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at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain)
as rendered by Linda "iLham" Barto
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Linda “iLHam” Barto rendition of Surah The Mount, The Mountain(at-Tur)
52:1 Consider the mountain!
52:2 Consider a Book inscribed…
52:3 …on unfurled parchment!
52:4 Consider the frequented house [of worship]!
52:5 Consider the roof raised high!
52:6 Consider the ocean swelled!
52:7 Truly, the doom of your Lord will come to pass.
52:8 No one can avert it.
52:9 [It will be] the day when the sky will be in dreadful commotion.
52:10 The mountains will violently shift.
52:11 Woe that day to those who reject [God’s truth]…
52:12 …and wallow in shallow discourse.
52:13 That day they will be forcibly thrust into the fire of Hell.
52:14 “This is the fire you denied.
52:15 “Is it really fake, or do you not understand?
52:16 “Burn therein. Bear it patiently or not patiently; it’s all the same for you. Truly, you receive the recompense of your deeds.”
52:17 Truly, the righteous will be in gardens, with happiness.
52:18 [They will] enjoy what their Lord has given them. Their Lord will deliver them from the penalty of Hell.
52:19 “Eat and drink. Be satisfied because of your past deeds.”
52:20 They will recline on couches arranged in rows. We will join them with wide-eyed companions.
52:21 The believers and their believing family members will be reunited. We will not deprive them any of their earnings. Each individual is pledged for his/her deeds.
52:22 We will bestow upon them fruit and meats as they desire.
52:23 They will exchange, one with another, a cup free of foolishness, free of sin.
52:24 Going around to serve them will be [angelic] youths that seem like guarded pearls.
52:25 They will approach each other in mutual discussion.
52:26 They will say, “Previously, we were in fear concerning our families.
52:27 But Allah has been good to us. [He] has protected us from the agony of the scorching wind.
52:28 Truly, we previously called to him. Truly, He is the Gracious Benefactor, the Most Merciful.”
52:29 Remind then, for, by the grace of your Lord, you are not a sorcerer or one possessed.
52:30 Do they say, “A poet! We watch for some calamity for him over time”?
52:31 Say, “Wait. Indeed, I wait along with you.”
52:32 Do their own minds urge them toward this? Or are they just a sinful people?
52:33 Do they say, “He made this up”? Nonsense! They have no faith.
52:34 Let them produce a recital like it, if they speak the truth.
52:35 Were they created from nothing, or were they the creators?
52:36 Did they create the skies and Earth? Nonsense! They have no certainty.
52:37 Are the treasures of your Lord with them, or are they the managers?
52:38 Do they have a ladder by which they can listen [to the secrets of Heaven]? Let their listener produce obvious evidence.
52:39 Has He only daughters while you have sons?
52:40 Have you asked for a reward so that they are burdened with a load of debt?
52:41 Is the unseen with them so that they can write it?
52:42 Do they intend a plot? Those who disbelieve are already involved in a plot.
52:43 Do they have a god other than Allah? Allah is exalted far above the things they associate with Him.
52:44 If they saw a piece of the sky falling, they would say, “A mass of clouds!”
52:45 Leave them alone until they encounter that day of theirs in which they will feel faint.
52:46 [It will be] the day when their plotting will not help them at all. No help will be given to them.
52:47 Truly, for those who sin, there is a punishment besides this. Most of them do not understand, however.
52:48 Patiently wait for the command of your Lord. Truly, you are in Our sight. Celebrate the praises of your Lord while standing.
52:49 For part of the night and when the stars retreat, praise Him.


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