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ع ش ى
General Root Meaning
to go by night, be weak sighted, be night blind, withdraw, forsake. isha - commencement of darkness, early night, dusk, evening. ashiyyatan - nightpath, evening. ya'shu - to take or collect the produce of the earth, aid, succour, save, preserve, give something to someone, do some benefit to someone.
   l-ʿishāi   (1)

O you who believe! Let ask your permission those whom possess your right hands and those who (have) not reached puberty among you (at) three times, from before (the) prayer (of) dawn, and when you put aside your garments at noon and from after (the) prayer (of) night. (These) three (are) times of privacy for you. Not on you and not on them any blame after that (as) moving about among you, some of you among others. Thus makes clear Allah for you the Verses, and Allah (is) All-Knower, All-Wise.

   bil-ʿashiyi   (2)

When were displayed to him in the afternoon (with) one foot raised (the) steeds.

He said, "My Lord make for me a sign." He said, your sign (is) that not you will speak (to) the people (for) three days except (with) gestures. And remember your Lord much, and glorify (Him) in the evening and (in) the morning."

Indeed, We subjected the mountains with him glorifying in the evening and [the] sunrise.

So be patient; indeed, (the) Promise (of) Allah (is) true. And ask forgiveness for your sin and glorify (the) praise (of) your Lord in the evening and the morning.

   ʿishāan   (1)

And they came (to) their father early at night weeping.

   ʿashiyyatan   (1)

As though they, (the) Day they see it, not they had remained except an evening or a morning thereof.

   wal-ʿashiyi   (1)

And (do) not send away those who call their Lord in the morning and the evening desiring His Countenance. Not (is) on you of their account [of] anything, and not from your account on them [of] anything. So were you to send them away, then you would be of the wrongdoers.

And be patient, yourself, with those who call their Lord in the morning and the evening desiring His Face. And (let) not pass beyond your eyes over them, desiring adornment (of) the life (of) the world, and (do) not obey whom We have made heedless his heart of Our remembrance, and follows his desires and is his affair (in) excess.

   waʿashiyyan   (3)

And for Him (are) all praises in the heavens and the earth and (at) night and when you are at noon.

Then he came out to his people from the prayer chamber, and he signaled to them to glorify (Allah) (in) the morning and (in) the evening.

Not they will hear therein vain talk but peace. And for them (is) their provision therein, morning and evening.

The Fire; they are exposed to it morning and evening. And (the) Day (will be) established the Hour, "Cause to enter (the) people (of) Firaun (in the) severest punishment."

   yaʿshu   (1)

And whoever turns away from (the) remembrance (of) the Most Gracious, We appoint for him a devil, then he (is) to him a companion.

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