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ا م ن
General Root Meaning
become/feel safe/secure, state of security/safety, trust, become quiet/tranquil in heart/mind, become free of expectation of evil or free of an object of dislike/hatred, promise/assurance of security/safety, become trustful/faithful/confident, to believe/acknowledge it, manifestation of humility/submission.
Amina (prf. 3rd. p.m. sing.): Became safe; Considered one self safe; Trusted a person.
Aminuu (prf. 3rd. p.m. plu.): They are in safety.
Amintum (prf. 2nd. p.m. plu.) You are in safety.
Antintu (prf. 1st. p. sing.): I trusted.
Ya'manu (imp. 3rd. p.m. sing.): He feels secure.
Ya'manuu (imp. 3rd. p.m. plu.): They trust.
Ta'manu (imp. 2nd p.m. sing.): Thou trusts.
Aamanu (imp. 1st. p. sing.): I shall trust.
Aamana (prf. 3rd. p. m. sing. IV): He believed, had a faith.
Aamanat (prf. 3rd p. f. sing.): She believed.
Aamantu (prf. 1st. P. sing. IV): I believed.
Aamanuu (prf. 3rd. p.m. plu.): They believed.
Aamantum (prf. 2nd. p.m. plu.): You believed.
Aamannaa (prf. 1st. p. plu.): We believed.
Yu'mina (imp. 3rd p.m. sing.): He believes.
Tu'minuu (imp. 2nd. p. m. plu.): You believe.
Yu'minuuna (imp. 3rd. p. m. plu.): They believe.
Tuu'minu / Tuminuuna (imp. 2nd. p. m. plu.): You believe.
Nu'minu (imp. 1st. p. plu.): We believe.
Yu'minanna (imp. 3rd. p.m. sing. emphatic.): He certainly shall believe.
Tuu'minanna (imp. 2nd. p. m. sing. emp.): Thou shall have to believe.
Nu'minanna (imp. 1st. p. plu. emp.): We shall certainly be believing.
Aman (n.): Security. Peace.
Aaminun (act. pic. m. sing.): Aaminatu: (act. p.c. f sing.): Peaceful.
Aaminiina/ Aaminuuna (acc./ act. pie. m. plu.): Those who are safe, in peace, secure.
Amiinun (act. 2nd. pic.): Trustworthy; Faithful; Steadfast.
Aamanatun (n.): Security.
Amaanatun (n.): Trust; Security; Pledge; Covenant; Faith; Trust. Duties; Government; Governed duties.
Amaanaat (n. plu.): Trusts.
U'tumina (n.): Who is entrusted.
Iimaan (n.): Faith; Belief.
Aamiin : Be it so; Yes.
Muu'min (ap-der. m. sing. IV): Believer.
Muu'miniin / Muu'minuuna (acc./ ap-der. m. plu. IV): Believers.
Muu'minaatun (ap-der. f. sing. IV): Believer (female).
Muu'minaatun (ap-der. f. plu. IV): Believing women.
Ma'manun (n. for place): Place of safety.
Ma'muunun (pact. pic.): Secured.