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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

an-Nahl (The Bee)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Bee(an-Nahl)
16:1 God’s command came, so do not ask to rush it. He is flawless and is above what you associate (with Him)
16:2 He sends down the angels with the revelation spirit by His command upon anyone of His servants whom He wants (saying): warn that there is no god except Me, so be cautious of Me
16:3 He created the skies and the earth with the truth. He is above what you associate (with Him)
16:4 God created the human being from fertilized egg (zygote), then he is an overt challenger now
16:5 And He created the livestock for you, in them there is warmth (from their skin) and other benefits in them, and you eat from them
16:6 And there is beauty (and joy) for you in them when you return them (from pasture) and when you drive them out (to pasture)
16:7 And they carry your heavy loads to a land that you were not able to reach it except with (great) difficulty to yourselves. Indeed your God is gentle and kind
16:8 And the horses and the mules and the donkeys for you to ride them and as a frill. And He creates what you do not know.
16:9 And (showing) the right way is God’s responsibility, while (other ways away) from it are wrong. If He wanted, He would have guided all of you
16:10 He is the One who sent down rain from the sky for you to drink from it, and (to grow) vegetation from it that you graze (your livestock) in it
16:11 He grows crops and olives and dates and grapes and all kind of produce with it for you. Indeed there is a sign in that for people who think
16:12 And He brought the night and the day and the sun and the moon under your control (and at your service), and also stars are under control by His command. Indeed there are signs in that for people who understand
16:13 And whatever He created for you in various colors on the earth. There is a sign in that for those who notice
16:14 He is the One who brought the sea under control, so that you eat fresh meat from it, and you bring out jewelry from it that you wear it. And you see the ships plowing through it so that you look for His bounty, and you may be thankful
16:15 And He placed firm mountains in the earth, that it does not shake you (as much), and rivers and roads so that you may find your way
16:16 and landmarks; and with the stars they find their way
16:17 Is one who creates like one who does not create? Do you not take notice
16:18 And if you count God’s favor, you cannot count them. Indeed God is forgiving and merciful
16:19 And God knows what you hide and what you disclose
16:20 And those whom they call on other than God do not create anything, and they are created
16:21 (They are) dead, not alive, and they do not realize when they will be raised
16:22 Your god is the One god. So those who do not believe in the hereafter, their hearts are deniers, and they are arrogant
16:23 Undoubtedly God knows what they hide and what they disclose, indeed He does not like the arrogant
16:24 And when they are told: what did your Master send down? They say: stories of the earlier ones
16:25 So that they carry their full burdens on the resurrection day, as well as some burdens of those whom they misguide without knowledge. Know that what they carry is bad
16:26 Those before them has plotted, then God struck their building from the foundations, and then the roof fell down on them from above them, and the punishment came to them from somewhere they did not realize
16:27 Then He humiliates them on the resurrection day and says: where are My (so called) partners that you used to oppose about them? Those who were given the knowledge say: indeed today the humiliation and the misery are upon the disbelievers
16:28 Those whom the angels take their lives while wronging themselves, then they offer the submission (and say): we were not doing any bad (deed). Yes, indeed God knows well what you were doing
16:29 So enter gates of hell, remaining in there forever. Place of the arrogant ones is certainly bad
16:30 And those who controlled themselves are told: what did your Master send down? They say: good. For those who did good in this world there is a good (reward), and the home of the hereafter is certainly better. And the home of those who control themselves is certainly excellent
16:31 They enter in eternal gardens which rivers flow through them. They have whatever they want in it. That is how God rewards those who control themselves
16:32 They (the angels) say to those whom the angels take their lives while being good: peace (and well-being) upon you, enter the garden for what you were doing
16:33 Do they (the disbelievers) wait for anything except that the angels come to them or your Master’s command comes (for their punishment)? That is how those before them acted. God did not wrong them, but they used to wrong themselves
16:34 So the bad result of what they did happened to them, and they were surrounded by what they used to ridicule
