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ع د و
General Root Meaning
to pass by, overlook, transgress, turn aside.
adwun - wickedly, unjustly, spitefully, wrongfully.
adi'yat - companies of warriors, chargers, horses of the warriors, wayfarers who run fast on their journey, swift horses.
aduwatun - enmity. udwan - hostility, injustice. aduwwan (pl. aduwun) - enemy.

Ya'duuna (impf. 3rd. m. pl.): They transgressed; Programmed.
Laa Ta'du (prt. neg. m. sing.): Do not overlook, not let your eye turn away.
Laa Ta'duu (prt. neg. m. plu.): Do not transgress, violate.
'Aad (act. pic. m. sing.): Transgressor; Who goes beyond the limits.
'Aaduuna (act. pic. m. plu.): Transgressors; People who know no limits.
'Adaytum (prf. 2nd. plu. III.): You are at enmity.
Yat'adda (imp. 3rd. m. sing. V): He trespasses, violates.
I'tadaa (prf. 3rd. m. sing. VIII): Violated.
I'tadan (prf. 3rd. m. plu. VIII.): They transgressed.
I'tadaina (prf. 1st. plu. VIII): We have transgressed.
Ya'taduuna (imp. 3rd. m. plu. VIII): They transgressed.
Ta'taduu (imp. 2nd. m. plu. acc. final Nun dropped): You transgress.
Li Ta'taduu (imp. 2nd. m. plu. el.): That you may transgress.
l'taduu (prt. m. plu.): You punish for violence, punish for transgression.
Laa Ta'taduu (prt. neg. m. plu.): You transgress not.
Mu'tadun (ap-der. m. sing.): Transgressor.
Mu'taduun / Mu'tadiin (acc. ap-der. m. sing.): Transgressor.
'Adwan (v. n. acc.): Transgressing.
'Aduwwun / 'Aduwwan (acc. v. n.): Enemy.
A'da'un (n. pl.): Enemies.
'Udwaanun (v. n.): Violence; Punishment of violence; Harshness; Injustice; Transgression.
'Adaawatun (v. n.): Enmity.
'Udwatun (n.): Side; End.
'Adiyaat (act. pic. f. plu.): Panting; Running; Coursers.