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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

az-Zumar (The Troops, Throngs, The Companies)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Troops, Throngs, The Companies(az-Zumar)
39:1 The Book's descent from God, the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious
39:2 That We, We descended to you The Book with the truth so worship God faithful, loyal/devoted to him (in) the religion
39:3 Is not to God the religion the clear/pure? And those who took from other than Him guardians/allies (they say): We do not worship them except to near/approach us to God, (an) approachment/ degree ." That truly God judges/rules between them in what they are in it differing/disputing , that truly God does not guide who he is lying/denying/falsifying , (an insistent) disbeliever
39:4 If God wanted/intended that (E) He takes a child (son), He would have chosen/purified from who He created, what He wills/wants, His praise/glory, He is God, the one the defeator/conqueror (E)
39:5 He created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, with the truth . He rotates/rolls the night on (to) the daytime, and He rotates/rolls the daytime on (to) the night, and He manipulated/subjugated the sun and the moon, each/all flows/orbits to a term/time, named/identified (specified), is He not the glorious/mighty , the forgiving/often forgiver
39:6 He created you from one self , then He made/created from it, its spouse , and He descended for you from the camels/livestock eight pairs/kinds (refer to 6:143 and 6:144), He creates you, in your mothers' bellies/insides, a creation from after a creation, in 3 darknesses (trimesters), that one, (is) God, your Lord, for Him (is) the kingdom/ownership (there is) no god except Him, so how/where (do) you be diverted/misguided
39:7 If you disbelieve, so then God (is) rich from (without) you, and He does not accept/approve the disbelief to His worshippers/slaves , and if you thank/be grateful He accepts/approves it for you, and no sinner/loader/burdener carries/bears another's sins/load/burden , then to your Lord (is) your return, so He informs you with what you were making/doing , that He truly (is) knowledgeable with of the chests (innermosts)
39:8 And if harm touched the human, he called his Lord repenting/obeying to Him, then if he made him own a blessing/goodness from Him, he forgot what he was calling to Him from before, and he made/put to God equals (idols) to misguide from His way/path , say: "Live long/enjoy with your disbelief little , that you are from the fire's owners/company "
39:9 Or who he is obeying humbly/prolonging the prayer (during) the nights' hours, prostrating and standing/keeping up he fears the end (other life) and hopes/expects his lord's mercy, say: "Do (they) become equal/alike, those who know and those who do not know?" But (owners) of the pure minds/hearts mention/remember
39:10 Say: "You my worshippers/slaves those who believed, fear and obey your Lord, to those who did good in this the present world (is) a goodness/beauty, and God's earth/Planet Earth/land (is) spread/abundant , truly the patient are fulfilled/completed their reward without (an) account/calculation."
39:11 Say: "That I, I was ordered/commanded that (E) I worship God, faithful/loyal/devoted (in) the religion."
39:12 And I was ordered/commanded to that (E) I be first (of) the Moslems/submitters/ surrenderers
39:13 Say: "That I, I fear if I disobeyed my Lord (from) a great day's/time's torture."
39:14 Say: "God, I worship faithful/loyal/devoted to Him (in) my religion."
39:15 So worship what you wanted from other that Him, say: "That (E) the losers , those who lost their selves and their families/peoples (on) the Day of the Resurrection , is that not it is the loss , the clear/evident ?"
