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al-An`am (Cattle, Livestock)
as rendered by Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar
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Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar rendition of Surah Cattle, Livestock(al-An`am)
6:1 The Praise belongs to God Who created the heavens and the earth and made the shadows and the light. Again, those who were ungrateful to their Lord, they equate others to Him.
6:2 It was He Who created you from clay, and, again, decided a term, a term, that which was determined by Him. Again, you contest.
6:3 And He is God in the heavens and in and on the earth. He knows your secret and what you openly publish and He knows whatever you earn.
6:4 And a sign not approaches for them from the signs of their Lord but they would be ones who turn aside from it.
6:5 Then, surely, they denied The Truth when it drew near to them. Then, tidings approach them of what they had been ridiculing of it.
6:6 Consider they not how many a generation before them We caused to perish? We established them firmly in and on the earth such as We firmly establish not for you. And We sent abundant rain from heaven. And We made rivers run beneath them. So We caused them to perish for their impieties and We caused to grow after them other generations.
6:7 And if We sent down to thee a Book on parchment, then, they would have stretched towards it with their hands. Those who were ungrateful would have said: This is nothing but clear sorcery.
6:8 And they said: Why was an angel not caused to descend to him? And, certainly, if We caused to descend an angel, the command would be decided. Again, no respite would be given to them.
6:9 And if We made him an angel, certainly, We would have made him as a man and We would have confused them when they are already confused.
6:10 And, certainly, Messengers were ridiculed before thee. So those who derided them were surrounded by what they had been ridiculing.
6:11 Say: Journey through the earth; again, look on how had been the Ultimate End of the ones who deny.
6:12 Say: To whom is whatever is in the heavens and the earth? Say: To God. He prescribed mercy for Himself. He will, certainly, gather you on the Day of Resurrection. There is no doubt in it. Those who lost themselves that Day, then, they will not believe.
6:13 And to Him belongs whatever inhabited the nighttime and the daytime. And He is The Hearing, The Knowing.
6:14 Say: Will I take to myself, other than God, a protector, One Who is Originator of the heavens and the earth? And it is He who feeds and He who is never fed. Say: Truly, I was commanded: that I be the first who submitted to the One God. And thou hast not been among the ones who are polytheists.
6:15 Say: Truly, I fear if I rebelled against my Lord, the punishment of the tremendous Day!
6:16 He who is turned away from it on that Day, then, surely, He had mercy on him. And that is the winning the clear triumph.
6:17 And if God touches thee with harm, then, no one will remove it but He. And if He touches thee with good, then, He is Powerful over everything.
6:18 He is The One Who is Omniscient over His servants. And He is The Wise, The Aware.
6:19 Say: Which thing is greater in testimony? Say: God is Witness between me and you. And this, the Quran, was revealed to me that I should warn you with it and whomever it reached. Truly, are you bearing witness that there are other gods with God? Say: I bear not such witness. Say: He is not but One God and I am, truly, free from partners you ascribe with Him.
6:20 Those to whom We gave the Book recognize it as they recognize their own children.• But those, they who lost themselves, they believe not.
6:21 And who does greater wrong than he who devised a lie against God or denied His signs. Truly, the ones who are unjust will not prosper.
6:22 And on a Day We will assemble them altogether. Again, We will say to those who ascribed partners with God: Where are your ascribed associates with God whom you had been claiming?
6:23 Again, their dissent will not be but that they would say: By God! Our Lord! We had not been ones who are polytheists.
6:24 Look on how they have lied against themselves. Went astray with them that which they had been devising.
6:25 And among them are those who listen to thee. But We laid sheathes on their hearts so that they not understand it and in their ears is a heaviness. And if they are to see every sign they will not believe in it. So that when they drew near thee, they dispute with thee. Those who were ungrateful say: This is nothing but fables of the ancient ones.
6:26 And they prohibit others from it. And they withdraw aside from it. And they cause to perish, no doubt, none but themselves, but they are not aware.
6:27 And if thou wouldst see when they would be stationed by the fire, they will say: Would that we be returned to life. Then, we would not deny the signs of our Lord and we would be among the ones who believe.
6:28 Nay! Shown to themselves will be what they had been concealing before. And even if they were returned, they would revert to what they were prohibited from there and, truly, they are the ones who lie.
