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al-Mursalat (The Emissaries, Winds Sent Forth)
as rendered by Linda "iLham" Barto
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Linda “iLHam” Barto rendition of Surah The Emissaries, Winds Sent Forth(al-Mursalat)
77:1 Consider the hurled (gusts), one after another.
77:2 Consider the winds blowing violently…
77:3 …and scattering far and wide…
77:4 …and then making distinction.
77:5 Consider those who relay the reminder [of God’s Word],…
77:6 …whether explanation or warning.
77:7 Honestly, what you are promised will come to pass.
77:8 When the stars are smothered!
77:9 When the sky splits apart!
77:10 When the mountains convulse and crumble!
77:11 When the messengers are each appointed a time!
77:12 For what day are these postponed?
77:13 It is the Day of Judgment.
77:14 What will explain to you what the Day of Judgment is?
77:15 Beware that day, rejecters of truth.
77:16 Did We not destroy ancient peoples?
77:17 Then, We caused later people to follow them.
77:18 That’s how We treat sinners.
77:19 Beware that day, rejecters of truth.
77:20 Did We not create you from a disgusting fluid [semen]?
77:21 We placed it in a safe place [the uterus].
77:22 [It stayed there] for a fixed time.
77:23 We determine. We are the best to determine.
77:24 Beware that day, rejecters of truth.
77:25 Did We not cause the earth to bring together…
77:26 …the living and the dead?
77:27 [Did We not] make on it mountains standing firmly and proudly? [Did We not] provide good water for you?
77:28 Beware that day, rejecters of truth.
77:29 Depart to that which you rejected as false.
77:30 Depart to shadows of three columns.
77:31 No cool shade is there and no shelter from the fierce blaze.
77:32 It becomes a tower of shooting sparks.
77:33 It looks like [a race of] yellow camels.
77:34 Beware that day, rejecters of truth.
77:35 That will be a day when they will not be able to speak.
77:36 They will not be allowed to make excuses.
77:37 Beware that day, rejecters of truth.
77:38 That will be the Day of Judgment. We shall assemble you and your predecessors.
77:39 If you have a scheme, go ahead and use it against Me [your Lord].
77:40 Beware that day, rejecters of truth.
77:41 The righteous shall be amid shades, fountains,…
77:42 …and fruits –all that they desire.
77:43 Eat and drink to your heart’s content because of your works.
77:44 Thus do We certainly reward those who live righteously.
77:45 Beware that day, rejecters of truth.
77:46 Eat and enjoy yourselves a little while, while you are sinners.
77:47 Beware that day, rejecters of truth.
77:48 When it is said to them, “Prostrate yourselves,” they do not.
77:49 Beware that day, rejecters of truth.
77:50 What message after that will they believe?


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