when he reached between the two mountains, he found from besides them a community, not who would almost understand (his) speech.

That (is) because they believed, then they disbelieved; so were sealed [upon] their hearts, so they (do) not understand.

They (are) those who say, "(Do) not spend on (those) who (are) with (the) Messenger (of) Allah until they disband." And for Allah (are the) treasures (of) the heavens and the earth, but the hypocrites (do) not understand.

Will say those who remained behind when you set forth towards (the) spoils of war to take it, "Allow us (to) follow you." They wish to change (the) Words (of) Allah. Say, "Never will you follow us. Thus said Allah from before." Then they will say, "Nay, you envy us." Nay, they were not understanding except a little.

   yafqahūhu   (1)

And among them (are those) who listen to you, but We have placed over their hearts coverings lest they understand it, and in their ears deafness. And if they see every sign not they will believe in it. Until, when they come to you and argue with you say those who disbelieved, "Not (is) this but (the) tales (of) the former (people)."

And We have placed over their hearts coverings, lest they understand it, and in their ears deafness. And when you mention your Lord in the Quran Alone, they turn on their backs (in) aversion.

And who (is) more wrong than (he) who is reminded of the Verses (of) his Lord, but turns away from them, and forgets what have sent forth his hands? Indeed, We [We] have placed over their hearts coverings, lest they understand it and in their ears (is) deafness. And if you call them to the guidance, then never they will be guided then ever.

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