6:29 They said: There is nothing but this, our present life and we are not ones who will be raised up.
6:30 And if thou wouldst see when they would be stationed before their Lord. He would say: Is this not The Truth? They would say: Yea, by Our Lord. He would say: Then, experience the punishment for what you had been ungrateful.
6:31 Surely, those lost who denied the meeting with God until when the Hour drew near them suddenly, they would say: What a regret for us that we neglected in it! And they will carry heavy loads on their backs. How evil is what they bear!
6:32 And this present life is nothing but a pastime and diversion. And the Last Abode is better for those who are Godfearing. Will you not, then, be reasonable?
6:33 Surely, We know that what they say disheartens thee. Truly, they deny thee not. Rather the ones who are unjust negate the signs of God.
6:34 And, certainly, Messengers before thee were denied yet they endured patiently that they were denied and they were maligned until Our help approached them. And no one will change the Word of God. And, certainly, there drew near thee tidings of the ones who are sent.
6:35 If their turning aside had been troublesome to thee, then, if thou wert able, be looking for a hole in the earth or a ladder to heaven so that thou wouldst bring them some sign. If God willed, He would have gathered them to The Guidance. Be thou not among the ones who are ignorant.
6:36 It is only those who hear who respond.• As for the dead, God will raise them up. Again, they are returned to Him.
6:37 And they said: Why was a sign not sent down to him from his Lord? Say: Truly, God is One Who Has Power over what sign He sends down, except most of them know not.
6:38 And there is no moving creature in or on the earth, none that is a fowl flying with its two wings, but they are communities like yours. We neglected not anything in the Book. Again, they will be assembled to their Lord.
6:39 And those who denied Our signs are unwilling to hear and unwilling to speak. They are in the shadows. Whomever God wills, He causes to go astray. And whomever He wills, He lays on a straight path.
6:40 Say: Considered you that if the punishment of God approached you or the Hour approached you, would you call to any other than God if you had been ones who are sincere?
6:41 Nay! To Him alone you would call and He would remove that for which you call to Him—if He willed—and you will forget whatever partners you ascribe with Him.
6:42 And, certainly, We sent to communities that were before thee. Then, We took them with desolation and tribulation so that perhaps they will lower themselves to Us.
6:43 Then, why when drew near them Our might, they lowered not themselves? Rather, their hearts became hard. And Satan made appear pleasing to them what they had been doing.
6:44 So when they forgot about what they were reminded in it, We opened to them the doors of everything. Until when they were glad with what they were given, We suddenly took them. That is when they were ones who are seized with despair.
6:45 So cut off were the last remnant of the folk who did wrong. And The Praise belongs to God, Lord of the worlds.
6:46 Say: Considered you that if God took your having the ability to hear and your sight and sealed over your hearts, what god other than God restores them to you? Look on how We diversify the signs! Again, they still drew aside.
6:47 Say: Considered you that if the punishment of God approached you suddenly or publicly, will anyone be caused to perish but the folk, the ones who are unjust?
6:48 We send not the ones who are sent, but as ones who give good tidings and ones who warn. So whoever believed and made things right, then, there will be neither fear in them nor will they feel remorse.
6:49 But those who denied Our signs, the punishment will afflict them because they had been disobeying.
6:50 Say: I say not to you: With me are treasures of God nor that I know the unseen nor say I to you that I am an angel. I follow only what is revealed to me. Say: Are they on the same level— the unwilling to see and the seeing? Will you, then, not reflect?
6:51 And warn with the Quran those who fear that they will be assembled before their Lord. Other than He there is neither a protector nor an intercessor, so that perhaps they will be Godfearing.
6:52 And drive not away those who call to their Lord in the morning and the evening, wanting His Countenance. Their reckoning is not on thee at all. And thy reckoning is not on them at all. If thou wast to drive them away, then, thou wouldst be among the ones who are unjust.
6:53 Thus, We tried some of them with others that they should say: Is it these to whom God showed grace from among us? Is not God greater in knowledge of the ones who are thankful?
