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al-A`raf (The Heights, The Elevated Places)
as rendered by Abdel Haleem
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Abdel Haleem rendition of Surah The Heights, The Elevated Places(al-A`raf)
7:1 Alif Lam Mim Sa
7:2 This Book has been sent down to you [Prophet]––let there be no anxiety in your heart because of it––so that you may use it to give warning and to remind the believers
7:3 ‘Follow what has been sent down to you from your Lord; do not follow other masters beside Him. How seldom you take heed!&rsquo
7:4 How many towns We have destroyed! Our punishment came to them by night or while they slept in the afternoon
7:5 their only cry when Our punishment came to them was, ‘How wrong we were!&rsquo
7:6 We shall certainly question those to whom messengers were sent–– and We shall question the messengers themselves–&ndash
7:7 and, with full knowledge, for We were never far from them, We shall tell them what they did
7:8 On that Day the weighing of deeds will be true and just: those whose good deeds are heavy on the scales will be the ones to prosper
7:9 and those whose good deeds are light will be the ones who have lost their souls through their wrongful rejection of Our messages
7:10 We established you [people] on the earth and provided you with a means of livelihood there––small thanks you give
7:11 We created you, We gave you shape, and then We said to the angels, ‘Bow down before Adam,’ and they did. But not Iblis: he was not one of those who bowed down
7:12 God said, ‘What prevented you from bowing down as I commanded you?’ and he said, ‘I am better than him: You created me from fire and him from clay.&rsquo
7:13 God said, ‘Get down from here! This is no place for your arrogance. Get out! You are contemptible!&rsquo
7:14 but Iblis said, ‘Give me respite until the Day people are raised from the dead,&rsquo
7:15 and God replied, ‘You have respite.&rsquo
7:16 And then Iblis said, ‘Because You have put me in the wrong, I will lie in wait for them all on Your straight path
7:17 I will come at them- from their front and their back, from their right and their left- and You will find that most of them are ungrateful.&rsquo
7:18 God said, ‘Get out! You are disgraced and banished! I swear I shall fill Hell with you and all who follow you
7:19 But you and your wife, Adam, live in the Garden. Both of you eat whatever you like, but do not go near this tree or you will become wrongdoers.&rsquo
7:20 Satan whispered to them so as to expose their nakedness, which had been hidden from them: he said, ‘Your Lord only forbade you this tree to prevent you becoming angels or immortals,&rsquo
7:21 and he swore to them, ‘I am giving you sincere advice’
7:22 he lured them with lies. Their nakedness became exposed to them when they had eaten from the tree: they began to put together leaves from the Garden to cover themselves. Their Lord called to them, ‘Did I not forbid you to approach that tree? Did I not warn you that Satan was your sworn enemy?&rsquo
7:23 They replied, ‘Our Lord, we have wronged our souls: if You do not forgive us and have mercy, we shall be lost.&rsquo
7:24 He said, ‘All of you get out! You are each other’s enemies. On earth you will have a place to stay and livelihood- for a time.&rsquo
7:25 He said, ‘There you will live; there you will die; from there you will be brought out.&rsquo
7:26 Children of Adam, We have given you garments to cover your nakedness and as adornment for you; the garment of God-consciousness is the best of all garments- this is one of God’s signs, so that people may take heed
7:27 Children of Adam, do not let Satan seduce you, as he did your parents, causing them to leave the Garden, stripping them of their garments to expose their nakedness to them: he and his forces can see you from where you cannot see them: We have made evil ones allies to those who do not believe
7:28 Yet when [these people] do something disgraceful, they say, ‘We found our forefathers doing this,’ and, ‘God has commanded us to do this.’ Say [Prophet], ‘God does not command disgraceful deeds. How can you say about God things that you do not know [to be true]?&rsquo
