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ع ض ل
General Root Meaning
to straighten, become hard/difficult, withhold unjustly, prevent, hinder.
   taʿḍulūhunna   (2)

And when you divorce [the] women and they reached their (waiting) term, then (do) not hinder them [that] (from) marrying their husbands when they agree between themselves in a fair manner. That is admonished with it whoever [is] among you believes in Allah and the Day [the] Last; that (is) more virtuous for you and more purer. And Allah knows and you (do) not know.

O you who believe[d]! Not (is) lawful for you that you inherit the women (by) force. And not you constraint them so that you may take a part (of) what you have given them except that they commit immorality open. And live with them in kindness. But if you dislike them, then perhaps that you dislike a thing and has placed Allah in it good much.

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