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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

Ta Ha (Ta Ha)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah Ta Ha(Ta Ha)
20:1 T. H. (Ta. Ha.)
20:2 We did not send down the Quran to you to make you unhappy
20:3 But as a reminder for anyone who fears (God)
20:4 A sending down from Him who created the earth and the high skies
20:5 the beneficent, settled on the throne
20:6 Everything in the skies and on the earth and whatever between them and whatever under the ground belongs to Him
20:7 And whether you speak loudly (or not), He knows the secret and more hidden
20:8 God, there is no god except Him. The good names (and attributes) are for Him
20:9 And did the story of Moses come to you
20:10 When he saw a fire, then he said to his family: wait, indeed I saw a fire, maybe I bring you a burning stick from it or find guidance at the fire
20:11 So when he came to it, he was called: Moses
20:12 Indeed I am your Master, so take off your shoes, you are in the sacred valley of Tuwa.
20:13 and I chose you, so listen to what is revealed (to you)
20:14 Indeed I am God, there is no god except Me, so serve Me and perform the mandatory prayer to remember Me
20:15 Indeed the hour is coming. I want to keep it hidden, so that every person is rewarded by what he tries
20:16 So do not let those who do not believe in it and follow their desires, turn you away from it, otherwise you perish
20:17 Moses, what is that in your right hand
20:18 He said: it is my cane, I lean on it and I chop off the leaves for my sheep with it, and I have other uses for it
20:19 He (God) said: Moses, throw it (down).
20:20 So he threw it, and suddenly it turned into a fast moving serpent
20:21 He (God) said: take it and do not fear, We are going to return it to its original shape
20:22 And put your hand under your arm, it comes out white without any disease, as another miracle
20:23 So that We show you some of Our greater miracles
20:24 Go to Pharaoh, indeed he rebelled
20:25 He said: my Master, expand my chest (and give me patience)
20:26 and make my task easy for me
20:27 and open the knot from my tongue (and allow me to speak clearly)
20:28 so they understand my word
20:29 and assign me an assistant from my family
20:30 my brother Aaron
20:31 to back me up with him
20:32 and make him partner in my task
20:33 so that we glorify You much
20:34 and we remember You much
20:35 Indeed You are observant of us
20:36 He (God) said: Moses, your request is granted
20:37 And We have certainly favored upon you another tim
20:38 when We revealed to your mother what was revealed
20:39 that throw him in the box, then throw it in the sea/river, then the sea/river should throw it on the shore, and an enemy of Me and an enemy of him takes him. And I threw My affection on you so that you are brought up under My eye (and My observation)
20:40 (Remember) when your sister walked (to them) and said: should I show you someone to take care of him? So We returned you to your mother so that her eyes are cooled (and she is cheered up) and she would not be sad. And you killed a person, then We saved you from the sadness and We tested you with tests. Then you stayed with people of Midian (people of Shu'aib) for years, then you came as destined, Moses
20:41 And I made you (and chose you) for Myself (to communicate My message to children of Israel and Pharaoh)
20:42 You and your brother go with My miracles and do not slack off in remembering Me
20:43 Both of you go to Pharaoh, indeed he rebelled
20:44 Then say to him in gentle words, so that he may take notice or fear
20:45 They said: our Master, we fear that he goes too far against us (and he rushes to punish us) or that he rebels
20:46 He (God) said: do not fear, indeed I am with you, I hear and I see
20:47 So you two go to him and say: we are messengers of your Master, so send the children of Israel with us and do not punish them, we have brought you a miracle from your Master, and peace (and well-being) on anyone who follows the guidance
20:48 Indeed it has been revealed to us that the punishment is on anyone who denies and turns away
20:49 He said: Moses, who is your Master
20:50 He (Moses) said: our Master is the One who gave everything its creation, then guided (it)
20:51 He said: so, what about the previous generations
20:52 He (Moses) said: its knowledge is with my Master in a book, my Master does not make mistake and does not forget
20:53 The One who made the earth a bed for you (to rest on), and inserted roadways in it for you, and sent down rain from the sky, then We brought out various types of plants with it
20:54 Eat (from them) and pasture your livestock. Indeed there are signs in that for people of the intellect
20:55 We created you from it (the earth) and We return you into it and We bring you out of it another time
20:56 And We have certainly shown him (Pharaoh) Our miracles, each of them, but he denied and refused
20:57 He said: Moses, did you come to us to drive us out of our land with your magic
20:58 We shall bring you a magic like it, so make an appointment between us, which neither we nor you break it, in a level (and impartial) place
20:59 He said: your appointment is day of the festival and if the people gather before noon
20:60 So Pharaoh went away and put his plan together, then he came (back)
20:61 Moses said to them: woe to you, do not make up a lie (and attribute it) to God, otherwise He destroys you with a punishment, and anyone who made up (lies) has failed
20:62 So they argued about their affair among themselves, and they kept their private conversation secret
20:63 They said: these are two magicians who want to drive you out of your land with their magic, and do away with your outstanding (religious) way
