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al-Qalam (The Pen)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Pen(al-Qalam)
68:1 N, Hereby God swears by the pen and all writing instruments (including the computer keyboards nowadays) that
68:2 You (Mohammad), by grace of Lord, are not (as your enemies refer to you) crazy
68:3 As a matter of fact, there is a never ending reward for you with your Lord (in account of the sufferings you are going through&hellip
68:4 … in guiding people to the right path) and you are already elevated to a high and noble rank
68:5 Pretty soon you and them will see&hellip
68:6 … who is really crazy
68:7 Indeed your Lord knows who is walking on the right path and who is lost
68:8 Knowing that your Lord has shown you the right path, never follow those who have rejected it
68:9 They wish you compromise, so that they may compromise too
68:10 And do not give in to a person who&hellip
68:11 … knows nobody believes him, therefore he swears every time that he mentions something…
68:12 … He is a slandered, back biter, forbidder of good, transgressor, sinner, Ignoble and,&hellip
68:13 … above all, a low life at birth
68:14 Just because he has wealth and children
68:15 Anytime that his Lord’s revelations is recited to him, he says: “These are nothing but ancient time’s mythologies.&rdquo
68:16 “ Pretty soon I (God) will brand him with disgrace
68:17 These people are tried the same way that your Lord tried the owners of the most fruitful gardens who said: “Tomorrow is the that that we will gather the fruits of our garden.&rdquo
68:18 And they forgot to say: “God willing.&rdquo
68:19 While they were sleeping your Lord send a storm which destroyed their garden
68:20 In the morning all was destroyed
68:21 As they woke up they said:&hellip
68:22 … “Let us go gather our fruits.&rdquo
68:23 On their way they decided not to let any poor person to enter to their&hellip
68:24 … garden asking for charity
68:25 They were sure of their harvest
68:26 As soon as they saw their destroyed garden they said: “Are we in right place.&rdquo
68:27 We have lost everything
68:28 The more just one said: “We forgot to worship/ thank the Lord.&rdquo
68:29 Then they said: “Glory to our Lord, we were wrong.&rdquo
68:30 Then they started to blame each other
68:31 They said: Shame and pity on us as we sinned.&rdquo
68:32 “We repent. May our Lord, out of his Mercy, give us even a better garden.&rdquo
68:33 Such was their punishment. They did not know, however, that the punishment of the Hereafter is far greater
68:34 As far as those who follow their Lord’s path, they will surely end up in the gardens of Paradise
68:35 After all, do you expect your Lord to treat the one who obeys the same way that He treats the guilty one
68:36 What is wrong with you? What kind of logic is that the sinner and the obedient should be treated equally
68:37 In which book did you read that &hellip
68:38 …you will choose whatever you want there in Hereafter
68:39 Do you have any covenant with your Lord that your freedom of choice is granted to you forever
68:40 Ask them O’ Mohammad, who has guaranteed that their wishful thinking will come true
68:41 Which one among those whom you worship beside your Lord (idol, woman, children, boss, money, etc.) will help you in the Day of Judgment
68:42 The Day surely will come when their deeds will publicly be displayed. They will ask to prostrate but they will be so overcome that they can not even fall down
68:43 Their eyes full of shame and sorrow they will be reminded of the time that they had the opportunity to fall down in prostration and worship their Lord but they refused to
68:44 So Mohammad, never mind those who reject My word and leave them to Me. They will be overtaken in such a way that they cannot even realize that they are being ruined
68:45 I (God) will give them enough time so that they completely prove that they are guilty; My plan is indeed perfect
68:46 Mohammad, are you asking a reward for inviting them to the right path that they feel so enraged toward you
68:47 Mohammad, do they have any knowledge of unseen that they accuse you of being a fraud
68:48 Mohammad be patient with them as the time of your final victory over them is yet far off and do not behave impatiently as did Jonah, who, in account of his impatience, was swallow by the big fish
68:49 If your Lord had not been graceful to him, his dead body would have been thrown out on the naked shore on disgrace
68:50 But your Lord forgave him and included him among the righteous people
68:51 Mohammad, when the disbeliever hear the verses of Qur’an, they look at you in such a way as though their eyes want to eat you up and say: “Mohammad is certainly mad.&rdquo
68:52 Know that this Qur’an is nothing but a reminder sent by God to all intelligent creatures of the worlds


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