39:16 For them from above them shades from the fire , and from below/beneath them shades, that God He frightens with it His worshippers/slaves , you My worshipper/slaves , so fear and obey Me
39:17 And those who avoided/distanced the idols/every thing worshipped other than God that (E) they worship it, and they repented/obeyed to God, for them (is) the good news, so announce good news (to) My worshippers/slaves
39:18 Those who hear/listen (to) the word/opinion and belief so they follow its best , those are, those whom God guided them, and those, they are (owners) of the pure minds/hearts
39:19 Is who the torture's words became true/deserved on him, so do you save/rescue who is in the fire
39:20 But those who feared and obeyed their Lord, for them (are) chambers from above it chambers built/constructed, the rivers/waterways flow from beneath it, God's promise, God does not break the appointment (promise)
39:21 Do you not see/understand, that (E) God descended from the sky water, so He made it flow/pass (into) water springs/wells in the Earth/land , then He brings out with it plants/crops its colours (are) different, then (it) dries and yellows so you see it yellow/yellowish, then He makes it broken/debris/crumbs ,that (E) in that (is) a remembrance/reminder (E) to (owners) of the pure minds/hearts
39:22 Is who God delighted/expanded his chest (innermost) to the Islam/submission/ surrender (to God) so he is on light from his Lord; so calamity/scandal to (whom of ) the cruel/hard/merciless (are) their hearts/minds from God's remembrance/reminder, those (are) in clear/evident misguidance
39:23 God descended the information's/speech's best , a Book looking alike/resembling/ similar doubles of twos Koranic verses , (the) skins (of) those who fear their Lord tremble/shiver from it, then their skins and their hearts/minds soften to God's remembrance/reminder, that (is) God's guidance, He guides with it whom He wills/wants, and who God misguides so (there is) none from a guide for him
39:24 Is who fears with his face/front the torture's bad/evil/harm (on) the Resurrection Day, and was said to the unjust/oppressive taste/experience what you were gaining/acquiring
39:25 Those from before them lied/denied/falsified, so the torture came to them from where/when they do not feel/know/sense
39:26 So God made them taste/experience the shame/disgrace/scandal in the life the present/worldly life, and the end's (other life's) torture (E) (is) greater if they were knowing
39:27 And We had given to the people in this the Koran from every/each example/proverb, maybe/perhaps they mention/remember
39:28 An Arabic a Koran , without/other than of bent/crookedness/indirectness, maybe/perhaps they fear and obey
39:29 God gave an example/proverb (of) a man, adversaries/ill-mannered/quarrelsome partners (subject of controversy is) in him, (and) a man peaceful/secure/without blemish , to a man, do they (B) become equal/alike (in) an example/proverb? The praise/gratitude (is) to God, but most of them do not know
39:30 You truly are dying, and that they truly are dying
39:31 Then you truly are (on) the Resurrection Day at your Lord you dispute/controvert/argue
39:32 So who (is) more unjust/oppressive than who lied/denied/falsified on (about) God and lied/denied/falsified with the truth when it came to him, is not in Hell (a) home/residence to the disbelievers
39:33 And who came with the truth, and he confirmed with it, those, they are the fearing and obeying
39:34 For them what they want at their Lord, that (is) the good doers' reimbursement
39:35 (It is for) God to cover/substitute from them (the) worst deeds which they made/did , and He rewards/reimburses their reimbursement with best (of) which they were making/doing
39:36 Is not God with sufficing/protecting His worshipper/slave ? And they frighten you with those who (are) from other than Him, and whom God misguides, so (there is) none from a guide for him
39:37 And whom God guides, so (there is) none from a misguider for him, is not God with glorious/mighty (owner) of revenge/punishment
39:38 And if (E) you asked/questioned them: "Who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth?" They will say (E): "God." Say: "Did you see/understand what you call from other than God, if God wanted/intended me with harm, are they (F) removers/uncoverers (relievers) (of) His harm? Or He wanted/intended me with mercy, are they (F) withholders/seizers (of) His mercy?" Say: "Enough for me God, on Him rely/depend the reliant/dependent ."
39:39 Say: "You my nation, make/do on your capacity/position , that I am making/doing so you will/shall know."
39:40 Who comes to him (gets a) torture (that) shames/disgraces him and places/resides on him (a) continuous torture
39:41 We (E) descended on (to) you The Book for the people with the truth , so who guided, so to himself, and who misguided so but he misguides on it, and you are not then with a guardian/protector/trustee
39:42 God makes the selves die (at the) time of its death/lifelessness, and which did not die in its sleep , so He holds/seizes which He ordered the death/lifelessness on it, and He sends the other (others) to a named/identified (specified) term/time, that (E) truly in that (are) evidences/signs (E) to a nation thinking
39:43 Or they took from other than God mediators, say: "Even if they were not owning/possessing a thing, and nor reasoning/comprehending
39:44 Say: "To God (is) the mediation all/all together, for Him (is) the skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's ownership/kingdom, then to Him you are being returned."
39:45 And if God was mentioned/remembered alone (the) hearts/minds (of) those who do not believe with the end (other life) became uptight/repulsed , and if those from other than Him were mentioned/remembered then they are announcing good news/rejoicing
39:46 Say: "Oh, You God, creator/bringer to being (of) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, knower (of) the unseen/hidden and the testimony/presence , You judge/rule between Your worshippers/slaves in what they were in it differing/disputing ."