7:29 Say, ‘My Lord commands righteousness. Direct your worship straight to Him wherever you pray; call on Him; devote your religion entirely to Him. Just as He first created you, so you will come back [to life] again.&rsquo
7:30 Some He has guided and some are doomed to stray: they have taken evil ones rather than God as their masters, thinking that they are rightly guided
7:31 Children of Adam, dress well whenever you are at worship, and eat and drink [as We have permitted] but do not be extravagant: God does not like extravagant people
7:32 Say [Prophet], ‘Who has forbidden the adornment and the nourishment God has provided for His servants?’ Say, ‘They are [allowed] for those who believe during the life of this world: they will be theirs alone on the Day of Resurrection.’ This is how We make Our revelation clear for those who understand
7:33 Say [Prophet], ‘My Lord only forbids disgraceful deeds- whether they be open or hidden- and sin and unjustified aggression, and that you, without His sanction, associate things with Him, and that you say things about Him without knowledge.&rsquo
7:34 There is a time set for every people: they cannot hasten it, nor, when it comes, will they be able to delay it for a single moment
7:35 Children of Adam, when messengers come to you from among yourselves, reciting My revelations to you, for those who are conscious of God and live righteously, there will be no fear, nor will they grieve
7:36 But those who reject Our revelations and arrogantly scorn them are the people of the Fire and there they will remain
7:37 Who is more wrong than the person who invents lies against God or rejects His revelations? Such people will have their preordained share [in this world], but then, when Our angels arrive to take them back, saying, ‘Where are those you used to call on beside God?’ they will say, ‘They have deserted us.’ They will confess that they were disbelievers an
7:38 God will say, ‘Join the crowds of jinn and humans who have gone before you into the Fire.’ Every crowd curses its fellow crowd as it enters, then, when they are all gathered inside, the last of them will say of the first, ‘Our Lord, it was they who led us astray: give them double punishment in the Fire’- God says, ‘Every one of you will have double punishment, though you do not know it’
7:39 and the first of them will say to the last, ‘You were no better than us: taste the punishment you have earned.&rsquo
7:40 The gates of Heaven will not be open to those who rejected Our revelations and arrogantly spurned them; even if a thick rope were to pass through the eye of a needle they would not enter the Garden. This is how We punish the guilty
7:41 Hell will be their resting place and their covering, layer upon layer- this is how We punish those who do evil
7:42 But those who believe and do good deeds- and We do not burden any soul with more than it can bear- are the people of the Garden and there they will remain
7:43 We shall have removed all ill feeling from their hearts; streams will flow at their feet. They will say, ‘Praise be to God, who guided us to this: had God not guided us, We would never have found the way. The messengers of our Lord brought the Truth.’ A voice will call out to them, ‘This is the Garden you have been given as your own on account of your deeds.&rsquo
7:44 The people of the Garden will cry out to the people of the Fire, ‘We have found what our Lord promised us to be true. Have you found what your Lord promised you to be true?’ and they will answer, ‘Yes’. A voice will proclaim from their midst, ‘God’s rejection [hangs] over the evildoers
7:45 those who turned others away from God’s path and tried to make it crooked, those who denied the Hereafter.&rsquo
7:46 A barrier divides the two groups with men on its heights recognizing each group by their marks: they will call out to the people of the Garden, ‘Peace be with you!’- they will not have entered, but they will be hoping
7:47 and when their glance falls upon the people of the Fire, they will say, ‘Our Lord, do not let us join the evildoers!’
