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al-Jumu`ah (The Congregation, Friday, The Day of Congregation)
as rendered by Mohammad Shafi
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Mohammad Shafi rendition of Surah The Congregation, Friday, The Day of Congregation(al-Jumu`ah)
62:1 Everything that is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Allah, the One Sovereign, Holy, Omnipotent, Wise.
62:2 He it is who has raised among the Gentiles a Messenger, from among themselves, who recites His Verses to them, and purifies them, and teaches them the Book and the Wisdom. And, before that, they had indeed been in manifest error.
62:3 And [the Messenger for] others, from among them [the Gentiles], who have not yet joined them. HE is the One Omnipotent, Wise.
62:4 That is Allah's Favour; He bestows it on whom He pleases. And Allah is the greatest Bistower of Favours.
62:5 Those who were given the responsibility of bearing [following the instructions in] the Torah, but did not do so are like an ass carrying a load of books. Terrible is the example of those who deny Allah's signs/Verses! And Allah does not guide the wicked people.
62:6 Say, "O you Jews! If you presume that you, of all people, are the ones close to Allah, then do long for death, if what you say is true."
62:7 They will not wish for it [death] ever, because of what their hands have sent ahead! And Allah does well know the wicked people.
62:8 Say, "The death you run away from will indeed meet you. And then you will be reverted to the Knower of the unseen and the seen. HE will then inform you of what you have been doing."
62:9 O you who believe! When call to the prayer on Friday is sounded, hasten to [places of worship] for remembrance of Allah and leave the worldly business. That is good for you, if you but knew it!
62:10 Then as the prayer is ended, spread out on the earth to seek some of Allah's favours. And remember Allah much, so that you achieve success.
62:11 And when they see something of commercial or entertaining interest to them, they break away to go to it and leave you standing. Say, "What is with Allah is far better than any entertainment or merchandise. And Allah is the Best Provider."


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