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ا ك ل
General Root Meaning
swallowing food after chewing, means of subsistence, devoured/consumed, fed/supplied, to eat/gnaw, things to be eaten, eatables.
Akala (prf. 3rd. m. sing.): He ate.
Aklaa (prf. 3rd. p. m. dual.): They twain ate.
Akaluu (prf. 3rd. p. m. plu.): They ate.
Ya'kulu (imp. 3rd. p. m. sing.): He cats.
Ya'kulaani (imp. 3rd. p. m. dual.): They twain eat.
Ya'kuluuna (3rd. p. m. plu.): They eat.
Ya'kulna (imp. 3rd. p. f. plu.): They (f.) eat.
Ta'kulu (imp. 2nd p. f. sing.): She eats.
Ta'kuluuna (imp. 2nd. p. m. plu.): You eat.
Na'kulu (imp. 1st. p. plu.): We eat.
Kulii (prt. f. sing.): Eat!
Kulaa (prt. m. f. dual.): Eat! You twain.
Kuluu l jiI (prt. m. plu.): Eat! You.
Aklun (n.): Eating.
Aklan (acc.): State of eating.
Ukulun (n.) Food; Flavor; Fruit.
AAkiliina (act. pic. m. plu. acc. n.): Eaters.
Akkaaluuna (n. intr. plu.): Greedy.
Ma'kul (pact. pic.): Eaten up; Devoured.