16:35 And those who associated (partners with God) said: if God wanted, we and our fathers would not have served anything other than Him, and we would not have forbidden anything other than His (prohibitions). That is how those before them acted. Are the messengers responsible for anything other than the clear preaching
16:36 We have certainly raised a messenger among every group of people (saying): serve God and avoid the rebellious. God guided some among them, and some of them deserved the misguidance. So travel throughout the earth and see what the end of those who denied was
16:37 Although you are eager for their guidance, indeed God does not guide those whom He misguides, and there is no helper for them
16:38 They solemnly swear by God that God does not raise anyone who dies. Yes, it is a true promise (binding) on Him, but most people do not know
16:39 So that He clarifies for them what they disagree about it, and so that those who disbelieved know that indeed they were liars
16:40 Indeed Our word for anything when We want it, is that We say for it: be, and it will be
16:41 And those who migrated for God after they were wronged, We shall provide them well in this world, and reward of the hereafter is certainly greater, if they knew
16:42 those who persevered and they put their trust in their Master
16:43 And We did not send (messengers) before you except men whom We revealed to them. So ask people of the reminder (people of the book) if you do not know
16:44 (We sent them) with the clear proofs and the scriptures. And We sent down the reminder (Quran) to you so that you clarify for the people what was sent down to them, and that they may think
16:45 Do those who plot bad (plots) feel safe from God making the earth swallow them, or the punishment coming to them from somewhere they do not realize
16:46 Or He takes them when they are going back and forth, then they cannot disable/escape it
16:47 Or He takes them in state of fear (or by wasting them away)? Indeed your Master is gentle and merciful
16:48 Or did they not look at everything that God created which they incline their shadows to the right and to the left, showing humbleness for God, while they are submissive (and inferior)
16:49 And every creature in the skies and on the earth and the angels show humbleness for God, and they are not arrogant
16:50 They are afraid of their Master that is above them (and superior to them), and they (the angels) do what they are ordered
16:51 And God said: do not take two gods, indeed He is One god, and fear only Me
16:52 And everything in the skies and on the earth belongs to Him, and the way of life is permanently His. Are you cautious of other than God
16:53 And whatever favor you have is from God, then when harm touches you, you cry out to Him
16:54 Then when He removes the harm from you, immediately some of you associate (partners) with your Master
16:55 to be ungrateful about what We gave them. So enjoy, then will know
16:56 And they set aside a portion of what We provided them for that which they do not know. By God, you shall be questioned about what you used to make up
16:57 And they assign daughters to God, He is flawless, and (they assign) for themselves what they desire
16:58 And when the news of (birth of) a female is given to one of them, his face turns dark and he holds back his anger
16:59 He hides from the people because of bad news he was given. Should he keep her with disgrace, or bury her in the ground? Know that what they judge is bad
16:60 For those who do not believe in the hereafter is the bad example (and attribute), and for God is the highest example (and attribute). He is the powerful and the wise
16:61 And if God takes the people (into punishment) for their wrongdoings, He would not leave any creature on it, but He postpones them for a limited period. And when their appointed time comes, they cannot put it back for an hour or put it forward
16:62 And they assign to God what they dislike, and their tongue describes the lie that the good things are for them. No doubt that the fire is for them, and they are rushed (to it)
16:63 By God, We have certainly sent (messengers) to groups of people before you, but Satan beautified their actions for them, so today he is their supporter and there is a painful punishment for them
16:64 And We only sent down the book (Quran) to you, so that you clarify for them that which they disagree about it, and as a guide and a mercy for people who believe
16:65 And God sent down rain from the sky then He brought back the land to life with that after its death. Indeed there is a sign in that for people who listen
16:66 And indeed there is a lesson for you in the livestock. We make you drink from what is inside their bellies, from between feces and blood, pure delicious milk for those who drink
16:67 And from the fruits of date palms and the grapes you extract intoxicating drinks as well as good food. Indeed there is a sign in that for people who understand
16:68 And your Master revealed to the honeybee to make homes from the mountains and from the trees and from what they construct
