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62:1  Glorifies to Allah whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth. Al-Malik (The King), Al-Qudoos (The Holy), Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Hakeem (The Wise).
62:2  He is the one who missioned in the illiterates, a messenger from them; recites on them His verses, and refines them, and teaches them the Book and the wisdom; and surely, they were before that in an obvious astray.
62:3  And others among them, who have not joined with them. And He is Al-Aziz (The Almighty), Al-Hakeem (The Wise).
62:4  That is Allah’s bounty, He gives it to whoever He wills, and Allah is the great bounty’ possessor.
62:5  The example of those who carried the Torah and then did not carry it on, is like an example of the donkey who carries scrolls. Wretched is the example of the kinfolk who falsified Allah's verses. And Allah does not guide the oppressor kinfolk.
62:6  Say, "O you who are Jews, if you claim that you are Allah’s guardians, without the people, so wish death, if you were truthful ones."
62:7  And they will not wish it, ever, with what their hands have forwarded. And Allah is Knowledgeable of the oppressors.
62:8  Say, “Surely the death which you flee from it, so it will be meeting you; then you will be returned to the unseen’ Knower and the witnessing, so He will inform you with what you were working.”
62:9  O you who believed! If it is called out for the prayer on The Friday (Al-Jumu'ah), so pursue to Allah's reminder, and forsake the selling. That is goodness for you, if you are knowing.
62:10  So, if the prayer is finished, so spread in the earth, and seek from Allah’s bounty, and remember Allah a lot, perhaps you may be gaining.
62:11  And if they saw a trade or an amusement, they dispersed into it and left you, standing. Say, "What is with Allah, is more goodness than the amusement and, than the trade, and Allah is the best of the livelihood providers."