6:54 And when drew near thee, those who believe in Our signs, say: Peace be to you. Your Lord prescribed mercy for Himself so that anyone of you who did evil in ignorance—again, repented afterwards and made things right—then, truly, He is Forgiving, Compassionate.
6:55 And, thus, We explain Our signs distinctly so that the way is indicated for the ones who sin.
6:56 Say: I was prohibited that I worship those whom you call to other than God. Say: I will not follow your desires, for, then, I would have gone astray. I would not be of the ones who are truly guided.
6:57 Say: I am with a clear portent from my Lord and you denied it. I have not of that which you seek to hasten. The determination is with God. He relates The Truth. And He is Best of the ones who distinguish truth from falsehood.
6:58 Say: Truly, if with me was what you seek to hasten, the command would be decided between me and between you. And God is greater in knowledge of the ones who are unjust.
6:59 With Him are the keys of the unseen. None knows them but He. And He knows whatever is on dry land and in the sea. Not a leaf descends but He knows it, nor a grain in the shadows of the earth, nor fresh nor dry thing, but it is in a clear Book.
6:60 It is He Who gathers you to Himself by nighttime and He knows what you were busy with by daytime. Again, He raises you up in it so that the term, that which is determined, is decided. Again, to Him is your return. Again, He will tell you of what you had been doing.
6:61 And He is The One Who Is Omniscient over His servants. And He sends over you recorders until when death drew near one of you. Our messengers gathered him to themselves and they neglect not.
6:62 Again, they would be returned to God, their Defender, The True. Is not the determination for Him? And He is The Swiftest of the ones who reckon.
6:63 Say: Who delivers you from the shadows of the dry land and the sea? You call to Him humbly and inwardly: If Thou wert to rescue us from this, we will be of the ones who are thankful.
6:64 Say: God delivers you from them and from every distress. And, again, you ascribe partners with Him.
6:65 Say: He is The One Who Has Power to raise up on you a punishment from above you, or from beneath your feet or to confuse you as partisans and to cause you to experience the violence of some of you to one another. Look on how We diversify the signs so that perhaps they will understand!
6:66 And thy folk denied it and it is The Truth. Say: I am not a trustee over you.
6:67 For every tiding there is an appointed time. And you will know it.
6:68 And when thou hadst seen those who engage in idle talk about Our signs, then, turn aside from them until they discuss in conversation other than that. And if Satan should cause thee to forget, then, after a reminder, sit not with the folk, the ones who are unjust.
6:69 There is not on those who are Godfearing anything of their reckoning, but a reminder so that perhaps they will be Godfearing.
6:70 Forsake those who took to themselves their way of life as a pastime and as a diversion and whom this present life deluded. But remind with it, the Quran, so that a soul would not be given up to destruction for what it earned. Other than God there is not for it a protector nor an intercessor. And even if it be an equitable equivalent, it will not be taken from it. Those are those who were given up to destruction for what they earned. For them is a drink of scalding water and a painful punishment because they had been ungrateful.
6:71 Say: Will we call to other than God what can neither hurt nor profit us? And are we repelled on our heels after God guided us like one whom the satans lured, bewildered in and on the earth although he has companions who call him to the guidance saying: Approach us? Say: Truly, the guidance of God is The Guidance. And we were commanded to submit to the Lord of the worlds
6:72 and to perform the formal prayer and be Godfearing of Him. And it is He to Whom you will be assembled.
6:73 And it is He Who created the heavens and the earth with The Truth. And on a Day He says: Be! Then, it is! His saying is The Truth. And His is the dominion on a Day when the trumpet will be blown. He is One Who Knows of the unseen and the visible. And He is The Wise, The Aware.
6:74 And mention when Abraham said to his father Azar: Hast thou taken idols to thyself as gods? Truly, I see thee and thy folk clearly wandering astray.
6:75 And, thus, We cause Abraham to see the kingdom of the heavens and the earth so that he would be of the ones who are certain in belief.
6:76 So when night outspread over him, he saw a star. He said: This is my Lord. Then, when it set, he said: I love not that which sets.
6:77 Then, when he saw the moon, that which rises, he said: This is my Lord. Then, when it set, he said: If my Lord guides me not, certainly, I would have been among the folk, the ones gone astray.