16:69 Then eat from all the fruits and obediently follow your Master’s ways. A liquid of different colors (honey), in which there is healing for the people, comes out from its inside. Indeed there is a sign in that for people who think
16:70 And God created you and then makes you die. And some of you are returned to the meanest part of the life, so that they do not know anything after knowing. Indeed God is knowledgeable and capable
16:71 God preferred some over the others in regards to the provision. But those who were preferred would not give away (part) of their provision to whom their right hands own so that they become equal in it. Do they reject God’s favor
16:72 And God made spouses for you from yourselves, and made children and grandchildren for you from your spouses, and provided you with good things. Do they believe in falsehood and disbelieve in God’s favor
16:73 And they serve other than God that which does not own any provision for them from the skies or the earth, and they are not able
16:74 So do not set the equivalents for God. Indeed God knows and you do not know
16:75 God gave an example of an owned servant who has no power over anything, and someone whom We provided him with good provision from Us and he spends from it secretly and openly, are they equal? All praise belongs to God, but most of them do not know
16:76 And God gave an example of two men, one of them is dumb and has no power over anything and he is a burden to his guardian/master and he does not bring any good wherever he directs him, is he equal to one who orders to justice and is on a straight path
16:77 And the unseen of the skies and the earth belongs to God. And matter of the hour (of resurrection) is only like a blink of the eye or even shorter. Indeed God is capable of everything
16:78 And God brought you out of your mothers’ wombs, not knowing anything, and He made the hearing and the sights and the hearts for you, so you may be thankful
16:79 Did they not see the birds (flying) under control in the middle of the sky? Nothing keeps them except God. Indeed there are signs in that for people who believe
16:80 And God made your houses a place of rest for you, and made homes (tents) for you from the skins of the livestock which you find them light on your travel day and on your settling day (when you camp), and from their wools and furs and hairs household goods and enjoyment for a while
16:81 And God made shade for you from what He created and He made shelters for you in the mountains and made coats for you protecting you from the heat and coats protecting you in your battles. That is how He completes his favor upon you, so you may submit (to Him)
16:82 But if they turn away, then your responsibility is only the clear preaching
16:83 They recognize God’s favor then they deny it, and most of them are ungrateful
16:84 On a day that We raise a witness from every group, then those who disbelieved are not given permission, and they are not allowed to plea.
16:85 And when those who did wrong see the punishment, then it is reduced for them, and they are not given any delay.
16:86 And when those who associated see their partners (that they associated with God), they say: our Mater, these are our partners (of God), those whom we were calling on besides You. But they would throw the word back at them (saying): you are certainly liars
16:87 On that day, they yield the submission to God, and what they used to make up abandons them
16:88 We add punishment to the punishment of those who disbelieved and obstructed God's way, because they were committing corruption
16:89 on a day that We raise from every group a witness against them from themselves, and We bring you as a witness against these. And We sent down the book to you explaining everything, and a guide and a mercy and good news for those who submit
16:90 Indeed God orders to the justice and doing good and giving to the relatives (and close ones), and prohibits from the indecency and the wrong (and unacceptable) and the injustice. He advises you so you may take notice
16:91 And fulfill your promise to God when you made a promise, and do not break your oaths after confirming it while you have made God as a guarantor. Indeed God knows what you do
16:92 And do not be like her who unraveled her yarn, breaking it, after making it strong (by spinning it), by taking your oaths as a means of deception among you so that one group be more numerous (and powerful) than another group. Indeed God tests you by it, and on the resurrection day He shall clarify for you what you were disagreeing about it
16:93 And if God wanted, He would have made you a single community (of faith), but He misguides anyone He wants, and He guides anyone He wants, and you shall be questioned about what you were doing
16:94 And do not take your oaths as a means of deception among you, so a foot slips after its steadiness and you taste the suffering because you obstructed God’s way, and you have a great punishment.
