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د ى ن
General Root Meaning
obedience/submissiveness, servility, religion, high/elevated/noble/glorious rank/condition/state, took/receive a loan or borrowed upon credit, become indebted, in debt, under the obligation of a debt, contract a debt, repay/reimburse a loan, rule/govern/manage it, possess/own it, become habituated/accustomed to something, confirmation, death (because it is a debt everyone must pay), a particular law/statute, system, custom/habit/business, a way/course/manner of conduct/acting, repayment/compensation.

Daynun (n.): Debt; lending.
Tadaayantum (prf. 2nd. p. m. plu. VI.): You transact.
La Yadiinuuna (imp. 3rd. p. m. plu.): They do not subscribe, do not observe (religious laws).
Diin: Requital; judgement; faith; law; obedience.
Madyiinuun/ Madyiiniin: Requitted.