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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by T.B.Irving
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T.B.Irving rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The Hour approaches and the Moon is splitting apart!
54:2 Yet if they see any sign, they avoid it and say: ´It´s constant magic!"
54:3 They deny [it all] and follow their own whims, even though every matter has been settled.
54:4 News has come to them containing a rebuke,
54:5 as eloquent wisdom, even though warners can get nowhere.
54:6 So turn away from them on the day when the Crier will call out about a horrible event.
54:7 Their eyes cast down, they will issue forth from their tombs as if they were scattered grasshoppers
54:8 dashing along towards the Crier. Disbelievers will say: "This is such a hard day!"
54:9 Noah´s folk denied it long before them; they rejected Our servant and said: "[He´s] crazy!", and he was rebuffed.
54:10 He appealed to his Lord: "I have been overpowered, so support [me]!"
54:11 So We opened Heaven´s gates for water to pour down.
54:12 We drilled the earth full of springs and the waters met at a command which had been decreed.
54:13 We transported him on something built with planks and caulking
54:14 which sailed on before Our eyes, as a reward for someone who had been rejected.
54:15 We left it as a sign; yet will anyone bear it in mind?
54:16 How were My torment, and My warnings?
54:17 We have made the Quran easy to memorize; yet will anyone [bother to] memorize it?
54:18 Ad rejected it. How were My torment, and My warnings?
54:19 We sent a howling gale against them on a day full of continuous misfortune
54:20 which snatched men up as if they were hollow palm trunks.
54:21 How were My torment, and My warnings!
54:22 We have made the Quran easy to memorize; yet will anyone memorize it?
54:23 Thamud rejected My warnings too
54:24 and they said: "Are we to follow a single human being from among ourselves? We would then be in error and frenzy.
54:25 Has the Reminder been delivered merely to him among Us? Instead he is a brash liar."
54:26 Tomorrow they will know who the brash liar is!
54:27 We are sending them a she-camel as a test, so watch them and act patient.
54:28 Announce to them how water must be shared among them; each will have his own special time to drink.
54:29 They called out to their companion; and he assumed the task and hamstrung [her].
54:30 How were My torment, and My warnings?
54:31 (We sent a single Blast against them so they [lay] like dry stalks caught in a fence corner.)
54:32 We have made the Quran easy to memorize; yet will anyone [bother to] memorize it?
54:33 Lot´s people rejected the warnings.
54:34 We sent a sandstorm against them, except for Lot´s own household whom We saved at daybreak
54:35 as a favor from Ourself; thus We reward anyone who acts grateful.
54:36 He had warned them of Our onslaught, yet they discredited the warnings.
54:37 They tried to coax his guests away from him, so We dazzled their eyes. "Taste My torment and My warnings!"
54:38 Early one, morning, unavoidable torment dawned upon them.
54:39 "Taste My torment and My warnings!"
54:40 We have made the Quran easy to memorize; yet will anyone memorize it?
54:41 Warnings came to Pharaoh´s court.
54:42 Yet they rejected Our signs completely, so We seized them the way a Powerful, Competent person would seize [them].
54:43 Are your disbelievers any better than those men were, or have you some dispensation [to be found] in the Psalms?
54:44 Or do they say: "We all support one another"?
54:45 They will all be defeated together and turn their backs [to run away].
54:46 Indeed the Hour has been promised them; the Hour will be quite disastrous and most bitter.
54:47 Criminals will be lost in error and frenzy.
54:48 Some day they will be dragged face down through the Fire: "Experience the sense of scorching!"
54:49 We have created everything in due proportion.
54:50 Our command comes only once, in the twinkling of an eye!
54:51 We wiped out your adherents; does no one recall it?
54:52 Everything they did is [to be found] in the Psalms;
54:53 everything small or great has been recorded.
54:54 The heedful will be by gardens and a river
54:55 in a sure position under a Competent Sovereign.


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