7:48 and the people of the heights will call out to certain men they recognize by their marks, ‘What use were your great numbers and your false pride
7:49 And are these the people you swore God would never bless? [Now these people are being told], “Enter the Garden! No fear for you, nor shall you grieve.”&rsquo
7:50 The people of the Fire will call to the people of Paradise, ‘Give us some water, or any of the sustenance God has granted you!’ and they will reply, ‘God has forbidden both to the disbelievers
7:51 those who took their religion for distraction, a mere game, and were deluded by worldly life.’ Today We shall ignore them, just as they have ignored their meeting with this Day and denied Our Revelations
7:52 We have brought people a Scripture- We have explained it on the basis of true knowledge- as guidance and mercy for those who believe
7:53 What are they waiting for but the fulfilment of its [final prophecy]? On the Day it is fulfilled, those who had ignored it will say, ‘Our Lord’s messenger spoke the truth. Is there anyone to intercede for us now? Or can we be sent back to behave differently from the way we behaved before?’ They will really have squandered their souls, and all [the idols] they invented will have deserted them
7:54 Your Lord is God, who created the heavens and earth in six Days, then established Himself on the throne; He makes the night cover the day in swift pursuit; He created the sun, moon, and stars to be subservient to His command; all creation and command belong to Him. Exalted be God, Lord of all the worlds
7:55 Call on your Lord humbly and privately- He does not like those who transgress His bounds
7:56 do not corrupt the earth after it has been set right- call on Him fearing and hoping. The mercy of God is close to those who do good
7:57 It is God who sends the winds, bearing good news of His coming grace, and when they have gathered up the heavy clouds, We drive them to a dead land where We cause rain to fall, bringing out all kinds of crops, just as We shall bring out the dead. Will you not reflect
7:58 Vegetation comes out of good land in abundance, by the will of its Lord, but out of bad land only scantily: We explain Our Revelations in various ways to those who give thanks
7:59 We sent Noah to his people. He said, ‘My people, serve God: you have no god other than Him. I fear for you the punishment of a fearsome Day!&rsquo
7:60 but the prominent leaders of his people said, ‘We believe you are far astray.&rsquo
7:61 He replied, ‘My people, there is nothing astray about me! On the contrary, I am a messenger from the Lord of all the Worlds
7:62 I am delivering my Lord’s messages to you and giving you sincere advice. I know things from God that you do not
7:63 Do you find it so strange that a message should come from your Lord- through a man in your midst- to warn you and make you aware of God so that you may be given mercy?&rsquo
7:64 but they called him a liar. We saved him, and those who were with him, on the Ark and We drowned those who rejected Our revelations- they were wilfully blind
7:65 To the people of 'Ad We sent their brother, Hud. He said, ‘My people, serve God: you have no god other than Him. Will you not take heed?&rsquo
7:66 but the disbelieving leaders of his people said, ‘We believe you are a fool,’ and ‘We think you are a liar.&rsquo
7:67 He said, ‘My people, there is nothing foolish about me! On the contrary, I am a messenger from the Lord of all the Worlds
7:68 I am delivering my Lord’s messages to you. I am your sincere and honest adviser
7:69 Do you find it so strange that a message should come from your Lord, through a man in your midst, to warn you? Remember how He made you heirs after Noah’s people, and increased your stature: remember God’s bounties, so that you may prosper.&rsquo
7:70 They said, ‘Have you really come to tell us to serve God alone and to forsake what our forefathers served? If what you say is true, bring us the punishment you threaten.&rsquo
7:71 He said, ‘You are already set to receive your Lord’s loathing and anger. Are you arguing with me about mere names you and your forefathers invented, names for which God has given no sanction? Just wait; I too am waiting.&rsquo
7:72 We saved him, and those who were with him, through Our mercy; We destroyed those who denied Our revelations and would not believe
7:73 To the people of Thamud We sent their brother, Salih. He said, ‘My people, serve God: you have no god other than Him. A clear sign has come to you now from your Lord: this is God’s she-camel- a sign for you- so let her graze in God’s land and do not harm her in any way, or you will be struck by a painful torment
