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60:1  O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Do not take My enemies - who are your enemies as well - for friends. Do you extend love and friendship to them when they reject the Truth that has come to you, driving out the Messenger and you because you believe in Allah, your Lord? If you are committed to strive in My Way and to seek My Approval, befriend them not. Do you show them friendship in secret, when I am best Aware of what you conceal and what you reveal? And whoever among you does that, he has certainly strayed from the right way. (3:117)
60:2  If they ever overcome you, they will divide you, and smite you with their hands and tongues causing much disruption. For, they will love to see you reject the Truth. ('Idia' = Wedge = Wedge of division = Enmity = Dissension = Distance. 'Su' = Disruption = Imbalance = Evil = Inequity)
60:3  (Divine Ideology comes first. Know that) Your family, relatives and your children will avail you not on the Resurrection Day. He will decide between you on individual merit alone. And Allah is Seer of all that you do
60:4  Indeed there is an Excellent Pattern for you in Abraham, and his companions. They said to their folk, "Verily, we stay clear of you and of what you worship instead of Allah. We denounce you and between us and you has arisen distance and aversion until you believe in Allah alone." The only exception was Abraham's saying to his father, "I will indeed pray for your forgiveness, although I have no power to achieve anything from Allah on your behalf." Then he prayed, "Our Lord! In You we place our trust, unto You we turn, and unto You is the Final Destination. (9:113), (14:41), (19:47), (33:21), (58:22)
60:5  Our Lord! Let us not be made a target of persecution at the hands of the rejecters. And protect us, our Lord!" Verily, You, You alone are the Mighty, the Wise." ('Ghafara = Helmet, armor = Protection = Forgiveness = Absolution of faults = Protection against intrinsic or extrinsic loss)
60:6  In them, indeed, you have an excellent pattern, for anyone who looks forward to Allah and the Last Day. And whoever turns away, behold! Allah, He is Independent, the Owner of All Praise
60:7  It may well be that Allah will bring about affection between you and those whom you now consider enemies. Allah is the Powerful Appointer of His Laws. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
60:8  Allah does not forbid you from being kind, and fully equitable to those who do not fight you on account of Religion, and do not evict you from your homelands. Behold, Allah loves those who lead a just, balanced life
60:9  Allah only forbids you from befriending only those who fight you on account of Religion and evict you from your homelands, or help others in evicting you. Whoever befriends them, it is they, they who will be wrongdoers
60:10  O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! When believing women come to you as immigrants, investigate their case, although only Allah is best Aware of their Faith. Once you establish that they are indeed believers, do not return them to the rejecters of the Truth. They are not lawful for the rejecters, nor are the rejecters lawful for them. Give the rejecters what they have spent on them (as dowry). And there is no blame on you if you marry these women, when you have given them their due marital gift. And do not hold on to wedlock with women who continue to deny the Truth. And you may ask them for the dowry you had paid, just as the rejecters have the right to ask the return of what they spent. This is the Judgment of Allah. He judges between you, for Allah is all-Knowing, all-Wise
60:11  If the dower of a believer's immigrant wife has gone to the disbelievers, at your turn (when a believing woman comes to you for asylum, the government will) compensate your men from what they had given (to their disbelieving wives as dower). Be mindful of Allah in Whom you are believers
60:12  O Prophet! When believing women come unto you taking oath of allegiance to you (they shall pledge that they will) - Not associate anyone with Allah. Not steal the rights of others. Not commit immodesty. Neither kill their children, nor deprive them of good rearing. Not indulge in fabricating slander, either overtly or covertly. Not disobey you in the Qur'anic Values. When they have made the pledge, accept their allegiance and ask Allah to bestow upon them the protection of forgiveness. For, behold, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
60:13  O You who have chosen to be graced with belief! Do not befriend a people whom Allah has condemned. Of the Hereafter they are already in despair - just as the deniers of the Truth despair (the resurrection) of those who are in the graves