20:64 So get your plan together, then come as a unit, and whoever overcomes today has succeeded
20:65 They said: Moses, do you throw or are we to throw first
20:66 He said: no, you throw (first). So suddenly their ropes and their canes appeared to him as if they were moving fast because of their magic
20:67 Then Moses had a sensation of fear in himself
20:68 We said: do not fear, indeed you are superior
20:69 and throw down what is in your right hand (your cane), it swallows what they produced. Indeed what they produced is only a magician’s trick, and the magician does not succeed wherever he goes
20:70 So the magicians fell prostrating (showing humbleness), and they said: we believed in the Master of Aaron and Moses
20:71 He (Pharaoh) said: did you believe in Him/him before I give you permission? Indeed he is your senior, the one who taught you the magic, I shall cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, and I shall crucify you on the trunks of the palm tree, and you shall know punishment of which one of us is more severe and more lasting
20:72 They (the magicians) said: we never prefer you to what came to us from the clear proofs (evidences) and to the One who created us, so decide what you want to decide, for you only decide in this world’s life
20:73 Indeed we believed in our Master so that He may forgive us our faults and the magic that you forced us to it, and God is better and more lasting
20:74 Indeed anyone who comes to his Master guilty, then indeed hell is for him, and he does not die in it and he does not live
20:75 And anyone who comes to Him as a believer who has done good works then they have high rank (and status)
20:76 Eternal gardens which rivers flow through them, remaining in there forever, and that is reward of anyone who purifies (and absolves)
20:77 And We have certainly revealed to Moses that travel by night with My servants, and make a dry path for them in the sea, and do not be afraid of being overtaken (by Pharaoh) and do not fear (from drowning in the sea)
20:78 So Pharaoh followed them with his troops, then the sea covered them with what covered them (and they drowned)
20:79 And Pharaoh misguided his people and he did not guide
20:80 Children of Israel, We have saved you from your enemy, and We made an appointment with you on the right side of the mountain (Mount Sinai), and We sent down Manna and Salwa (two kind of edible foods) to you
20:81 Eat from good things that We provided you and do not rebel in it, otherwise My anger comes downs upon you, and anyone whom My anger comes down upon him, then he has fallen down
20:82 And indeed I am very forgiving to anyone who repents and believes and does good works, and then stays rightly guided
20:83 and Moses, what made you rush ahead of your people
20:84 He said: they are close on my tracks, and I rushed to You to please You my Master
20:85 He (God) said: indeed We have tested your people after you, and the Sumeri misguided them
20:86 So Moses returned to his people, angry and sorrowful. He said: my people, did not your Master promise you a good promise, was the promise too long for you or did you want the anger of your Master to come down upon you that you broke (your) promise to me
20:87 They said: we did not break (our) promise to you on purpose, but we were made to carry a load of ornament from (Pharaoh’s) people, so we threw it (into fire) same as the Sumeri threw
20:88 Then he brought out (of the fire) a body of a calf for them which had a sound, so they said: this is your god and god of Moses, but he (Moses) forgot
20:89 Do they not see that it does not respond to them a word, and it does not have power of any harm or any benefit for them
20:90 And Aaron has certainly said to them previously: my people, you were only being tested with it, and indeed your Master is the beneficent, so follow me and obey my order
20:91 They said: we never stop being devoted to it until Moses returns to us
20:92 He (Moses) said: Aaron, what kept you back when you saw them losing the (right) path
20:93 that you do not to follow me, did you disobey my order
20:94 He (Aaron) said: son of my mother, do not grab me by my beard or my head, I was afraid that you say: you made division between children of Israel and you disregarded my word
20:95 He (Moses) said: Sumeri, what is the matter with you
20:96 He (Sumeri) said: I saw something that they did not see it, so I grabbed a handful from the messenger's trace and threw it, and that is how my soul seduced me
20:97 He (Moses) said: so go away, and (punishment) for you in this life is to say do not touch me (to whoever that come close to you), and indeed it is a promise for you that will never be broken, and look at your god, the one that you remained devoted to it, as we shall burn it then we shall totally spread it out into the sea
20:98 Your god is only God, the One that there is no god except Him. His knowledge includes everything
20:99 That is how We tell you of news of what has passed. And We have given you a reminder (Quran) from Us
20:100 Whoever stays away from it, then indeed he carries a burden on the resurrection day
20:101 They remain in that (state) forever, and it is a bad load for them on the resurrection day
20:102 A day that the trumpet is blown, on that day We gather the guilty ones, having cyanosis (or lead color eyes)
20:103 They whisper among themselves: you only stayed (dead) ten days
20:104 We know better what they say when the most perceptive among them says: you only stayed (dead) one day
20:105 And they ask you about the mountains, say: my Master completely pulverizes them
20:106 then He leaves them as a flat plain
20:107 you would not see any curve or bumps in it.
