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ب و ر
General Root Meaning
perished, become extinct, destroyed, become bad/corrupted, destructive, in a state of perdition/detriment/deficiency, ineffectual, stagnant/dull, not sought/desired.
   l-bawāri   (1)

Have not you seen [to] those who (have) changed (the) Favor (of) Allah (for) disbelief and they led their people (to the) house (of) destruction?

   būran   (1)

They say, "Glory be to You! Not it was proper for us that we take from besides You any protectors. But You gave them comforts and their forefathers until they forgot the Message and became a people ruined."

Nay, you thought that (would) never return the Messenger and the believers to their families ever, was made fair-seeming (that) in your hearts. And you assumed an assumption evil, and you became a people ruined."

   tabūra   (1)

Indeed, those who recite (the) Book (of) Allah, and establish the prayer and spend out of what We have provided them, secretly and openly, hope (for) a commerce - never it will perish.

   yabūru   (1)

Whoever (for) him desires the honor, then for Allah (is) the Honor all. To Him ascends the words good, and the deed righteous raises it. But those who plot the evil, for them (is) a punishment severe, and (the) plotting (of) those - it (will) perish.

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