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al-Hijr (The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City(al-Hijr)
15:1 Alif Lam Ra’. These are the verses of a Majestic Book, the clear Quran.
15:2 One day the disbelievers will wish they had submitted to Allah’s will.
15:3 Now they can eat and enjoy themselves with long hopes distracting them; soon they will come to know the truth.
15:4 We have never destroyed a town until its appointed time;
15:5 no town can go beyond its appointed time, nor can they delay it.
15:6 They said, “Messenger, you are certainly mad.
15:7 If you are telling the truth, why don’t you bring angels?”
15:8 We only send angels with the task to destroy them, in which case they would not be spared
15:9 We revealed the Reminder, and We are its Protectors.
15:10 We sent messengers to the ancient communities before you,
15:11 and they mocked every messenger who came to them.
15:12 That is how We ease the way of disbelief into the hearts of the sinners.
15:13 They will not believe in the truth despite knowing the example of what happened to previous generations.
15:14 Even if We opened a gate for them in the sky, through which they could climb up,
15:15 they would say, “Our eyes are deceived, we’ve been bewitched.
15:16 We positioned constellations of stars in the sky, making it beautiful for the onlookers
15:17 and protected it from every doomed demon,
15:18 except those who try to eavesdrop and are chased away by the fiery flame of a shooting star.
15:19 We have spread out the Earth, set mountains on it, and grew all kinds of plants and animals in a balanced ecosystem,
15:20 and We made livelihood on Earth for you and others you don’t provide for.
15:21 There is no living thing for which We don’t have storehouses, which We release in known quantities.
15:22 We send winds to cross-pollinate the flowers,rain from the sky which you drink; you have no control over the water wells.
15:23 We give life and death, and We are the heirs of all things
15:24 We know those who went before you; We know those who will come after you;
15:25 and He’s Your Lord, Who will gather all, the Wise, the Knower
15:26 We created the first human from dried clay out of dark mud,
15:27 before which We created the jinn from smokeless fire.
15:28 Remember when Your Lord said to the angels, “I am creating a human with dried clay out of dark mud.
15:29 Once I have shaped and blown My spirit into him, then prostrate before him.”
15:30 So all the angels prostrated,
15:31 except Iblis,who refused to prostrate.
15:32 Allah said, “Iblis, why didn’t you prostrate?”
15:33 He replied, “I’m not prepared to prostrate before a human You created with dried clay out of dark mud.”
15:34 Allah said, “Then leave, you shall be pelted with stones.
15:35 My curse will be on you until Judgement Day.”
15:36 Satan asked, “My Lord, grant me respite until the day they are resurrected.”
15:37 Allah said, “You are granted respite
15:38 until the date of appointed time.”
15:39 Satan said, “My Lord, since You have left me to go astray, I will make life on Earth attractive to them and lead them astray,
15:40 except some of Your chosen servants.
15:41 Allah said, “This is a straight path that leads to Me.
15:42 You shall have no control over My servants, except the misled ones who chose to follow you.
15:43 The promised destiny for all of them is Hell
15:44 with its seven gates, each gate receiving its allotted share.”
15:45 The mindful will be in gardens with fountains.
15:46 They will be invited: “Enter Paradise in peace and safety.”
15:47 We shall remove any grudges they had in their hearts towards others , making them brothers, relaxing on sofas face-to-face.
15:48 They will never feel tired nor be expelled from it.
15:49 Tell My servants I am the Forgiver, the Kind,
15:50 but My punishment is painful
15:51 Tell them about Ibrahim’s guests,
15:52 when they came to him, saying, “Peace!” He answered, “We’re afraid of you.”
15:53 The angels said, “Don’t be afraid. We bring you good news of a scholarly son.”
15:54 He said, “You’ve brought me good news when old age has caught up with me? What good news have you brought me?”
15:55 They said, “Don’t despair, we bring you good news.”
15:56 He said, “Only the misguided despair of the Lord’s kindness.”
15:57 He then asked, “Messengers, what’s your mission?”
15:58 They told him, “We’ve been sent to destroy the sinners’ community,
15:59 but we’ll save Lut’s family
15:60 except his wife, who’ll remain behind.
15:61 When the angels came to Lut’s home,
15:62 he said, “You’re strangers for me.”
15:63 They said, “We’ve brought you what they doubt.
15:64 We’ve brought the truth, and we are the truthful.
15:65 Tonight set off with your family, following behind them. Let no one look back, but continue as you are told.”
15:66 We decided this for him; all traces of the sinners will be smashed when they wake up at dawn
15:67 The people of the town came excitedly to Lut’s home.
15:68 Lut told them, “These are my guests, so don’t shame me.
15:69 Fear Allah and don’t disgrace me.”
15:70 They said, “Haven’t we told you not to interfere in our affairs
15:71 Lut said, “Here are my daughters of my community, if you must do something.”
15:72 Allah swears by your life, Muhammad, that they were reeling about in their drunkennes
15:73 when the Blast overtook them at sunrise;
15:74 and We turned their town upside down and pelted them with stones of baked clay.
15:75 In this are signs for the intelligent people.
15:76 It is still visible along one of the established trade routes.
15:77 Here are signs for the believers
15:78 The people of the woodlandwere evil,
15:79 so We took vengeance on them, and both towns remain easily visible off an open highway.
15:80 The people of the Hijr regioncalled the messengers liars.
15:81 We brought them Our signs, but they turned away from them.
15:82 They carved houses in the mountains, living safely
15:83 until the Blast overtook them at dawn;
15:84 and their wealth didn’t benefit them in any way.
15:85 We created the Heavens, the Earth and what lies between them for a true purpose. Messenger, the Final Hour is coming, pardon them graciously
15:86 Your Lord alone is the Creator, the Knower.
15:87 We’ve given you seven oft-recited versesand the Majestic Quran.
15:88 Don’t look longingly at worldly pleasures We gave some of their groups to enjoy, and don’t be unhappy about them; instead take the believers under your wing,
15:89 and say: “I’m, a clear warner.
15:90 We have already spoken regarding those who divided the scripture
15:91 and those who abused the Quran;
15:92 by your Lord, Messenger, We’ll question them
15:93 about what they did.
15:94 So openly announce what you are commanded, and turn away from the idolaters.
15:95 We are sufficient for you against those who mock,
15:96 who set up another god besides Allah, they will surely come to know.
15:97 We know what they say distresses you.
15:98 So glorify your Lord with praises, and prostrate,
15:99 and continue to worship your Lord until you die.In the name of Allah, the Kind the Caring


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