16:95 And do not sell your promise to God for a small price. Indeed what is with God is better for you, if you were to know
16:96 What is with you perishes, and what is with God lasts. And We shall reward those who persevered, their wage better than what they used to do
16:97 Anyone who does good work, be it a man or a woman, and is a believer, We shall give him life, a good life, and We shall reward them their wage better than what they used to do
16:98 When you read the Quran, look for God’s protection from the cast out Satan
16:99 Indeed he has no authority (or power) over those who believed and put their trust in their Master
16:100 His power is only over those who take him as a friend, and those who associate (partners) with Him
16:101 And when We substitute a sign in place of another sign, and God knows better what He sends down, they say: you are only a fabricator (and a liar). No, but most of them do not know
16:102 Say: the Holy Spirit (Gabriel) brought it down from your Master with truth, to strengthen those who believed, and as a guide and a good news for those who submit
16:103 And We certainly know that they say: it is only a human being who teaches him. The language of the person they refer to him is foreign, while this (Quran) is clear Arabic language
16:104 Indeed God does not guide those who do not believe in God’s signs, and they have a painful punishment
16:105 Those who make up the lie (and attribute it to God) are only those who do not believe in God’s signs, and they are the liars
16:106 Whoever disbelieves in God after his belief, except anyone who does so unwillingly but his heart is at ease with the belief, but whoever opens his chest to the disbelief, God’s anger is on them, and they have a great punishment
16:107 That is because they preferred this world's life over the hereafter, and that God does not guide the disbelieving people
16:108 They are those whom God set a seal on their hearts and their ears and their eyes, and they are the negligent ones
16:109 Without a doubt, indeed they are losers in the hereafter
16:110 So indeed your Master (is forgiving) to those who migrated and tried hard and persevered after they were persecuted, indeed your Master is forgiving and merciful after that
16:111 on a day that every person comes arguing for itself and each person is paid for what it did and they are wronged
16:112 And God gave an example: a town that was safe and peaceful, its provision coming to it abundantly from every place, then it disbelieved in God’s favors, so God made them taste cover of the hunger and the fear because of what they were doing
16:113 And certainly a messenger from among them has come to them, but they denied him, so the punishment took them while they were wrongdoers
16:114 So eat from lawful good things that God provided for you, and be grateful for God’s favor if you serve Him
16:115 He only forbade you the dead and the blood and the pork and what is offered up for other than God. But if anyone is forced without being desirous and not exceeding, then God is forgiving and merciful
16:116 And do not say the lie that your tongue describes, that this is lawful and this is unlawful, to make up the lie (and attribute it) to God. Those who make up the lie (and attribute it) to God do not succeed
16:117 a little enjoyment (in this life) and they have a painful punishment
16:118 And to those who are Jewish, We prohibited what We told you in the past. And We did not wrong them, but they used to wrong to themselves
16:119 So indeed your Master (is forgiving) to those who did wrong out of ignorance and then repented and straightened out after that, indeed your Master is forgiving and merciful after that
16:120 Indeed Abraham was a leader, obedient to God, a monotheist and he was not of the polytheists
16:121 Thankful for His favors, He chose him and guided him to a straight path
16:122 And We gave him a good (life) in this world, and indeed he is among the righteous in the hereafter
16:123 Then We revealed to you (Muhammad) to follow Abraham's faith, a monotheist, and he was not one of the polytheists
16:124 The Sabbath was only made (a mandate) for those who disagreed about it, and on the resurrection day your Master certainly judges between them in what they were disagreeing about it
16:125 Invite (people) to your Master’s way with the wisdom and the good advice, and debate with them in the best manner. Your Master knows best those who lost his way, and He knows best who the guided ones are
16:126 And if you (want to) punish, then punish same as you were made to suffer it (and not more), and if you are patient, it is certainly better for the patient ones
16:127 And be patient (and persevere), as your patience (and perseverance) is only from God. And do not be sad for them, and do not be upset over what they plot
16:128 Indeed God is with those who control themselves and those who are good doers


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