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Qaf (The Letter Qaf)
as rendered by Sher Ali
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Sher Ali rendition of Surah The Letter Qaf(Qaf)
50:1 Qaf. WE cite the glorious Qur'an (as a proof that the great Resurrection is sure to take place)
50:2 But they wonder that there has come to them a Warner from among themselves. And the disbelievers say, `This is a strange thing
50:3 `What ! when we are dead and have become dust, shall we be raised up again? That is a return far from possible.
50:4 WE know how much the earth diminishes of them and how much it adds to them, and with US is a Book that preserves everything
50:5 Nay, they rejected the truth when it came to them, and so they are in a state of confusion
50:6 Do they not look at the sky above them, how WE have made it and adorned it, and there are no flaws in it
50:7 And the earth - WE have spread it out, and placed therein firm mountains; and WE have made to grow therein every kind of beautiful species
50:8 As a means of enlightenment and as a reminder to every servant that turns to US
50:9 And WE send down from the clouds water which is full of blessings, and WE produce therewith gardens and crops
50:10 And tall palm-trees with spathes piled one above the other
50:11 As a provision for Our servants; and WE quicken thereby a dead land. Even so shall be the Resurrection
50:12 The people of Noah rejected the truth before them and so did the people of the Well and the tribe of Thamud
50:13 And the tribe of AD, and Pharaoh and the brethren of Lot
50:14 And the dwellers of the Wood, and the people of Tubba. All of them rejected the Messengers with the result that MY threatened punishment befell them
50:15 Were WE then wearied by the first creation? Nay, but they are in confusion about the new creation
50:16 And assuredly, WE have created man and WE know what his mind whispers to him, and WE are nearer to him than even his jugular vein
50:17 When the two Recording angels record everything, sitting on his right and on his left
50:18 He utters not a word but there is by him a guardian angel ready to record it
50:19 And the stupor of death, certainly comes. `this is what thou wast striving to run from.
50:20 And the trumpet shall be blown. That will be the Day of Promise
50:21 And every soul shall come forth and along with it there will be an angel to bear witness
50:22 Then WE shall say, `Thou wast heedless of this; now WE have removed from thee thy veil, and keen is thy sight this day.
50:23 And his companion will say, `This is what I have ready of his record.
50:24 WE shall say to his two companions, cast ye twain into Hell every disbelieving enemy of truth
50:25 Hinderer of good, transgressor, doubter
50:26 `Who sets up another god beside ALLAH, so do, ye twain, cast him into the severe torment.
50:27 His associate will say, `O Lord, it was not that I caused him to rebel; but he himself was too far gone in error.
50:28 ALLAH will say, `Quarrel not in MY presence; I gave you the warning beforehand
50:29 `The sentenced passed by ME cannot be changed, and I am not in the least unjust to MY servants.
50:30 On that day WE will say to Hell, `Art thou filled up?' And it will answer, `Are there any more?
50:31 And Heaven will be brought near to the righteous, no longer remote
50:32 And it will be said, `This is what was promised to you -to every one who constantly turned to God and was watchful of his actions
50:33 `Who feared the Gracious God in private and came to HIM with a penitent heart
50:34 `Enter ye therein in peace. This is the Day of Eternity.
50:35 They will have therein whatever they desire, and with US is a good deal more
50:36 And how many a generation, who were mightier than they in prowess, have WE destroyed before them ! But when the punishment came, they went about in the lands, devising plans to escape it. But was there any place of refuge for them
50:37 Therein, verily, is a reminder for him who has an understanding heart, or, who gives ear and is attentive
50:38 And, verily, WE created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in six periods and no weariness touched US
50:39 So bear with patience what they say, and celebrate the praises of thy Lord, before the rising of the sun and before its setting
50:40 And in parts of the night also do thou glorify HIM, and after the prescribed prostrations
50:41 Hearken ! On the day when the caller will call from a place nearby
50:42 The day when they will hear the inevitable blast; that will be the day of coming forth from the graves
50:43 Verily, it is WE Who give life and cause death, and to US is the final return
50:44 On the day when the earth will cleave asunder and in consequence of their misdeeds they will come forth hastening - that will be a raising up of the dead easy for US
50:45 WE know best what they say; and thou art not to compel them in any way. So admonish, by means of the Qur'an, him who fears MY warning


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