6:78 Then, when he saw the sun, that which rises, he said: This is my Lord. This is greater. Then, when it set, he said: O my folk! Truly, I am free from the partners you ascribe with Him.
6:79 Truly, I turned my face to He Who Originated the heavens and the earth—as a monotheist and I am not of the ones who are polytheists.
6:80 And his folk argued with him. He said: You argue with me about God while, surely, He guided me? I fear not whatever partners you ascribe with Him. When my Lord wills a thing, my Lord encompassed everything in His knowledge. Will you not, then, recollect?
6:81 And how should I fear what you ascribed as partners with Him while you fear not that you ascribe as partners with God? He sends not down to you any authority for it. Then, which of the two groups of people has better right to a place of sanctuary if you had been knowing?
6:82 Those who believed and confuse not their belief with injustice, those, to them belongs the place of sanctuary. And they are ones who are truly guided.
6:83 And that was Our disputation that We gave Abraham against his folk. We exalt in degrees whom We will, truly, thy Lord is Wise, Knowing.
6:84 And We bestowed on him Isaac and Jacob. Each of them We guided. And Noah We guided before and among his offspring are David and Solomon and Job and Joseph and Moses and Aaron. And, thus, We gave recompense to the ones who are doers of good.
6:85 And Zechariah and Yahya and Jesus and Elijah—all are among the ones in accord with morality.
6:86 And Ishmael and Elisha and Jonah and Lot. We gave all an advantage over the worlds.
6:87 And from among their fathers and their offspring and their brothers/sisters, We elected them and We guided them to a straight path.
6:88 That is guidance of God. He guides with it whom He wills of His servants. And if they ascribed partners with Him, what they had been doing was fruitless for them.
6:89 Those are those to whom We gave the Book and critical judgment and prophethood. So if these are ungrateful for them, then, surely, We charged a folk with them who is not of the ones who are ungrateful for them.
6:90 Those are those whom God guided. So imitate their guidance. Say: I ask of you no compensation for it. It is not but a reminder for the worlds.
6:91 And they measured not God with His true measure when they said: God caused not to descend anything to a mortal. Say: Who caused the Book to descend that was brought about for Moses as a light and guidance for humanity? You make it into parchments. You show them some of it and conceal much of it. And you were taught what you know not, you nor your fathers. Say: God revealed it. Again, forsake them playing, engaging in their idle talk.
6:92 And this is a Book We caused to descend—that which is blessed—and that which establishes as true what was before it and for thee to warn the Mother of Towns and who are around it and those who believe in the world to come believe in it. And they over their formal prayers are watchful.
6:93 And who does greater wrong than he who devised lies against God or said: It was revealed to me, when nothing is revealed to him. Or who said: I will cause to descend the like of what God caused to descend. And if thou wouldst see when the ones who are unjust are in the perplexity of death and the angels—the ones who stretch out their hands will say: Relinquish your souls. Today, you will be given recompense with the humiliating punishment for what you had been saying about God other than The Truth. And you had been growing arrogant to His signs.
6:94 And, certainly, you drew near Us one by one as We created you the first time. And you left what We granted you behind your backs. We see not your intercessors with you, those whom you claimed as your ascribed associates. Certainly, the bonds between you were cut asunder. And gone astray from you is what you had been claiming.
6:95 Truly, it is God who is One Who Causes to Break Forth the grain and the pit of a date. He brings out the living from the dead and is One Who Brings Out the dead from the living. That is God. Then, how you are misled.
6:96 He is One Who Causes to Break Forth the morning dawn and He made the night as a place of comfort and rest and the sun and the moon to keep count. That is the foreordaining of The Almighty, The Knowing.
6:97 And it is He Who made the stars for you so that you will be truly guided by them in the shadows of dry land and the sea. Surely, We explained distinctly the signs for a folk who know.
6:98 And it is He Who caused you to grow from a single soul, then, a temporary stay and a repository. Surely, We explained distinctly the signs for a folk who understand.
6:99 And it is He Who caused to descend water from heaven. Then, We brought out from it every kind of bringing forth. Then, We brought out herbs from it. We bring out from it thick-clustered grain and from the date palm tree, from the spathe of it, thick clusters of dates, that which draws near and gardens of the grapevines and the olives and the pomegranates, like each to each and not resembling one another. Look on its fruit when it bore fruit and its ripening. Truly, in this are signs for a folk who believe.
