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Word for Word - James Ada et al

at-Takwir (The Overthrowing, The Cessation)
as rendered by James Ada Word for Word
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Word for Word
Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh, Ms. Kauser Katri, and more
rendition of Surah The Overthrowing, The Cessation(at-Takwir)
81:1 When the sun is wrapped up,
81:2 And when the stars fall, losing their luster
81:3 And when the mountains are moved away,
81:4 And when the full-term she-camels (are) left untended;
81:5 And when the wild beasts are gathered,
81:6 And when the seas are made to overflow,
81:7 And when the souls are paired,
81:8 And when the female infant buried alive is asked
81:9 For what sin she was killed.
81:10 And when the pages are laid open,
81:11 And when the sky is stripped away,
81:12 And when the Hellfire is set ablaze,
81:13 And when Paradise is brought near,
81:14 Will know a soul what it has brought.
81:15 But nay! I swear by the retreating planets,
81:16 Those that run (and) disappear,
81:17 And the night when it departs,
81:18 And the dawn when it breathes
81:19 Indeed, it (is) surely a word (of) a Messenger noble,
81:20 Possessor of power, with (the) Owner of the Throne secure,
81:21 One to be obeyed and trustworthy,
81:22 And not (is) your companion mad.
81:23 And certainly he saw him in the horizon the clear.
81:24 And not he (is) on the unseen a withholder.
81:25 And not it (is the) word (of) Shaitaan accursed.
81:26 So where are you going?
81:27 Not it (is) except a reminder to the worlds,
81:28 For whoever wills among you to take a straight way.
81:29 And not you will except that wills Allah, Lord (of) the worlds.


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