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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Arthur John Arberry
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Arthur John Arberry rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The Hour has drawn nigh: the moon is split
54:2 Yet if they see a sign they turn away, and they say 'A continuous sorcery!
54:3 They have cried lies, and followed their caprices; but every matter is settled
54:4 And there have come to them such tidings as contain a deterrent -
54:5 a Wisdom far-reaching; yet warnings do not avail
54:6 So turn thou away from them. Upon the day when the Caller shall call unto a horrible thing
54:7 abasing their eyes, they shall come forth from the tombs as if they were scattered grasshoppers
54:8 running with outstretched necks to the Caller. The unbelievers shall say, 'This is a hard day!
54:9 The people of Noah cried lies before them; they cried lies to Our servant, and said, 'A man possessed!' And he was rejected
54:10 And so he called unto his Lord, saying, 'I am vanquished; do Thou succour me!
54:11 Then We opened the gates of heaven unto water torrential
54:12 and made the earth to gush with fountains, and the waters met for a matter decreed
54:13 And We bore him upon a well-planked vessel well-caulke
54:14 running before Our eyes-a recompense for him denied
54:15 And We left it for a sign. Is there any that will remember
54:16 How then were My chastisement and My warnings
54:17 Now We have made the Koran easy for Remembrance. Is there any that will remember
54:18 Ad cried lies. How then were My chastisement and My warnings
54:19 We loosed against them a wind clamorous in a day of ill fortune continuous
54:20 plucking up men as if they were stumps of uprooted palm-trees
54:21 How then were My chastisement and My warnings
54:22 Now We have made the Koran easy for Remembrance. Is there any that will remember
54:23 Thamood cried lies to the warning
54:24 and said, 'What, shall we follow a mortal, one out of ourselves? Then indeed we should be in error and insanity
54:25 Has the Reminder been cast upon him alone among us? Nay, rather he is an impudent liar.
54:26 'They shall surely know tomorrow who is the impudent liar
54:27 They shall send the She-camel as a trial for them; so watch thou them and keep patience
54:28 And tell them that the water is to be divided between them, each drink for each in turn
54:29 Then they called their comrade, and he took in hand, and hamstrung her
54:30 How then were My chastisement and My warnings
54:31 We loosed against them one Cry, and they were as the wattles of a pen-builder
54:32 Now We have made the Koran easy for Remembrance. Is there any that will remember
54:33 The people of Lot cried lies to the warnings
54:34 We loosed against them a squall of pebbles except the folk of Lot; We delivered them at the dawn -
54:35 a blessing from Us; even so We recompense him who is thankful
54:36 He had warned them of Our assault, but they disputed the warnings
54:37 Even his guests they had solicited of him; so We obliterated their eyes, saying, 'Taste now My chastisement and My warnings!
54:38 In the morning early there came upon them a settled chastisement
54:39 'Taste now My chastisement and My warnings!
54:40 Now We have made the Koran easy for Remembrance. Is there any that will remember
54:41 The warnings came also to Pharaoh's folk
54:42 They cried lies to Our signs, all of them, so We seized them with the seizing of One mighty, omnipotent
54:43 What, are your unbelievers better than those? Or have you an immunity in the Scrolls
54:44 Or do they say, 'We are a congregation that shall be succoured?
54:45 Certainly the host shall be routed, and turn their backs
54:46 Nay, but the Hour is their tryst, and the Hour is very calamitous and bitter
54:47 Surely the sinners are in error and insanity
54:48 The day when they are dragged on their faces into the Fire: 'Taste now the touch of Sakar!
54:49 Surely We have created everything in measure
54:50 Our commandment is but one word, as the twinkling of an eye
54:51 We have destroyed the likes of you; is there any that will remember
54:52 Every thing that they have done is in the Scrolls
54:53 and everything, great and small, is inscribed
54:54 Surely the godfearing shall dwell amid gardens and a rive
54:55 in a sure abode, in the presence of a King Omnipotent


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