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62:1  Everything in the skies and everything on the earth glorifies God, the ruler, the holy, the powerful, the wise.
62:2  He is the One Who raised among the illiterate a messenger from themselves to read to them His verses and to purify (and absolve) them and to teach them the book and wisdom while they were indeed in obvious error in the past.
62:3  And others among them who have not joined them yet. And He is the powerful, the wise.
62:4  That is God's grace, He gives it to anyone He wants, and God has enormous grace.
62:5  Example of those who were charged with (upholding) the Torah and they did not carry it out is like the example of the donkey carrying books. The example of the people who denied God's signs is miserable. And God does not guide wrongdoing people.
62:6  Say: “Jews, if you claim that you are God's friends (and His chosen ones) and no other people, then wish for death (to go to paradise sooner) if you are truthful.”
62:7  And they will never wish it because of what they have sent ahead, and God knows the wrongdoers well.
62:8  Say: “Indeed death, that you run away from it, catches up with you, then you are returned to knower of the unseen and the visible, then He informs you of what you were doing.”
62:9  You who believe, when the call is made for mandatory prayer on Friday (the day of gathering), then hurry up to God's remembrance and stop the trade. That is better for you if only you knew.
62:10  Then when mandatory prayer is finished, disperse in the land and look for God's bounty, and remember God often, so that you may be successful.
62:11  And when they see a business or an amusement, they go away to it and leave you standing. Say: “What is with God is better than amusement and business, and God is the best of providers.”