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ع س ر
General Root Meaning
to be difficult/hard, be hard to one another, hardship.
   l-ʿus'ra   (1)

Month (of) Ramadhaan (is) that was revealed therein the Quran, a Guidance for mankind and clear proofs of [the] Guidance and the Criterion. So whoever witnesses among you the month, then he should fast in it, and whoever is sick or on a journey then prescribed number (should from days other. Intends Allah for you [the] ease and not intends for you [the] hardship, so that you complete the prescribed period and that you magnify Allah for [what] He guided you so that you may (be) grateful.

   l-ʿus'ri   (1)

So indeed, with the hardship (is) ease.

Indeed, with the hardship (is) ease.

   l-ʿus'rati   (1)

Verily, turned (in mercy) Allah to the Prophet, and the emigrants, and the helpers [those] who followed him, in (the) hour (of) difficulty from after [what] had nearly deviated (the) hearts (of) a party of them, then He turned (in mercy) to them. Indeed, He to them (is) Most Kind, Most Merciful.

   taʿāsartum   (1)

Lodge them from where you dwell, (out) of your means and (do) not harm them to distress [on] them. And if they are (in a) state (of) pregnancy, then spend on them until they deliver their burden. Then if they suckle for you, then give them their payment, and consult among yourselves with kindness, but if you disagree, then may suckle for him another (women).

   ʿasirun   (1)

Racing ahead towards the caller. Will say the disbelievers, "This (is) a Day difficult."

   ʿus'rin   (1)

Let spend owner of ample means from his ample means, and (he) who, is restricted on him his provision, let him spend from what has given him Allah. not does burden Allah any soul except (with) what He has given it. will bring about Allah after hardship ease.

   ʿus'ran   (1)

He said, "(Do) not, blame me for what I forgot and (do) not be hard (upon) me in my affair (raising) difficulty."

   ʿus'ratin   (1)

And if is the (debtor) in difficulty, then postponement until ease. And if you remit as charity (it is) better for you. If you know.

   ʿasīrun   (1)

That Day, (will be) a Day difficult,

   ʿasīran   (1)

The Sovereignty, that Day (will be) truly, for the Most Gracious. And (it will) be a Day for the disbelievers difficult.

   lil'ʿus'rā   (1)

Then We will ease him towards [the] difficulty.

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