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ر ح م
General Root Meaning
Rahima - He favored, benefited, pardoned, or forgave him. To love, have tenderness, mercy, pity, forgiveness, have all that is required for exercising beneficence.
Tarhamu - He had mercy, pity, or compassion on him; he pitied or compassionated him much.
Arham - Wombs (singular) womb, i.e. place of origin. The receptacle of the young in the belly.
Ruhmun - Relationship, i.e. nearness of kin, connection by birth; relationship connecting with an ancestor. A connection or tie of relationship.
Rahman - it is active participle noun in the measure of fa'lan which conveys the idea of fullness and extensiveness.
Rahim - it is in the measure of fa'il which denotes the idea of constant repetition and giving.