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ع ب د
General Root Meaning
serve, worship, adore, venerate, accept the impression of a thing, obey with submissiveness or humility, approve, apply, devote, obedience, slave, keep to inseparably, subdue, assemble together, enslave.
Abada (prf. 3rd. m. sing.): He worshipped, adored, venerated, obeyed, served.
Abadtum (prf. 2nd. m. plu.): You worshipped.
Abadnaa (prf. 1st. plu.): We served.
Ya'budu (imp, 3rd. m. sing.): He worships/serves.
Ya'buduuna (imp. 3rd. m. plu.): They worshipped.
Li Ya'buduu (imp. 3rd. m. plu. elative.): That they may serve.
Li Ya'buduuni (imp. 3rd. plu. el.): That they worship me. The final ni is a short form of nii of pronominal and not a na plu.
Ta'budu (imp. 2nd. m. sing.): Thou venerate.
Ta'buduuna (imp. 2nd. m. plu.): You worship.
A'budu (imp. 1st. sing.): I worship.
Na`budu (imp. 1st. plu.): We serve.
l'bud (prt. m. sing.): Thou worship.
I`budu (prt. m. plu.): You serve.
Laa ta'bud (prt. neg. m. sing.): Thou adore not.
La Ta'buduu (prt. neg. m. plu.): You serve not.
Yu'baduuna (pip. 3rd. m. plu): They are to be worshipped.
Abbadta (prf. 2nd. m. sing. II.): Thou enslaved, subjugated.
Abdun / Abdan (nom. / acc.): Abdin (gen. n.): Slave, Bondman; Servant.
Abdaini (n. dual.): Two bond men.
Abiduun / Abidiin (nom. / acc. act. pic. f. plu.): Worshippers.
Aabidaat (act. pic. f. plu.): (Women) worshippers.
Ibaadat (v. n.): servitude/worship.