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ب ق ر
General Root Meaning
Slit, ripped, split cut or divided lengthwise
Opening, laying open, widening
Revealing (e.g. story, or an animal's insides)
Inquiring to the utmost after sciences or knowledge
Being astonished, amazed, stupefied at seeing something or confounded, confused, perplexed, tired or fatigued, weary or jaded
Ox, bull and cow (bovine genus) both domesticated and wild
A species of grape that is large, black and round and a species of plum in Palestine
Owner or possessor of oxen/bulls/cows
A strong staff/stick (e.g. for driving herds)
A sedition, discord or dissention that severs society, corrupts religion and separates men, or something wide spreading/reaching and great
Abundance of wealth/commodities