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ad-Dukhan (Smoke, The Evident Smoke)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah Smoke, The Evident Smoke(ad-Dukhan)
44:1 H.M
44:2 By the perspicuous book of the Koran
44:3 verily We have sent down the same on a blessed night, -- for We had engaged so to do, -
44:4 on the night wherein is distinctly sent down the decree of every determined thing, as a command from Us
44:5 Verily We have ever used to send apostles with revelations, at proper intervals
44:6 as a mercy from thy Lord; for it is He who heareth and knoweth
44:7 The Lord of heaven and earth, and of whatever is between them; if ye are men of sure knowledge
44:8 There is no God but He: He giveth life, and He causeth to die; he is your Lord, and the Lord of your fore-fathers
44:9 Yet do they amuse themselves with doubt
44:10 But observe them on the day whereon the heaven shall produce a visible smoke
44:11 which shall cover mankind: This will be a tormenting plague
44:12 They shall say, O Lord, take this plague from off us: Verily we will become true believers
44:13 How should an admonition be of avail to them in this condition; when a manifest apostle came unto them
44:14 but they retired from him, saying, this man is instructed by others, or is a distracted person
44:15 We will take the plague from off you, a little: But ye will certainly return to your infidelity
44:16 On the day whereon We shall fiercely assault them with great power, verily We will take vengeance on them
44:17 We made trial of the people of Pharaoh before them, and an honourable messenger came unto them, saying
44:18 send unto me the servants of God; verily I am a faithful messenger unto you
44:19 And lift not yourselves up against God: For I come unto you with manifest power
44:20 And I fly for protection unto my Lord, and your Lord, that ye stone me not
44:21 If ye do not believe me, at least depart from me
44:22 And when they accused him of imposture, he called upon his Lord, saying, these are a wicked people
44:23 And God said unto him, march forth with my servants by night; for ye will be pursued
44:24 And leave the sea divided, that the Egyptians may enter the same; for they are a host doomed to be drowned
44:25 How many gardens, and fountains
44:26 and fields of corn, and fair dwellings
44:27 and advantages which they enjoyed, did they leave behind them
44:28 Thus We dispossessed them thereof; and We gave the same for an inheritance unto another people
44:29 Neither heaven nor earth wept for them; neither were they respited any longer
44:30 And We delivered the children of Israel from a shameful affliction
44:31 from Pharaoh; for he was haughty, and a transgressor
44:32 And We chose them, knowingly, above all people
44:33 and We shewed them several signs, wherein was an evident trial
44:34 Verily these Meccans say
44:35 assuredly our final end will be no other than our first natural death; neither shall we be raised again
44:36 Bring now our forefathers back to life, if ye speak truth
44:37 Are they better, or the people of Tobba, and those who were before them? We destroyed them, because they wrought wickedness
44:38 We have not created the heavens and the earth, and whatever is between them, by way of sport
44:39 We have created them no otherwise than in truth; but the greater part of them do not understand
44:40 Verily the day of separation shall be the appointed term of them all
44:41 a day, whereon the master and the servant shall be of no advantage to one another, neither shall they be helped
44:42 excepting those on whom God shall have mercy: For He is the mighty, the merciful
44:43 Verily the fruit of the tree of al Zakku
44:44 shall be the food of the impious
44:45 As the dregs of oil shall it boil in the bellies of the damned
44:46 like the boiling of the hottest water
44:47 And it shall be said to the tormentors, take him, and drag him into the midst of hell
44:48 And pour on his head the torture of boiling water
44:49 saying, taste this; for thou art that mighty and honourable person
44:50 Verily this is the punishment of which ye doubted
44:51 But the pious shall be lodged in a place of security
44:52 among gardens and fountains
44:53 They shall be cloathed in fine silk, and in satin; and they shall sit facing one another
44:54 Thus shall it be: And We will espouse them to fair damsels, having large black eyes
44:55 In that place shall they call for all kinds of fruits, in full security
44:56 They shall not taste death therein, after the first death; and God shall deliver from the pains of hell
44:57 Through the gracious bounty of thy Lord. This will be great felicity
44:58 Moreover We have rendered the Koran easy for thee, by revealing it in thine own tongue: To the end that they may be admonished
44:59 Wherefore do thou wait the event; for they wait to see some misfortune befall thee


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