6:100 And they made as associates with God—the jinn—although He created them. And they falsely attributed to Him sons and daughters without knowledge. Glory be to Him! Exalted is He above what they allege.
6:101 He is Beginner of the heavens and the earth. How would He have a child when He is without a companion and He created everything and He is Knowing of everything?
6:102 That is God, your Lord. There is no god but He—the One Who is Creator of everything—so worship Him. For He is Trustee over everything.
6:103 No sight overtakes Him, but He overtakes sight. And He is The Subtle, The Aware.
6:104 Surely, clear evidence drew near you from your Lord. So whoever perceived, it will be for his own soul. Whoever was in darkness will be against his own soul. Say: And I am not a guardian over you.
6:105 And, thus, We diversify the signs and they will say: Thou hadst received instruction and We will make the Quran manifest for a folk who know.
6:106 Follow thou what was revealed to thee from thy Lord. There is no god but He. Turn thou aside from the ones who are polytheists.
6:107 And if God willed, they would not have ascribed partners with Him, We made thee not a guardian over them, nor art thou a trustee for them.
6:108 And offend not those who call to other than God so that they not offend God out of spite without knowledge. Thus, We made to appear pleasing the actions of every community. Again, to their Lord is their return. Then, He will tell them what they had been doing.
6:109 And they swear by God the most earnest sworn oaths that if a sign would draw near them, they would, certainly, believe in it. Say: The signs are only with God. And what will cause you to realize that even if the signs were to draw near, they would not believe?
6:110 We will turn around and around their minds and their sight as they believe not in it the first time. And We will forsake them in their defiance, wandering unwilling to see.
6:111 And even if We sent down the angels to them and the dead spoke to them and we assembled everything against them, face to face, yet they would not believe unless God wills, except many of them are ignorant.
6:112 And, thus, We made an enemy for every Prophet, satans from among humankind and the jinn. Some of them reveal to some others an ornamented saying, a delusion. And if thy Lord willed, they would not have accomplished it. So forsake them and what they devise,
6:113 while minds will bend towards it of those who believe not in the world to come and they will be well-pleased with it. And they will gain what the ones who gain gain.
6:114 Will I be looking for an arbiter other than God while it is He Who caused to descend to you the Book, one that is distinct? And those to whom We gave the Book, they know that it is one that is sent down by thy Lord with The Truth. So thou hast not been among the ones who contest.
6:115 Completed was the Word of thy Lord in sincerity and justice. There is no one who changes His Words. And He is The Hearing, The Knowing.
6:116 And if thou hast obeyed most of who are on the earth, they will cause thee to go astray from the way of God. They follow nothing but opinion and they only guess.
6:117 Truly, thy Lord is He Who is greater in knowledge of who goes astray from His way. And He is greater in knowledge of the ones who are truly guided.
6:118 So eat of that over which the Name of God was remembered if you had been ones who believe in His signs.
6:119 And why should you not eat of that over which the Name of God was remembered on it? Surely, He explained distinctly to you what He forbade to you unless you were driven by necessity to it. And, truly, many cause others to go astray by their desires without knowledge. Truly, thy Lord, He is greater in knowledge of the ones who exceed the limits.
6:120 And forsake manifest sin and its inward part. Truly, those who earn sin, they will be given recompense for what they had been gaining.
6:121 Eat not of that over which the Name of God is not remembered on it. Truly, it is contrary to moral law. And, truly, the satans will reveal to their protectors so that they dispute with you and if you obeyed them, truly, you would be of the ones who are polytheists.
6:122 Is he who had been lifeless and We gave him life and We made a light for him by which he walks among humanity like he who is in the shadows and is not one who goes forth from them? Thus, it was made to appear pleasing to ones who are ungrateful what they had been doing.
6:123 And, thus, We made in every town greater ones who sin that they plan in it. Yet they plan not but against themselves although they are not aware.
6:124 And when a sign drew near them they said: We will not believe until we are given the like of what was given to Messengers of God.• God is greater in knowledge where to assign His message. On those who sinned will light contempt from God and a severe punishment for what they had been planning.
