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al-Baiyinah (The Clear Proof, Evidence, The Proof)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah The Clear Proof, Evidence, The Proof(al-Baiyinah)
98:1 The disbelievers among the People of the Book and the idolaters were not condemned until the clear proof had come to them –
98:2 the Messenger of Allah recited pages of pure teachings from the Quran,
98:3 containing clear commandments.
98:4 Those given the Book became divided after the clear proof had come to them.
98:5 They were commanded: worship Allah sincerely, turn away from false gods, establish the prayer, and pay the Zakat. That is the religion of truth.
98:6 The disbelievers from the People of The Book and the idolaters will be in the Hell-Fire forever. These are the worst of the creatures
98:7 The believers who did righteous works are the best of the creatures.
98:8 Their reward is with the Lord: Gardens of Eden beneath which rivers flow; they will live there forever. Allah is pleased with them, and they’re pleased with Him. That’s for the one who fears His Lord


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