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د ك ك
General Root Meaning
To crush/break/beat/deflate, crumble to pieces, be completely crushed and broken to pieces, to push or thrust, ground, dust.

dakk – an even or level place;

dakkaa’ – a hill of mould or clay, not rugged, nor amounting to a mountain.

dakkah – a single act of breaking, crushing, pounding etc.; a flat topped structure upon which one sits.
Dukkat (pp. f. sing.): It is grounded; crushed; made to crumble to pieces.
Dukkataa (pp. f. dual.): They both are crushed.
Dakaatun (n.): single crash.
Dakkan (v.n.): Crumble; dust; powder.
Dakkaa' (v.n.): dust.