6:125 And whomever God wants, He guides him. He expands his breast for The Submission to One God. And whomever He wants to cause to go astray, He makes his breast tight, troubling, as if he had been climbing up a difficult ascent. Thus, God assigns disgrace on those who believe not.
6:126 And this is the path of thy Lord, one that is straight. Surely, We explained distinctly the signs for a folk who recollect.
6:127 For them is the abode of peace with their Lord. And He is their protector for what they had been doing.
6:128 And mention on a Day He will assemble them altogether. O assembly of the jinn! Surely, you acquired much from humankind. And their protectors among humankind would say: Our Lord! Some of us enjoyed some others and we reached our term that was appointed by Thee for us. He would say: The fire is your place of lodging, ones who will dwell in it forever, but what God willed. Truly, thy Lord is Wise, Knowing.
6:129 And, thus, that is how We make some of them friends with some others who are ones who are unjust to one another for what they had been earning.
6:130 O assembly of jinn and humankind! Approach not Messengers from among yourselves relating to you My signs, and warning you of the meeting of this, your Day? They said: We bore witness against ourselves. This present life deluded them and they bore witness against themselves that they had been ones who are ungrateful.
6:131 That is because thy Lord would never be One Who Causes to Perish towns unjustly while their people are ones who are heedless.
6:132 And for everyone there are degrees for what they did. And thy Lord is not One Who is Heedless of what they do.
6:133 Thy Lord is The Sufficient, Possessor of Mercy. If He wills, He will cause you to be put away and will make a successor after you of whomever He wills, just as He caused you to grow from offspring of other folk.
6:134 Truly, what you are promised is, certainly, that which arrives and you will not be ones who frustrate it.
6:135 Say: O my folk! Act according to your ability. Truly, I too am one who acts. Then, you will know for whom the Ultimate End will be the abode. Truly, the ones who are unjust will not prosper.
6:136 And they assigned to God of what He made numerous of cultivation and flocks a share. Then, they said in their claim: This is for God and this is for our ascribed associates. But what had been ascribed for their associates then, reaches not out to God and what had been ascribed for God then, reaches out to their associates. How evil is the judgment they give!
6:137 And, thus, made to appear pleasing to many of the ones who are polytheists was the killing of their children by those whom they ascribe as associates with Him so that they deal them destruction and so that they confuse their way of life for them. And if God willed, they would not have accomplished it. So forsake them and what they devise.
6:138 And they said: These flocks and cultivation are banned. None should taste them, but whom we will, so they claim. And there are flocks whose backs were forbidden and flocks that they remember not the Name of God on it, a devising against Him. He will give them recompense for what they had been devising.
6:139 And they said: What is in the bellies of these flocks is exclusively for our males and is that which is forbidden to our female spouses, but if it would be born dead, then, they are ascribed as associates in it. He will give recompense to them for their allegations. Truly, He is Wise, Knowing.
6:140 They, surely, lost those who foolishly kill their children without knowledge. They forbade what God provided them in a devising against God. They, surely, went astray and had not been ones who are truly guided.
6:141 And it is He Who caused gardens to grow, trellised and without being trellised and the date palm trees and a variety of harvest crops and the olives and the pomegranates resembling and not resembling one another. Eat of its fruit when it bore fruit and give its due on the day of its reaping and exceed not all bounds. Truly, He loves not the ones who are excessive.
6:142 And of the flocks are some as beasts of burden and some for slaughter. Eat of what God provided you and follow not in the steps of Satan. Truly, he is a clear enemy to you.
6:143 Eight diverse pairs; two of sheep and two of goats. Say: Forbade He the two males or the two females? Or what is contained in the wombs of the two females? Tell me with knowledge if you had been ones who are sincere.
6:144 And of the camels two and of cows two, say: Forbade He the two males or the two females or what is contained in the wombs of the two females? Had you been witnesses when God charged you with this? Then, who does greater wrong than he who devised a lie against God to cause humanity to go astray without knowledge. Truly, God guides not the folk, the ones who are unjust.
