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ب ر ح
General Root Meaning
go away, depart, withdraw, to give up or leave/cease/quit, angry, annoy/distress/difficulty/adversity, hurt/fatigue.
   abraḥa   (1)

So when they despaired of him, they secluded themselves (in) private consultation. Said the eldest among them, "Do not you know that your father, indeed has taken upon you a promise by Allah, and from before that you failed concerning Yusuf? So never will I leave the land until permits me my father or decides Allah for me, and He (is) the Best (of) the judges.

   abraḥu   (1)

And when said Musa to his boy, "Not I will cease until I reach the junction (of) the two seas or I continue (for) a long period."

   nabraḥa   (1)

They said, "Never we will cease to it being devoted to it until returns to us Musa."

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