7:74 Remember how He made you heirs after 'Ad and settled you in the land to build yourselves castles on its plains and carve houses out of the mountains: remember God’s blessings and do not spread corruption in the land,&rsquo
7:75 but the arrogant leaders among his people said to the believers they thought to be of no account, ‘Do you honestly think that Salih is a messenger from his Lord?’ They said, ‘Yes. We believe in the message sent through him,&rsquo
7:76 but the arrogant leaders said, ‘We reject what you believe in,&rsquo
7:77 and then they hamstrung the camel. They defied their Lord’s commandment and said, ‘Salih, bring down the punishment you threaten, if you really are a messenger!&rsquo
7:78 An earthquake seized them: by the next morning they were lying dead in their homes
7:79 So he turned away from them, saying, ‘My people, I delivered my Lord’s messages to you and gave you sincere advice, but you did not like those who gave sincere advice.&rsquo
7:80 We sent Lot and he said to his people, ‘How can you practise this outrage? No one in the world has outdone you in this
7:81 You lust after men rather than women! You transgress all bounds!&rsquo
7:82 The only response his people gave was to say [to one another], ‘Drive them out of your town! These men want to keep themselves chaste!&rsquo
7:83 We saved him and his kinsfolk- apart from his wife who stayed behind
7:84 and We showered upon [the rest of] them a rain [of destruction]. See the fate of the evildoers
7:85 To the people of Midian We sent their brother, Shuayb. He said, ‘My people, serve God: you have no god other than Him. A clear sign has come to you from your Lord. Give full measure and weight and do not undervalue people’s goods; do not cause corruption in the land after it has been set in order: this is better for you, if you are believers
7:86 Do not sit in every pathway, threatening and barring those who believe in God from His way, trying to make it crooked. Remember how you used to be few and He made you multiply. Think about the fate of those who used to spread corruption
7:87 If some of you believe the message I bring and others do not, then be patient till God judges between us. He is the best of all judges.&rsquo
7:88 His people’s arrogant leaders said, ‘Shuayb, we will expel you and your fellow believers from our town unless you return to our religion.’ He said, ‘What! Even if we detest it
7:89 If we were to return to your religion after God has saved us from it, we would be inventing lies about Him: there is no way we could return to it- unless by the will of God our Lord: in His knowledge He comprehends everything. We put our trust in God. Our Lord, expose the truth [and judge] between us and our people, for You are the best judge.&rsquo
7:90 The disbelieving leaders among his people said, ‘You will certainly be losers if you follow Shuayb’
7:91 an earthquake seized them: by the next morning they were lying dead in their homes
7:92 it was as if those who had rejected Shuayb had never lived there; it was those who had rejected Shuayb who were the losers
7:93 so he turned away from them, saying, ‘My people, I delivered my Lord’s messages to you and gave you sincere advice, so why should I grieve for people who refused to believe?&rsquo
7:94 Whenever We sent a prophet to a town, We afflicted its [disbelieving] people with suffering and hardships, so that they might humble themselves [before God]
7:95 and then We changed their hardship into prosperity, until they multiplied. But then they said, ‘Hardship and affluence also befell our forefathers,’ and so We took them suddenly, unawares
7:96 If the people of those towns had believed and been mindful of God, We would have showered them with blessings from the heavens and earth, but they rejected the truth and so We punished them for their misdeeds
7:97 Do the people of these towns feel secure that Our punishment will not come upon them by night, while they are asleep
7:98 Do the people of these towns feel secure that Our punishment will not come upon them by day, while they are at play
7:99 Do they feel secure against God’s plan? Only the losers feel secure against God’s plan
7:100 Is it not clear to those who inherit the land from former generations that We can punish them too for their sins if We will? And seal up their hearts so that they cannot hear