6:145 Say: I find not in what was revealed to me to taste that which is forbidden to taste, but that it be carrion or blood, that which is shed or the flesh of swine for that, truly, is a disgrace or was hallowed—contrary to moral law—to other than God on it. Then, whoever was driven by necessity other than being one who is willfully disobedient or one who turns away. Then, truly, thy Lord is Forgiving, Compassionate.
6:146 And to those who became Jews, We forbade every possessor of claws. And of the cows and the herd of sheep, We forbade them their fat, but what their backs carried or entrails or what mingled with bone. Thus, we gave them recompense for their insolence and We are, truly, ones who are sincere.
6:147 If they denied thee, say: Your Lord is the Possessor of Extensive Mercy. And His might is not repelled from the folk, ones who sin.
6:148 Those who ascribed partners with God will say: If God willed, neither would we have ascribed partners with God, nor our fathers, nor would we have forbidden anything. Thus, denied those who were before them until they experienced Our might. Say: Is there any knowledge with you that you bring out to us? You follow not but opinion and, then, you only guess.
6:149 Say: God has the conclusive disputation. And if He willed, He would have guided you one and all.
6:150 Say: Come on! Bring your witnesses who bear witness that God forbade this. Then, if they bore witness, bear you not witness with them. And follow thee not the desires of those who denied Our signs and those who believe not in the world to come and they equate others with their Lord.
6:151 Say: Approach now. I will recount what your Lord forbade you Ascribe nothing as partners with Him. And show kindness to the ones who are your parents. And kill not your children from want. We will provide for you and for them. And come not near any indecencies whether these were manifest or what was inward. And kill not a soul which God forbade, unless rightfully. He charged you with that so that perhaps you will be reasonable.
6:152 And come not near the property of the orphan but with what is fairer until one reaches the coming of age. And live up to the full measure and balance with equity. We will not place a burden on any soul, but to its capacity. And when you said something, be just, even if it had been with possessors of kinship and live up to the compact of God. Thus, He charged you with it so that perhaps you will recollect.
6:153 And that this is My straight path, so follow it. And follow not the ways that will split you up from His way. He charged you this with it, so that perhaps you will be Godfearing.
6:154 Again, We gave Moses the Book rendered complete for him who did good, a decisive explanation of all things and as a guidance and mercy, so that perhaps they will believe in the meeting with their Lord.
6:155 And this Book We caused to descend is that which is blessed so follow it and be Godfearing so that perhaps you will find mercy,
6:156 so that you not say: The Book was only caused to descend to two sections before us. And, truly, we had been ones who are heedless of their study.
6:157 Or so that you not say: If the Book was caused to descend to us, we would have been better guided than they. Surely, there drew near you clear portents from your Lord and a guidance and a mercy. And who, then, does greater wrong than he who denied the signs of God and drew aside from them. We will give recompense to those who draw aside from Our signs with a dire punishment because they had been drawing aside.
6:158 Look they on only that the angels approach them? Or thy Lord approach them? Or some signs of thy Lord approach them? On a Day that approach some signs of thy Lord, belief will not profit a person if he believed not before, nor earned good because of his belief. Say: Wait awhile! We too are ones who are waiting awhile!
6:159 Truly, those who separated and divided their way of life and had been partisans, be thou not concerned with them at all. Truly, their affair is only with God. Again, He will tell them what they had been accomplishing.
6:160 Whoever drew near with benevolence, then, for him, ten times the like of it. And whoever drew near with an evil deed, then, recompense will not be given but with its like and they, they will not be wronged.
6:161 Say: Truly, my Lord guided me to a straight path, a truth-loving way of life, the creed of Abraham, the monotheist. And he had not been of the ones who are polytheists.
6:162 Say: Truly, my formal prayer and my ritual sacrifice and my living and my dying are for God, Lord of all the worlds.
6:163 No associates are to be ascribed with Him and of this was I commanded and I am the first of the ones who submit to God.
6:164 Say: Is it other than God that I should desire as a lord while He is Lord of everything? And each soul will earn only for itself. No burdened soul will bear another’s heavy load. Again, to your Lord will you return. Then, He will tell you about what you had been at variance in it.
6:165 And it is He who made you as viceregents on the earth and exalted some of you above some others in degree that He try you with what He gave you. Truly, thy Lord is Swift in repayment and He, truly, is Forgiving, Compassionate.


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