20:108 On that day, they follow the caller without deviating from him, and the voices lowered for the beneficent and you only hear but a murmur
20:109 On that day the mediation does not benefit, except from someone whom the beneficent permitted him and He approves of his saying
20:110 He knows what is in front of them and what is behind them , and they do not comprehend His knowledge
20:111 And the faces humbled (and lowered) before the eternal living (God), and anyone who carries wrongdoing has failed
20:112 And whoever does good works and he is a believer has no fear of injustice or holding back (his reward)
20:113 And that is how We sent down an Arabic Quran and We explained about the threats (of punishment) in it, so that they may be cautious, or brings about a reminder for them (and they take notice)
20:114 So God, the true king is highest (and above all). And do not rush to read the Quran before its revelation to you is completed, and say: my Master, increase my knowledge
20:115 We have certainly instructed Adam in the past, but he forgot, and We did not find any determination in him.
20:116 And (remember) when We said to the angels: be humble to Adam. Then they humbled except Iblis (Satan) who refused
20:117 Then We said: Adam, indeed this is an enemy for you and for your wife, so do not let him drive both of you out of the garden, so that you become unhappy
20:118 Indeed You do not get hungry or naked in there
20:119 And indeed you do not get thirsty or suffer from sun’s heat (or sunburn) in there
20:120 But Satan seduced him, he said: Adam, should I lead you to the tree of eternity (and immortality) and to a kingdom that does not deteriorate
20:121 So they both ate from it, then their shame (their private part) appeared to them, and they began to patch over themselves with leaves of the garden. Adam disobeyed his Master, so he went wrong
20:122 Then his Master chose him, and He turned to him (in mercy) and guided him
20:123 He said: go down from it altogether, some of you will be enemies of the others, then if guidance from Me comes to you, then anyone who follows My guidance will not lose (the right path) and he will not be unhappy
20:124 And whoever stays away from My reminder then indeed he will have a hard life and We gather him as a blind on the resurrection day
20:125 He says: my Master, why did you gather me as a blind, while I could see (before)
20:126 He (God) says: same way as My signs came to you and you forgot them, and like that I forget you today
20:127 And that is how We payback anyone who is excessive and did not believe in his Master’s signs, and certainly the punishment of the hereafter is more severe and more lasting
20:128 Was it not a guide for them that how many generations before them We destroyed, which they are walking in their habitat? Indeed there are signs in that for people of the intellect
20:129 And if it was not for a word that previously issued from your Master and for a finite time, it ( the punishment) would have been necessary
20:130 So be patient about what they say, and glorify your Master with His praise before rising of the sun and before its setting and glorify Him during hours of the night and on both sides of the day, that you may be content (and pleased)
20:131 Do not stretch out your eyes to (and be dazzled by) what We made some group among them enjoy, (it is) beauty of this world’s life so that We test them with it, while the provision of your Master is better and more lasting.
20:132 And instruct your family to the mandatory prayer and persist on it. We do not ask you for provision, We provide for you, and the (good) ending is for those who control themselves
20:133 And they say: why does he not bring us a sign from his Master? Did not clear proof come to them in what is in the previous scriptures
20:134 And if We had destroyed them by punishment before it (sending the prophet), they would have certainly said: our Master, why did you not send us a messenger, so we follow Your signs before we are humiliated and disgraced
20:135 Say: everyone is waiting, so you wait (too), and you are going to know who are followers of the even (and the right) path and who are guided


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