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ب غ ت
General Root Meaning
Suddenly, unexpectedly, unawares, surprisingly or with previous cause
A festival, namely Easter
Confounded, perplexed or unable to see straight
   baghtatan   (2)

Indeed, incurred loss those who denied in (the) meeting (with) Allah, until when came to them the Hour suddenly they said, "Oh! Our regret over what we neglected concerning it," while they will bear their burdens on their backs. Unquestionably! Evil (is) what they bear.

So when they forgot what they were reminded of [it], We opened on them gates (of) every thing, until when they rejoiced in what they were given, We seized them suddenly and then they (were) dumbfounded.

Say, "Have you seen if comes to you punishment (of) Allah suddenly or openly, will (any) be destroyed except the people - the wrongdoers?

Then We changed (in) place (of) the bad the good, until they increased and said, "Verily, (had) touched our forefathers the adversity and the ease." So We seized them suddenly, while they (did) not perceive.

They ask you about the Hour, when will be its appointed time? Say, "Only its knowledge (is) with my Lord, no (one) can reveal [it] its time except Him. It lays heavily in the heavens and the earth. Not will it come to you but suddenly." They ask you as if you (were) well informed about it. Say, "Only its knowledge (is) with Allah, but most (of) the people (do) not know."

Do they then feel secure (against) that comes to them an overwhelming [of] punishment (of) Allah, or comes to them the Hour suddenly while they (do) not perceive?

And not will cease those who disbelieve (to be) in doubt of it until comes to them the Hour suddenly or comes to them (the) punishment (of) a Day barren.

And it will come to them suddenly, while they (do) not perceive.

And they ask you to hasten [with] the punishment. And if not (for) a term appointed, surely (would) have come to th the punishment. But it will surely come to the suddenly while they (do) not perceive.

And follow (the) best (of) what is revealed to you from your Lord from before [that] comes to you the punishment suddenly, while you (do) not perceive,

Are they waiting except (for) the Hour that it should come on them suddenly while they (do) not perceive?

Then do they wait but (for) the Hour that it should come to them suddenly? But indeed, have come its indications. Then how to them when has come to them their reminder.

Nay, it will come to them unexpectedly and bewilder them, then not they will be able to repel it, and not they will be given respite.

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