7:101 We have told you [Prophet] the stories of those towns: messengers came to them, and clear signs, but they would not believe in what they had already rejected- in this way God seals the hearts of disbelievers
7:102 We found that most of them did not honour their commitments; We found that most of them were defiant
7:103 After these, We sent Moses to Pharaoh and his leading supporters with Our signs, but they rejected them. See the fate of those who used to spread corruption
7:104 Moses said, ‘Pharaoh, I am a messenger from the Lord of all the Worlds
7:105 duty-bound to say nothing about God but the truth, and I have brought you a clear sign from your Lord. Let the Children of Israel go with me.&rsquo
7:106 He said, ‘Produce this sign you have brought, if you are telling the truth.&rsquo
7:107 So Moses threw his staff and- lo and behold!- it was a snake, clear to all
7:108 and then he pulled out his hand and- lo and behold!- it was white for all to see
7:109 The leaders among Pharaoh’s people said, ‘This man is a learned sorcerer
7:110 He means to drive you out of your land!’ Pharaoh said, ‘What do you suggest?&rsquo
7:111 They said, ‘Delay him and his brother for a while, and send messengers to all the citie
7:112 to summon every learned sorcerer to you.&rsquo
7:113 The sorcerers came to Pharaoh and said, ‘Shall we be rewarded if we win?&rsquo
7:114 and he replied, ‘Yes, and you will join my inner court.&rsquo
7:115 So they said, ‘Moses, will you throw first or shall we?&rsquo
7:116 He said, ‘You throw,’ and they did, casting a spell on people’s eyes, striking fear into them, and bringing about great sorcery
7:117 Then We inspired Moses, ‘Throw your staff,’ and- lo and behold!––it devoured their fakery
7:118 The truth was confirmed and what they had produced came to nothing
7:119 they were defeated there and utterly humiliated
7:120 The sorcerers fell to their knee
7:121 and said, ‘We believe in the Lord of the Worlds
7:122 the Lord of Moses and Aaron!&rsquo
7:123 but Pharaoh said, ‘How dare you believe in Him before I have given you permission? This is a plot you have hatched to drive the people out of this city! Soon you will see
7:124 I will cut off your alternate hands and feet and then crucify you all!&rsquo
7:125 They said, ‘And so we shall return to our Lord
7:126 Your only grievance against us is that we believed in the signs of our Lord when they came to us. Our Lord, pour steadfastness upon us and let us die in devotion to You.&rsquo
7:127 The leaders among Pharaoh’s people said to him, ‘But are you going to leave Moses and his people to spread corruption in the land and forsake you and your gods?’ He replied, ‘We shall kill their male children, sparing only the females: We have complete power over them.&rsquo
7:128 Moses said to his people, ‘Turn to God for help and be steadfast: the earth belongs to God- He gives it as their own to whichever of His servants He chooses- and the happy future belongs to those who are mindful of Him,&rsquo
7:129 and they replied, ‘We were being persecuted long before you came to us, and since then too.’ He said, ‘Your Lord may well destroy your enemy and make you successors to the land to see how you behave.&rsquo
7:130 We inflicted years of drought and crop failure on Pharaoh’s people, so that they might take heed
7:131 then, when something good came their way, they said, ‘This is our due!’. When something bad came, they ascribed it to the evil omen of Moses and those with him, but their ‘evil omen’ was really from God, though most of them did not realize it
7:132 They said, ‘We will not believe in you, no matter what signs you produce to cast a spell on us,&rsquo
7:133 and so We let loose on them the flood, locusts, lice, frogs, blood- all clear signs. They were arrogant, wicked people
7:134 They would say, whenever a plague struck them, ‘Moses, pray to your Lord for us by virtue of the promise He has made to you: if you relieve us of the plague, we will believe you and let the Children of Israel go with you,&rsquo
7:135 but when We relieved them of the plague and gave them a fixed period [in which to fulfil their promise]- lo and behold!- they broke it
7:136 And so, because they rejected Our signs and paid them no heed, We exacted retribution from them: We drowned them in the se
7:137 and We made those who had been oppressed succeed to both the east and the west of the land that We had blessed. Your Lord’s good promise to the Children of Israel was fulfilled, because of their patience, and We destroyed what Pharaoh and his people were making and what they were building
