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ع م د
General Root Meaning
to intend, support, place columns or pillars, place lofty structure, prop up, resolve, aim, direct, propose, commit (a sin intentionally), lofty structure, tent, pole, base, chief.
muta'ammidan (ap-der. acc. vb. V): on purpose, intentionally.
'imaad (n.): tall lofty structure, lofty colums.
'amadun (n. pl.): columns.
   l-ʿimādi   (1)

Iram, possessors (of), lofty pillars,

   taʿammadat   (1)

Call them by their fathers; it (is) more just near Allah. But if not you know their fathers - then (they are) your brothers in [the] religion and your friends. But not is upon you any blame in what you made a mistake in it, but what intended your hearts. And that is Allah (is) Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

   ʿamadin   (2)

In columns extended.

Allah (is) the One Who raised the heavens without pillars that you see, then He established on the Throne and subjected the sun and the moon each running for a term appointed, He arranges the matter; He details the Signs so that you may in the meeting (with) your Lord believe with certainty.

He created the heavens without pillars that you see and has cast in the earth firm mountains lest it (might) shake with you, and He dispersed in it from every creature. And We sent down from the sky water then We caused to grow therein of every kind noble.

   mutaʿammidan   (1)

And whoever kills a believer intentionally then his recompense (is) Hell, abiding forever in it and will fall the wrath (of) Allah on him and He (will) curse him and He has prepared for him a punishment great.

O you who believe! (Do) not kill the game while you (are in) Ihram. And whoever killed it among you intentionally, then penalty (is) similar (to) what he killed of the cattle, judging it two men, just, among you (as) an offering reaching the Kabah or an expiation - feeding needy people or equivalent (of) that (in) fasting, that he may taste (the) consequence (of) his deed. pardoned Allah what (has) passed, but whoever returned, then will take retribution Allah from him. And Allah (is) All-Mighty, Owner (of) Retribution.

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