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ض ى ف
General Root Meaning
Inclined, approached, drew near to setting (said of the sun). Menstruation (said of a woman). Become a guest, refuge of someone. Become correlative to something. Correlation, or reciprocal correlation, so that one cannot be conceived in the mind without the other. Beign collected, joined, added together.
   ḍayfi   (2)

Has reached you (the) narration (of the) guests (of) Ibrahim the honored?

And inform them about (the) guests (of) Ibrahim,

   ḍayfihi   (1)

And certainly they demanded him from his guests, so We blinded their eyes. "So taste My punishment and My warnings."

   ḍayfī   (2)

He said, "Indeed, these (are) my guests, so (do) not shame me.

And came (to) him his people rushing, to him, and from before they (had) been doing the evil deeds. He said, "O my people! These (are) my daughters, they (are) purer for you. So fear Allah and (do) not disgrace me concerning my guests. Is (there) not among you a man right-minded?"

   yuḍayyifūhumā   (1)

So they set out until when they came (to the) people (of) a town, they asked for food (from) its people, but they refused to offer them hospitality. Then they found in it a wall (that) want(ed) to collapse, so he set it straight. He said, "If you wished surely you (could) have taken for it a payment."

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