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ب ق ر
General Root Meaning
Slit, ripped, split cut or divided lengthwise
Opening, laying open, widening
Revealing (e.g. story, or an animal's insides)
Inquiring to the utmost after sciences or knowledge
Being astonished, amazed, stupefied at seeing something or confounded, confused, perplexed, tired or fatigued, weary or jaded
Ox, bull and cow (bovine genus) both domesticated and wild
A species of grape that is large, black and round and a species of plum in Palestine
Owner or possessor of oxen/bulls/cows
A strong staff/stick (e.g. for driving herds)
A sedition, discord or dissention that severs society, corrupts religion and separates men, or something wide spreading/reaching and great
Abundance of wealth/commodities
   l-baqara   (1)

They said, "Pray for us (to) your Lord to make clear to us what it (is). Indeed, [the] cows look alike to us. And indeed we, if wills Allah, (will) surely be those who are

   l-baqari   (1)

And of the camels two and of the cows two. Say, "(Is it) the two males He (has) forbidden or the two females or what contains [in it] (the) wombs (of) the two females? Or were you witnesses when enjoined you Allah with this? Then who (is) more unjust than (one) who invents against Allah a lie to mislead the people without knowledge? Indeed, Allah (does) not guide the people the wrongdoing."

And to those who are Jews We forbade every (animal) with claws, and of the cows and the sheep We forbade to them their fat except what carried their backs or the entrails or what (is) joined with the bone. That (is) their recompense for their rebellion. And indeed, We [surely] are truthful.

   baqarātin   (1)

And said the king, "Indeed, I [I] have seen seven cows fat, eating them seven lean ones, and seven ears (of corn) green, and others dry. O chiefs! Explain to me about my vision if you can of visions interpret."

Yusuf, O the truthful one! Explain to us about (the) seven cows fat eating them seven lean ones, and seven ears (of corn) green and other dry, that I may return to the people so that they may know."

   baqaratan   (1)

And when said Musa to his people, "Indeed, Allah commands you that you slaughter a cow." They said, "Do you take us (in) ridicule." He said, "I seek refuge in Allah that I be among the ignorant."

   baqaratun   (2)

They said, "Pray for us (to) your Lord to make clear to us what it (is)." He said, "Indeed, He says, "[Indeed] it (is) a cow not old and not young, middle aged between that," so do what you are commanded."

He said, "Indeed, He says, "[Indeed] it (is) a cow not trained to plough the earth, and not water the field; sound, no blemish in it." They said, "Now you have come with the truth." So they slaughtered it, and not they were near (to) doing (it).

They said, "Pray for us (to) your Lord to make clear to us what (is) its color." He said, "Indeed, He says, '[Indeed] it is a cow yellow, bright (in) its color, pleasing (to) those who see (it).'"

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