7:138 We took the Children of Israel across the sea, but when they came upon a people who worshipped idols, they said, ‘Moses, make a god for us like theirs.’ He said, ‘You really are foolish people
7:139 [the cult] these people practise is doomed to destruction, and what they have been doing is useless
7:140 Why should I seek any god other than God for you, when He has favoured you over all other people?&rsquo
7:141 Remember how We saved you from Pharaoh’s people, who were subjecting you to the worst of sufferings, killing your male children, sparing only your females- that was a mighty ordeal from your Lord
7:142 We appointed thirty nights for Moses, then added ten more: the term set by his Lord was completed in forty nights. Moses said to his brother Aaron, ‘Take my place among my people: act rightly and do not follow the way of those who spread corruption.&rsquo
7:143 When Moses came for the appointment, and his Lord spoke to him, he said, ‘My Lord, show Yourself to me: let me see You!’ He said, ‘You will never see Me, but look at that mountain: if it remains standing firm, you will see Me,’ and when his Lord revealed Himself to the mountain, He made it crumble: Moses fell down unconscious. When he recovered, he said, ‘Glory be to You! To You I turn in repentance! I am the first to believe!&rsquo
7:144 He said, ‘Moses, I have raised you above other people by [giving you] My messages and speaking to you: hold on to what I have given you; be one of those who give thanks.&rsquo
7:145 We inscribed everything for him in the Tablets which taught and explained everything, saying, ‘Hold on to them firmly and urge your people to hold fast to their excellent teachings. I will show you the end of those who rebel
7:146 I will keep distracted from My signs those who behave arrogantly on Earth without any right, and who, even if they see every sign, will not believe in them; they will not take the way of right guidance if they see it, but will take the way of error if they see that. This is because they denied Our signs and paid them no heed
7:147 the deeds of those who denied Our signs and the Meeting of the Hereafter will come to nothing- why should they be repaid for anything other than what they have done?&rsquo
7:148 In his absence, Moses’ people took to worshipping a mere shape that made sounds like a cow- a calf made from their jewellery. Could they not see that it did not speak to them or guide them in any way? Yet they took it for worship: they were evildoers
7:149 When, with much wringing of hands, they perceived that they were doing wrong, they said, ‘If our Lord does not have mercy and forgive us, we shall be the losers.&rsquo
7:150 On his return to his people, angry and aggrieved, Moses said, ‘How foul and evil is what you have done in my absence! Were you so keen to bring your Lord’s judgement forward?’ He threw the tablets down and seized his brother by the hair, pulling him towards him. Aaron said, ‘Son of my mother, these people overpowered me! They almost killed me! Do not give my enemies reason to rejoice! Do not include me with these evildoers!&rsquo
7:151 Moses said, ‘My Lord, forgive me and my brother; accept us into Your mercy: You are the Most Merciful of all who show mercy
7:152 Those who took to worshipping the calf will be afflicted by their Lord’s wrath, and by disgrace in this life.’ This is the way We repay those who invent such falsehoods
7:153 but your Lord is most forgiving and most merciful towards those who do wrong, then repent afterwards and truly believe
7:154 When Moses’ anger abated, he picked up the Tablets, on which were inscribed guidance and mercy for those who stood in awe of their Lord
7:155 Moses chose from his people seventy men for Our appointment, and when they were seized by trembling, he prayed, ‘My Lord, if You had chosen to do so, You could have destroyed them long before this, and me too, so will You now destroy us for what the foolish among us have done? This is only a trial from You- through it, You cause whoever You will to stray and guide whoever You will- and You are our Protector, so forgive us and have mercy on us. You are the best of those who forgive
7:156 Grant us good things in this world and in the life to come. We turn to You.’ God said, ‘I bring My punishment on whoever I will, but My mercy encompasses all things. ‘I shall ordain My mercy for those who are conscious of God and pay the prescribed alms; who believe in Our Revelations