39:47 And if that (E) to those who were unjust/oppressive what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth all/all together, and equal to it with it, they would have ransomed/compensated with it from the torture's evil/harm (on) the Resurrection Day, and it appeared to them from God what they were not thinking/supposing
39:48 And it appeared to them (the) sins/crimes (of) what they earned/acquired ; and what they were with it mocking surrounded/encircled with them
39:49 So if harm touched the human/mankind he called Us, then if We gave him generously/granted him a blessing/goodness from Us, he said: "But/truly I got it on knowledge." But it is a test/allurement , and but most of them do not know
39:50 Those from before them had said it, so what they were gaining/acquiring did not enrich/suffice from them
39:51 so struck/marked them sins/crimes (of) what they gained/acquired , and those who caused injustice/oppression from those, sins/crimes (of) what they gained/acquired will mark/strike them ,and they are not with disabling/frustrating
39:52 Do they not see/understand that God spreads/extends the provision to whom He wills/wants, and He is capable/able ? That truly in that (are) evidences/signs (E) to a nation believing
39:53 Say: "You my worshippers/slaves those who neglected/ignored on themselves, do not despair from God's mercy, that truly God forgives the crimes all/all together, that truly He is the forgiving, the merciful."
39:54 And repent/obey to your Lord, and submit/surrender to Him, from before that the torture comes to you, then you do not be given victory/aid
39:55 And follow best (of) what was descended to you from your Lord from before that the torture comes to you suddenly/unexpectedly, and (while) you do not know/feel/sense
39:56 That (E) a self says: "Oh my grief/sadness on what I neglected/abused/wasted in God's side/direction/right, and that truly I was from (E) the humiliators/mockers ."
39:57 Or it says: "If that (E) God guided me, I would have been (E) from the fearing and obeying."
39:58 Or it says when it sees the torture: "If that (E) for me (is) a return/repeat/second time , so I be from the good doers."
39:59 Yes/certainly, My evidences/verses came to you, so you lied/denied/falsified with it, and you became arrogant, and you were from the disbelievers
39:60 And (on) the Resurrection Day, you see/understand those who lied/denied/falsified on (about) God, their face/fronts (are) blackened, is not in Hell (a) home/residence/dwelling to the arrogant
39:61 And God saves/rescues those who feared and obeyed with their winning/success/triumph , the bad/evil/harm does not touch them, and nor they be sad/grieving
39:62 God (is) creator (of) every thing and He is on every thing a blessor/fulfiller/guardian
39:63 For Him (are) the skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's keys/safes (management and control), and those who disbelieved with God's evidences/signs/verses, those, they are the losers
39:64 Say: "So is other than God you order/command me (that) I worship, you the lowly/ignorant ?"
39:65 And (it) had been (E) inspired/transmitted to you and to those from before you, if (E) you shared/made partners (with God), your deed will be wasted/invalidated (E) , and you will be (E) from the losers
39:66 But/rather God, so worship, and be from the thankful/grateful
39:67 And they did not evaluate/estimate God, His correct/true evaluation/estimation, and the earth/Planet Earth all/all together (on) the Resurrection Day (is in) His hand hold/grasp , and the skies/space (are) folded/rolled at/by His right , His praise/glory about what they share/make partners (with Him)
39:68 And (it) was blown in the horn/bugle/instrument so who (was) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth fainted from thunderous noise/died , except whom God willed/wanted, then (it) was blown in it another (time), so then they are getting up/standing looking
39:69 And the earth/Planet Earth brightened/shined with/from its Lord's light, and The Book/judgment/record was put/laid , and came with the prophets and the witnesses/testifiers/those killed in God's sake (martyrs), and was passed judgment between them with the truth , and they are not being caused injustice to/oppressed
39:70 And every self was fulfilled/completed what it made/did , and He is more knowledgeable about what they make/do
39:71 And those who disbelieved are driven to Hell (in) groups/gangs until when they came to it, (then) its doors/entrances were opened, and its safe keepers said to them: "Did not messengers from you come to you, they read/recite on (to) you your Lord's evidences/verses , and they warn/give you notice (of) this your day/time, this meeting (today's meeting)?" They said: "Yes/certainly." And but the torture's words/expression became deserved/a fact on the disbelievers
39:72 (It) is said: "Enter Hell's doors/entrances, immortally/eternally in it, so how bad (is) the arrogants' residence/dwelling ?"
39:73 And those who feared and obeyed their Lord are driven to the Paradise (in) groups/companies until if they came to it, and its doors opened and its safe keepers said to them: "Peace/security/greeting on (to) you, you became good/beautiful/pure, so enter it immortally/eternally."
39:74 And they said: "The praise/glory (is) to God who was truthful to us (in) His promise, and made us inherit the earth/Planet Earth, we reside/settle from the Paradise where/when we will/want, so is blessed/ praised (is) the maker's/doer's reward ."
39:75 And you see the angels gazing and surrounding/circling from around the throne , they praise/glorify with their Lord's praise/glory, and was judged between them with the truth and was said: "The praise/gratitude (is) to God, the creations all together's/(universes) Lord."


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