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al-Munafiqun (The Hypocrites)
as rendered by Abdul Majid Daryabadi
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Abdul Majid Daryabadi rendition of Surah The Hypocrites(al-Munafiqun)
63:1 When the hypocrites come Unto thee, they say: we bear witness that thou art indeed the apostle of Allah. Allah knoweth that thou art indeed His apostle, and Allah beareth witness that; the hypocrites are indeed liars
63:2 They have taken their oaths for a shield; then they turn away men from the way of Allah. Verily vile is that which they have been working
63:3 That is, because they believed, and thereafter disbelieved, wherefore their hearts are sealed, so that they understand not
63:4 And when thou beholdest them, their persons please thee: and if they speak, thou listenest to their discourse; they are as though they were blocks of wood propped up. They deem every shout to be against them. They are the enemy; so beware of them. Perish them Allah! whither are they deviating
63:5 And when it is said Unto them: come! that the apostle of Allah may ask forgiveness for you, they twist their heads, and thou beholdest them retire, while they are stiff-necked
63:6 Equal it is Unto them: whether thou askest forgiveness for them or askest not forgiveness for them, Allah shall forgive them not. Verily Allah guideth not a transgressing people
63:7 They are the ones who say: expend not on those who are with Allah's apostle, that they may disperse; whereas Allah's are the treasures of the heavens and the earth; yet the hypocrites understand not
63:8 They say: surely, if we return to Madina the mightier shall drive out the meaner thence: whereas might is Allah's and His apostle's and the believers; yet the hypocrites know not
63:9 O ye who believe let not your riches or your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah. And whosoever doth that then those! they are the losers
63:10 And expend of that wherewith We have provided you afore death cometh Unto one of you, and he saith: 'my Lord! wouldst Thou not defer me for a short term, so that I would give alms and become of the righteous
63:11 And Allah deferreth not a soul when its term- hath come; and Allah is Aware of that which ye do


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