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al-Munafiqun (The Hypocrites)
as rendered by Ahmed Ali
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Ahmed Ali rendition of Surah The Hypocrites(al-Munafiqun)
63:1 WHEN THE HYPOCRITES come to you, they say: "We affirm that you are the Apostle of God." God indeed knows you are His Apostle. God bears witness that the hypocrites are indeed liars
63:2 They have made their oaths a shield in order to obstruct others from the way of God. It is certainly evil what they do
63:3 That is because they came to believe, and then renounced (their faith). So their hearts were sealed; and now they do not understand
63:4 Pleasing seem their persons when you look at them; and when they talk, you listen to their speech. Yet they are like the wooden panelling of a wall. They imagine every rebuke to be directed against them. They are the enemies, beware of them. May God damn them, how pervert are they
63:5 When you tell them: "Come, let the Apostle of God ask forgiveness for you," they turn their heads, and you see them turning away with arrogance
63:6 Whether you ask forgiveness for them or do not ask, it is all the same; God will not forgive them. Surely God does not show a disobedient people the way
63:7 They are the ones who say: "Do not spend on those who are with the Apostle of God till they break away (from him)." To God belong the treasures of the heavens and the earth; but the hypocrites do not understand
63:8 They say: "If we now go back to Madina, the stronger will turn the weaker out." But power belongs to God, His Apostle and the faithful, though the hypocrites do not know
63:9 O you who believe, let not your wealth and children make you negligent of the remembrance of God. Those who do so will be losers
63:10 Spend of what We have given you before death comes to one of you, when he will say: "O Lord, why did you not defer my term for a while that I could give alms and be among the doers of good?"
63:11 But God does not grant a soul respite once its term has come to end. And God is aware of what you do


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