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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The hour of judgment approacheth; and the moon hath been split in sunder
54:2 But if the unbelievers see a sign, they turn aside, saying, this is a powerful charm
54:3 And they accuse thee, O Mohammed, of imposture, and follow their own lusts: But every thing will be immutably fixed
54:4 And now hath a message come unto them, wherein is a determent from obstinate infidelity
54:5 the same being consummate wisdom: But warners profit them not
54:6 wherefore do thou withdraw from them. The day whereon the summoner shall summon mankind to an ungrateful business
54:7 they shall come forth from their graves with down-cast looks: Numerous as locusts scattered far abroad
54:8 hastening with terror unto the summoner. The unbelievers shall say, this is a day of distress
54:9 The people of Noah accused that prophet of imposture, before thy people rejected thee: They accused our servant of imposture, saying, he is a madman; and he was rejected with reproach
54:10 He called, therefore, upon his Lord, saying, verily I am overpowered; wherefore avenge me
54:11 So We opened the gates of heaven, with water pouring down
54:12 and We caused the earth to break forth into springs; so that the water of heaven and earth met, according to the decree which had been established
54:13 And We bare him on a vessel composed of planks and nails
54:14 which moved forward under our eyes: As a recompense unto him who had been ungratefully rejected
54:15 And We left the said vessel for a sign: But is any one warned thereby
54:16 And how severe was my vengeance, and my threatening
54:17 Now have We made the Koran easy for admoniton: But is any one admonished thereby
54:18 Ad charged their prophet with imposture: But how severe was my vengeance, and my threatening
54:19 Verily We sent against them a roaring wind, on a day of continued ill-luck
54:20 It carried men away, as though they had been roots of palm-trees forcibly torn up
54:21 And how severe was my vengeance, and my threatening
54:22 Now have We made the Koran easy for admonition: But is any one admonished thereby
54:23 Thamud charged the admonitions of their prophet with falsehood
54:24 and said, shall we follow a single man among us? Verily we should then be guilty of error, and preposterous madness
54:25 Is the office of admonition committed unto him preferably to the rest of us? Nay; he is a liar, and an insolent fellow
54:26 But God said to Saleh, to morrow shall they know who is the liar, and the insolent person
54:27 For We will surely send the she-camel for a trial of them; and do thou observe them, and bear their insults with patience
54:28 And prophesy unto them that the water shall be divided between them, and each portion shall be sat down to alternately
54:29 And they called their companion: And he took a sword, and slew her
54:30 But how severe was my vengeance, and my threatening
54:31 For We sent against them one cry of the angel Gabriel, and they became like the dry sticks used by him who buildeth a fold for cattle
54:32 And now have We made the Koran easy for admonition: But is any one admonished thereby
54:33 The people of Lot charged his preaching with falsehood
54:34 But We sent against them a wind driving a shower of stones, which destroyed them all except the family of Lot; whom We delivered early in the morning
54:35 through favour from Us. Thus do We reward those who are thankful
54:36 And Lot had warned them of our severity in chastising; but they doubted of that warning
54:37 And they demanded his guests of him, that they might abuse them: But We put out their eyes, saying, taste my vengeance, and my threatening
54:38 And early in the morning a lasting punishment surprized them
54:39 Taste, therefore, my vengeance, and my threatening
54:40 Now have We made the Koran easy for admonition: But is any one admonished thereby
54:41 The warning of Moses also came unto the people of Pharaoh
54:42 but they charged every one of our signs with imposture: Wherefore We chastised them with a mighty and irresistible chastisement
54:43 Are your unbelievers, O Meccans, better than these? Is immunity from punishment promised unto you in the scriptures
54:44 Do they say, we are a body of men able to prevail against our enemies
54:45 The multitude shall surely be put to flight, and shall turn their back
54:46 But the hour of judgment is their threatened time of punishment: And that hour shall be more grievous and more bitter than their afflictions in this life
54:47 Verily the wicked wander in error, and shall be tormented hereafter in burning flames
54:48 On that day they shall be dragged into the fire on their faces; and it shall be said unto them, taste ye the touch of hell
54:49 All things have We created bound by a fixed decree
54:50 And our command is no more than a single word, like the twinkling of an eye
54:51 We have formerly destroyed nations like unto you; but is any of you warned by their example
54:52 Every thing which they do is recorded in the books kept by the guardian angels
54:53 And every action, both small and great, is written down in the preserved table
54:54 Moreover the pious shall dwell among gardens and rivers
54:55 in the assembly of truth, in the presence of a most potent king


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