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ع ن ق
General Root Meaning
to be long-necked, become thin in the neck. ta'anaqa - to embrace. unuqun (pl. a'naq) neck, company (of men), trunk (of a tree), stalk (of a leaf or fruit), heads or chiefs of men, great ones. In 17:29 it is used as a metaphorical phrase to mean: do not keep your hand stackled to your neck out of miserliness, do not be niggardly. In verse 17:13 unuqun is metaphorically used and refers to the principle that every action produces an effect which is ""made to cling to a person"" and that his deeds will be recorded in a Book and that their effect will be seen on the day of resurrection. ""Clinging to the neck"" indicates the inseparability of one thing from another, thus establishing the law of cause and effect.
   aʿnāqi   (1)

And will say those who were oppressed to those who were arrogant, "Nay, (it was) a plot (by) night and (by) day when you were ordering us that we disbelieve in Allah and we set up for Him equals." But they will conceal the regret when they see the punishment. And We will put shackles on (the) necks (of) those who disbelieved. Will they be recompensed except (for) what they used to do?

   aʿnāquhum   (1)

If We will, We can send down to them from the sky a Sign so would bend their necks to it (in) humility.

   aʿnāqihim   (1)

And if you (are) astonished, then astonishing (is) their saying, "When we are dust, will we (be) indeed, in a creation new?" Those (are) the ones who disbelieved in their Lord, and those the iron chains (will be) in their necks, those (are the) companions (of) the Fire, they in it (will) abide forever.

Indeed, We [We] have placed on their necks iron collars, and they (are up) to the chins, so they (are with) heads raised up.

When the iron collars (will be) around their necks and the chains, they will be dragged,

   l-aʿnāqi   (1)

When inspired your Lord to the Angels, "I am with you, so strengthen those who believed. I will cast in (the) hearts (of) those who disbelieved - the terror, so strike above the necks and strike from them every fingertip[s]."

   ʿunuqika   (1)

And (do) not make your hand chained to your neck, and not extend it (to its) utmost reach, so that you sit blameworthy, insolvent.

   ʿunuqihi   (1)

And (for) every man We have fastened to him his fate in his neck, and We will bring forth for him (on the) Day (of) the Resurrection a record which he will find wide open.

   wal-aʿnāqi   (1)

"Return them to me." Then he began (to) pass (his hand) over the legs and the necks.

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