7:157 who follow the Messenger- the unlettered prophet they find described in the Torah that is with them, and in the Gospel- who commands them to do right and forbids them to do wrong, who makes good things lawful to them and bad things unlawful, and relieves them of their burdens, and the iron collars that were on them. So it is those who believe him, honour and help him, and who follow the light which has been sent down with him, who will succeed.&rsquo
7:158 Say [Muhammad], ‘People, I am the Messenger of God to you all, from Him who has control over the heavens and the earth. There is no God but Him; He gives life and death, so believe in God and His Messenger, the unlettered prophet who believes in God and His words, and follow him so that you may find guidance.&rsquo
7:159 There is a group among the people of Moses who guide with truth, and who act justly according to it
7:160 We divided them into twelve tribes [as distinct] communities, and, when his people asked him for water, inspired Moses to strike the rock with his staff [so that] twelve springs gushed out. Each tribe knew its own drinking place; We gave them the shade of clouds and sent down to them manna and quails [saying], ‘Eat the good things We have provided for you.’ They did not wrong Us; it was themselves they wronged
7:161 When they were told, ‘Enter this town and eat freely there as you will, but say, “Relieve us!” and enter its gate humbly: then We shall forgive you your sins, and increase the reward of those who do good,&rsquo
7:162 the wrongdoers among them substituted another saying for that which had been given them, so We sent them a punishment from heaven for their wrongdoing
7:163 [Prophet], ask them about the town by the sea; how its people broke the Sabbath when their fish surfaced for them only on that day, never on weekdays- We tested them in this way: because of their disobedience
7:164 how, when some of them asked [their preachers], ‘Why do you bother preaching to people God will destroy, or at least punish severely?’ [the preachers] answered, ‘In order to be free from your Lord’s blame, and so that they may perhaps take heed.&rsquo
7:165 When they ignored [the warning] they were given, We saved those who forbade evil, and punished the wrongdoers severely because of their disobedience
7:166 When, in their arrogance, they persisted in doing what they had been forbidden to do, We said to them, ‘Be like apes! Be outcasts!&rsquo
7:167 And then your Lord declared that, until the Day of Resurrection, He would send people against them to inflict terrible suffering on them. Your Lord is swift in punishment but He is most forgiving and merciful
7:168 We dispersed them over the earth in separate communities- some are righteous and some less so: We tested them with blessings and misfortunes, so that they might all return [to righteousness]
7:169 and they were succeeded by generations who, although they inherited the Scripture, took the fleeting gains of this lower world, saying, ‘We shall be forgiven,’ and indeed taking them again if other such gains came their way. Was a pledge not taken from them, writ-ten in the Scripture, to say nothing but the truth about God? And they have studied its contents well. For those who are mindful of God, the Hereafter is better. ‘Why do you not use your reason?&rsquo
7:170 But as for those who hold fast to the Scripture and keep up the prayer, We do not deny righteous people their rewards
7:171 When We made the mountain loom high above them like a shadow, and they thought it would fall on them, We said, ‘Hold fast to what We have given you, and remember what it contains, so that you may remain conscious of God.&rsquo
7:172 [Prophet], when your Lord took out the offspring from the loins of the Children of Adam and made them bear witness about themselves, He said, ‘Am I not your Lord?’ and they replied, ‘Yes, we bear witness.’ So you cannot say on the Day of Resurrection, ‘We were not aware of this,&rsquo
7:173 or, ‘It was our forefathers who, before us, ascribed partners to God, and we are only the descendants who came after them: will you destroy us because of falsehoods they invented?&rsquo
7:174 In this way We explain the messages, so that they may turn [to the right path]
7:175 [Prophet], tell them the story of the man to whom We gave Our messages: he sloughed them off, so Satan took him as his follower and he went astray
7:176 if it had been Our will, We could have used these signs to raise him high, but instead he clung to the earth and followed his own desires- he was like a dog that pants with a lolling tongue whether you drive it away or leave it alone. Such is the image of those who reject Our signs. Tell them the story so that they may reflect
