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at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain)
as rendered by Umm Muhammad (Sahih International)
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Umm Muhammad (Sahih International) rendition of Surah The Mount, The Mountain(at-Tur)
52:1 By the moun
52:2 And [by] a Book inscribe
52:3 In parchment spread ope
52:4 And [by] the frequented Hous
52:5 And [by] the heaven raised hig
52:6 And [by] the sea filled [with fire]
52:7 Indeed, the punishment of your Lord will occur
52:8 Of it there is no preventer
52:9 On the Day the heaven will sway with circular motio
52:10 And the mountains will pass on, departing
52:11 Then woe, that Day, to the deniers
52:12 Who are in [empty] discourse amusing themselves
52:13 The Day they are thrust toward the fire of Hell with a [violent] thrust, [its angels will say]
52:14 "This is the Fire which you used to deny
52:15 Then is this magic, or do you not see
52:16 [Enter to] burn therein; then be patient or impatient - it is all the same for you. You are only being recompensed [for] what you used to do."
52:17 Indeed, the righteous will be in gardens and pleasure
52:18 Enjoying what their Lord has given them, and their Lord protected them from the punishment of Hellfire
52:19 [They will be told], "Eat and drink in satisfaction for what you used to do."
52:20 They will be reclining on thrones lined up, and We will marry them to fair women with large, [beautiful] eyes
52:21 And those who believed and whose descendants followed them in faith - We will join with them their descendants, and We will not deprive them of anything of their deeds. Every person, for what he earned, is retained
52:22 And We will provide them with fruit and meat from whatever they desire
52:23 They will exchange with one another a cup [of wine] wherein [results] no ill speech or commission of sin
52:24 There will circulate among them [servant] boys [especially] for them, as if they were pearls well-protected
52:25 And they will approach one another, inquiring of each other
52:26 They will say, "Indeed, we were previously among our people fearful [of displeasing Allah ]
52:27 So Allah conferred favor upon us and protected us from the punishment of the Scorching Fire
52:28 Indeed, we used to supplicate Him before. Indeed, it is He who is the Beneficent, the Merciful."
52:29 So remind [O Muhammad], for you are not, by the favor of your Lord, a soothsayer or a madman
52:30 Or do they say [of you], "A poet for whom we await a misfortune of time?"
52:31 Say, "Wait, for indeed I am, with you, among the waiters."
52:32 Or do their minds command them to [say] this, or are they a transgressing people
52:33 Or do they say, "He has made it up"? Rather, they do not believe
52:34 Then let them produce a statement like it, if they should be truthful
52:35 Or were they created by nothing, or were they the creators [of themselves]
52:36 Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Rather, they are not certain
52:37 Or have they the depositories [containing the provision] of your Lord? Or are they the controllers [of them]
52:38 Or have they a stairway [into the heaven] upon which they listen? Then let their listener produce a clear authority
52:39 Or has He daughters while you have sons
52:40 Or do you, [O Muhammad], ask of them a payment, so they are by debt burdened down
52:41 Or have they [knowledge of] the unseen, so they write [it] down
52:42 Or do they intend a plan? But those who disbelieve - they are the object of a plan
52:43 Or have they a deity other than Allah ? Exalted is Allah above whatever they associate with Him
52:44 And if they were to see a fragment from the sky falling, they would say, "[It is merely] clouds heaped up."
52:45 So leave them until they meet their Day in which they will be struck insensible
52:46 The Day their plan will not avail them at all, nor will they be helped
52:47 And indeed, for those who have wronged is a punishment before that, but most of them do not know
52:48 And be patient, [O Muhammad], for the decision of your Lord, for indeed, you are in Our eyes. And exalt [ Allah ] with praise of your Lord when you arise
52:49 And in a part of the night exalt Him and after [the setting of] the stars


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