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ا ب ل
General Root Meaning
devote oneself to religious exercises, became a devotee, he overcame/resisted/withstood, camels, acquire camels, camels became numerous, skilled in the good management of camels, herd of camels, flocks, a bundle (e.g. of firewood), a company in a state of dispersion.
   'Abābīla   (1)

And He sent against them birds (in) flocks.

   l-ibili   (1)

And of the camels two and of the cows two. Say, "(Is it) the two males He (has) forbidden or the two females or what contains [in it] (the) wombs (of) the two females? Or were you witnesses when enjoined you Allah with this? Then who (is) more unjust than (one) who invents against Allah a lie to mislead the people without knowledge? Indeed, Allah (does) not guide the people the wrongdoing."

Then do not they look towards the camels, how they are created?

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