7:177 How foul is the image of those who reject Our signs! It is themselves they wrong
7:178 whoever God guides is truly guided, and whoever God allows to stray is a loser
7:179 We have created many jinn and people who are destined for Hell, with hearts they do not use for comprehension, eyes they do not use for sight, ears they do not use for hearing. They are like cattle, no, even further astray: these are the ones who are entirely heedless
7:180 The Most Excellent Names belong to God: use them to call on Him, and keep away from those who abuse them- they will be requited for what they do
7:181 Among those We created are a group of people who guide with truth and act justly according to it
7:182 But We lead on those who reject Our messages, step by step, without them realizing it
7:183 I will give them respite, but My plan is sure
7:184 Has it not occurred to them that their companion is not mad but is giving clear warning
7:185 Have they not contemplated the realm of the heavens and earth and all that God created, and that the end of their time might be near? What [other revelation] will they believe in if they do not believe in this
7:186 No one can guide those God allows to stray: He leaves them blundering about in their insolence
7:187 They ask you [Prophet] about the Hour, ‘When will it happen?’ Say, ‘My Lord alone has knowledge of it: He alone will reveal when its time will come, a time that is momentous in both the heavens and earth. All too suddenly it will come upon you.’ They ask you about it as if you were eager [to find out]. Say, ‘God alone has knowledge of [when it will come], though most people do not realize it.&rsquo
7:188 Say [Prophet], ‘I have no control over benefit or harm, [even] to myself, except as God may please: if I had knowledge of what is hidden, I would have abundant good things and no harm could touch me. I am no more than a bearer of warning, and good news to those who believe.&rsquo
7:189 It is He who created you all from one soul, and from it made its mate so that he might find comfort in her: when one [of them] lies with his wife and she conceives a light burden, going about freely, then grows heavy, they both pray to God, their Lord, ‘If You give us a good child we shall certainly be grateful,&rsquo
7:190 and yet when He gives them a good child they ascribe some of what He has granted them to others
7:191 God is far above the partners they set up alongside Him! How can they set up with Him these partners that create nothing and are themselves created
7:192 that cannot help them at all, or even help themselves
7:193 If you [believers] call such people to guidance, they do not fol-low you: it makes no difference whether you call them or remain silent
7:194 Those you [idolaters] call upon instead of God are created beings like you. Call upon them, then, and let them respond to you if what you say is true
7:195 Do they have feet to walk, hands to strike, eyes to see, or ears to hear? Say [Prophet], ‘Call on your “partners”! Scheme against me! Do not spare me
7:196 My protector is God: He has revealed the Scripture, and it is He who protects the righteous
7:197 but those you call on instead of Him cannot help you or even help themselves.&rsquo
7:198 If you [believers] call such people to guidance, they do not hear. You [Prophet] may observe them looking at you, but they can-not see
7:199 Be tolerant and command what is right: pay no attention to foolish people
7:200 If Satan should prompt you to do something, seek refuge with God- He is all hearing, all knowing
7:201 those who are aware of God think of Him when Satan prompts them to do something and immediately they can see [straight]
7:202 the followers of devils are led relentlessly into error by them and cannot stop
7:203 When you do not bring them a fresh revelation, they say, ‘But can you not just ask for one?’ Say, ‘I merely repeat what is revealed to me from my Lord: this revelation brings you insights from your Lord, and guidance and mercy for those who believe
7:204 so pay attention and listen quietly when the Quran is recited, so that you may be given mercy.&rsquo
7:205 [Prophet], remember your Lord inwardly, in all humility and awe, without raising your voice, in the mornings and in the evenings- do not be one of the heedless
7:206 [even] those who live in the presence of your Lord are not too proud to worship Him: they glorify Him and bow down before Him


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