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ا م م
General Root Meaning
ammina: to propose, direct one's steps towards a place, repair to, go towards [5:2]
ummun/umm: mother, source, principle, prototype, origin, prototype;
ummi: belonging to mother, unlettered, Arab, who have no revealed scripture of their own;
ummatun: a man's kinsfolk, tribe, party, community, nation, group of living things having certain characteristics or circumstances in common, any grouping of human or animal, creation, generation, creatures of God;
ummah: way/course/manner/mode of acting, faith, religion, nation, , time or period of time, righteous person, a person who is an object of imitation and who is known for goodness/virtues;
imam: leader, president, any object that is followed (e.g. human/book/highway), model, example, pattern;