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ب ل د
General Root Meaning
A country, land, region, province, district, territory, city, town, village or any portion of earth or land within certain limits
Tract of land without vegetation, pasture
Waterless desert, desolate place
Earth or ground.
Remaining, staying, abiding, dwelling in the country/place/land/town/city/village etc
Keeping to something, having something remain (e.g. like marks on the skin)
Becoming stupid, dull, wanting in intelligence/vigor, inert, soft, weak, feeble, not effective in performance, lagging behind, becoming languid, lazy, impotent in work
Cast, or lay down on the ground maybe due to fatigue or weakness
Regions appearing short in extent due to darkness, or low visibility
Keeping, falling to the ground in submissiveness, keeping in place, being submissive and humble
Obtaining, exercising dominion over land belonging to others
   l-bilādi   (3)

Not dispute concerning (the) Verses (of) Allah except those who disbelieve, so (let) not deceive you their movement in the cities.

Which not had been created like them in the cities,

(Let) not deceive you (the) movement (of) those who disbelieved in the land.

And how many We destroyed before them of a generation, they (were) stronger than them (in) power. so they explored throughout the lands. Is (there) any place of escape?

Who transgressed in the lands,

   l-balada   (1)

And when said Ibrahim, "My Lord! Make this city safe, and keep me away and my sons that we worship the idols.

   l-baladi   (2)

And this [the] city, [the] secure,

Nay! I swear by this city,

And you (are) free (to dwell) in this city.

   l-baldati   (1)

"Only I am commanded that I worship (the) Lord (of) this city, the One Who made it sacred and to Him (belongs) all things. And I am commanded that I be of the Muslims

   baladin   (1)

And they carry your loads to a land not you could reach it except with great trouble (to) yourselves. Indeed, your Lord surely is Most Kind, Most Merciful.

And Allah (is) the One Who sends the winds so that they raise (the) clouds, and We drive them to a land dead and We revive therewith the earth after its death. Thus (will be) the Resurrection.

   baladan   (1)

And when said Ibrahim, "My Lord make this a city secure and provide its people with fruits, (to) whoever believed from them in Allah and the Day the Last," He said, "And whoever disbelieved, [then] I will grant him enjoym a little; then I will force him to (the) punishment (of) the Fire, and evil (is) the destination.

   baldatan   (2)

That We may give life thereby (to) a land dead and We give drink thereof (to those) We created, cattle and men many.

A provision for the slaves, and We give life therewith (to) a land dead. Thus (will be) the coming forth.

And the One Who sends down from the sky water in (due) measure, then We revive with it a land dead, thus you will be brought forth,

   baldatun   (1)

Certainly, (there) was for Saba in their dwelling place a sign: Two gardens on (the) right and (on the) left. "Eat from (the) provision (of) your Lord and be grateful to Him. A land good and a Lord Oft-Forgiving."

   libaladin   (1)

And He (is) the One Who sends the winds (as) glad tidings between (his) mercy Mercy, until, when they have carried clouds - heavy, We drive them to a land dead then We send down from it the water then We bring forth from it of all (kinds) [the] fruits. Thus We will bring forth the dead so that you may take heed.

   wal-baladu   (1)

And the land - [the] pure, comes forth its vegetation by (the) permission (of) its Lord, but which is bad - (does) not come forth except (with) difficulty. Thus We explain the Signs for a people who are grateful.

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