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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the inevitable day of judgment shall suddenly come
56:2 no soul shall charge the prediction of its coming with falsehood
56:3 It will abase some, and exalt others
56:4 When the earth shall be shaken with a violent shock
56:5 and the mountains shall be dashed in pieces
56:6 and shall become as dust scattered abroad
56:7 and ye shall be separated into three distinct classes
56:8 The companions of the right hand; -- how happy shall the companions of the right hand be! -
56:9 And the companions of the left hand; -- how miserable shall the companions of the left hand be! -
56:10 And those who have preceded others in the faith, shall precede them to paradise
56:11 These are they who shall approach near unto God
56:12 They shall dwell in gardens of delight
56:13 -->
56:14 and few of the last. -
56:15 Reposing on couches adorned with gold and precious stones
56:16 sitting opposite to one another thereon
56:17 Youths which shall continue in their bloom for ever, shall go round about to attend them
56:18 with goblets, and beakers, and a cup of flowing wine
56:19 Their heads shall not ache by drinking the same, neither shall their reason be disturbed
56:20 And with fruits of the sorts which they shall choose
56:21 and the flesh of birds of the kind which they shall desire
56:22 And there shall accompany them fair damsels having large black eyes
56:23 resembling pearls hidden in their shells
56:24 As a reward for that which they shall have wrought
56:25 They shall not hear therein any vain discourse, or any charge of sin
56:26 but only the salutation, Peace! Peace
56:27 And the companions of the right hand -- how happy shall the companions of the right hand be! -
56:28 shall have their abode among lote trees free from thorns
56:29 and trees of mauz loaded regularly with their produce from top to bottom
56:30 under an extended shade
56:31 near a flowing water
56:32 and amidst fruits in abundance
56:33 which shall not fail, nor shall be forbidden to be gathered
56:34 And they shall repose themselves on lofty beds
56:35 Verily We have created the damsels of paradise by a peculiar creation
56:36 And We have made them virgins
56:37 beloved by their husbands, of equal age with them
56:38 for the delight of the companions of the right hand
56:39 There shall be many of the former religions
56:40 and many of the latter
56:41 And the companions of the left hand -- how miserable shall the companions of the left hand be! -
56:42 Shall dwell amidst burning winds, and scalding water
56:43 under the shade of a black smoke
56:44 neither cool nor agreeable
56:45 For they enjoyed the pleasures of life before this, while on earth
56:46 and obstinately persisted in a heinous wickedness
56:47 And they said, after we shall have died, and become dust and bones, shall we surely be raised to life
56:48 Shall our forefathers also be raised with us
56:49 Say, verily both the first and the last
56:50 shall surely be gathered together to judgment, at the prefixed time of a known day
56:51 Then ye, O men, who have erred, and denied the resurrection as a falsehood
56:52 shall surely eat of the fruit of the tree of al Zakkum
56:53 and shall fill your bellies therewith
56:54 And ye shall drink thereon boiling water
56:55 and ye shall drink as a thirsty camel drinketh
56:56 This shall be their entertainment on the day of judgment
56:57 We have created you: Will ye not therefore believe that We can raise you from the dead
56:58 What think ye? The seed which ye emit
56:59 do ye create the same, or are we the creators thereof
56:60 We have decreed death unto you all: And We shall not be prevented
56:61 We are able to substitute others like unto you in your stead, and to produce you again in the condition or form which ye know not
56:62 Ye know the original production by creation; will ye not therefore consider that We are able to reproduce you by resuscitation
56:63 What think ye? The grain which ye sow
56:64 do ye cause the same to spring forth, or do We cause it to spring forth
56:65 If We pleased, verily We could render the same dry and fruitless, so that ye would not cease to wonder, saying
56:66 verily we have contracted debts for seed and labour
56:67 but we are not permitted to reap the fruit thereof
56:68 What think ye? The water which ye drink
56:69 do ye send down the same from the clouds, or are We the senders thereof
56:70 If We pleased, We could render the same brackish: Will ye not therefore give thanks
56:71 What think ye? The fire which ye strike
56:72 do ye produce the tree whence ye obtain the same, or are We the producers thereof
56:73 We have ordained the same for an admonition, and an advantage unto those who travel through the deserts
56:74 Wherefore praise the name of thy Lord, the great God
56:75 Moreover I swear by the setting of the stars
56:76 -- and it is surely a great oath, if ye knew it; -
56:77 that this is the excellent Koran
56:78 the original whereof is written in the preserved book: None shall touch the same
56:79 except those who are clean
56:80 It is a revelation from the Lord of all creatures
56:81 Will ye, therefore, despise this new revelation
56:82 And do ye make this return for your food which ye receive from God, that ye deny yourselves to be obliged to Him for the same
56:83 When the soul of a dying person cometh up to his throat
56:84 and ye at the same time are looking on
56:85 -- and We are nigher unto him than ye, but ye see not his true condition: -
56:86 would ye not, if ye are not to be rewarded for your actions hereafter
56:87 cause the same to return into the body, if ye speak truth
56:88 And whether he be of those who shall approach near unto God
56:89 his reward shall be rest, and mercy, and a garden of delights
56:90 Or whether he be of the companions of the right hand
56:91 he shall be saluted with the salutation, Peace be unto thee! By the companions of the right hand, his brethren
56:92 Or whether he be of those who have rejected the true faith, and gone astray
56:93 his entertainment shall consist of boiling water
56:94 and the burning of hell fire
56:95 Verily this is a certain truth
56:96 Wherefore praise the name of thy Lord, the great God


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