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al-Layl (The Night)
as rendered by Shabbir Ahmed
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Shabbir Ahmed rendition of Surah The Night(al-Layl)
92:1 Witness is the Night as it cloaks in darkness
92:2 And the Day as it shines with splendor
92:3 Witness is creation of the male and the female
92:4 Behold, your effort is diverse. (Your occupations and earnings are different. Let not this be a cause for division among you)
92:5 And so, he who gives and walks aright - (92:18-19
92:6 And makes his life a manifest image of benevolence
92:7 We will indeed ease his way to the Ultimate Ease
92:8 But he who withholds and thinks himself self-sufficient becoming careless of others
92:9 And makes his life a manifest image of denial of goodness
92:10 We will indeed ease his way to hardship
92:11 And what could his wealth avail when he himself falls! (69:28), (111:2)
92:12 Behold, it is for Us to show you the Way (through this Revelation)
92:13 And behold, unto Us belong the End and the Beginning. (93:4)
92:14 And so I warn you of a raging Fire
92:15 Which only the most unfortunate must endure
92:16 He who denies and turns away
92:17 But far removed from it is he who walks aright
92:18 Who gives his wealth that he may grow in goodness. (9:111)
92:19 Not that he is returning any favors. (76:9)
92:20 But only to seek the Approval of his Lord, the Most High
92:21 And soon he will be pleased


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