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al-Hijr (The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City)
as rendered by Wahiduddin Khan
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Wahiduddin Khan rendition of Surah The Rock, Stoneland, Rock City(al-Hijr)
15:1 Alif Lam Ra These are the verses of a clear Book, the Quran
15:2 A time will surely come when those who are bent on denying the truth will wish that they had surrendered themselves to God
15:3 so leave them to eat and enjoy themselves and let them be beguiled by vain hopes; for soon they will realise [the truth]
15:4 We have never destroyed a township without a definite decree having been issued
15:5 no people can forestall their doom, nor can they delay it
15:6 They say, You to whom the Reminder [the Quran] has been sent down, you are surely possessed
15:7 Why do you not bring down the angels upon us, if you are truthful
15:8 But We send down the angels only to bring justice and then they will not be reprieved
15:9 It is We who have sent down the Reminder and We will, most surely, safeguard it
15:10 We sent messengers before you to the previous peoples
15:11 but there was never a messenger who came to them but they mocked him
15:12 thus We cause this [habit of mocking] to enter into the hearts of the sinful
15:13 They will not believe in it, though they have before them the example of former peoples
15:14 and even if We opened to them a door from heaven, and they began ascending through it
15:15 they would still say, Our eyes have been dazzled. We are bewitched
15:16 We have placed constellations in heaven and have beautified it for beholders
15:17 and We have guarded it from every accursed devil
15:18 but if anyone eavesdrops, he is pursued by a bright flaming fire
15:19 We have spread out the earth, and set upon it firm mountains and caused everything to grow in due proportion
15:20 We have provided therein a means of livelihood for you and for all those creatures for whom you do not provide
15:21 There is not a thing but its storehouses are with Us. But We only send down each thing in an appropriate measure
15:22 We let loose fertilizing winds, and bring water from the sky for you to drink; and you could not have stored it up for yourselves
15:23 Truly, it is We who bring to life and We who cause death and We are the inheritor of all things
15:24 We know those who lived before you and those who will come after you
15:25 It is your Lord who will gather them. He is all wise and all knowing
15:26 We created man out of dry clay, from moulded mud
15:27 and the jinn We had created before from flaming fire
15:28 Your Lord said to the angels, I am about to bring into being a man wrought from mud
15:29 When I have formed him and breathed My spirit into him, fall down in prostration before him
15:30 then the angels all prostrated themselves together
15:31 But Satan did not; he refused to join those who prostrated themselves
15:32 God asked him, What is the matter with you, that you are not among those who have prostrated themselves
15:33 He replied, I am not one to prostrate myself to a man whom You have created out of a clay of moulded mud
15:34 God said, Then get out of here; for you are accursed
15:35 and the curse shall be on you till the Day of Judgement
15:36 Satan said, O my Lord! Grant me respite till the Day of Resurrection
15:37 He said, You are granted respit
15:38 till that Appointed Day
15:39 He said, My Lord, since You have let me go astray. I shall make the path of error seem alluring to them on the earth and shall mislead them all
15:40 except for Your chosen servants
15:41 God said, This is the path which leads straight to Me
15:42 Surely, you shall have no power over My true servants, except those misguided ones who choose to follow you
15:43 Surely, Hell is the place to which they are destined
15:44 it has seven gates: and each gate has a portion of them allotted to it
15:45 Truly, the God-fearing shall dwell amid gardens and fountain
15:46 Enter therein in peace and security
15:47 We shall cleanse their hearts of all traces of ill-will; they will be like brethren seated on couches facing one another
15:48 They will not be affected by any weariness there, and they will never be made to leave
15:49 Tell My servants that I alone am the Forgiving, the Merciful One
15:50 and that My punishment is a painful punishment
15:51 Tell them about Abrahams guests
15:52 when they came to him they greeted him with: Peace. He said,We feel afraid of you
15:53 They said, Do not be afraid. We come to you with good news. You shall have a son who shall be endowed with great knowledge
15:54 He said, Do you bring me such news despite my old age? What kind of good news are you bringing me
15:55 They said, We have, indeed, given you glad tidings in truth; do not therefore despair
15:56 He said, Who but the misguided despair of the mercy of their Lord
15:57 Then he asked, What then is your business, O messengers
15:58 They said, We have been sent forth to a guilty people
15:59 Except for Lots household, all of whom we shall rescue
15:60 except his wife. We have decreed that she will be among those who remain behind [and will be lost]
15:61 When the messengers came to Lot and his family
15:62 he said, You are strangers [to me]
15:63 They said, No, but we bring you news about what they disputed
15:64 and we have come to you with the truth, and surely we are truthful
15:65 so leave with your family some time in the latter part of the night, and walk behind them. Let none of you look back. Go where you are commanded
15:66 We communicated to him Our decree that the guilty ones would be destroyed by the morning
15:67 The people of the town came along, revelling
15:68 and he told them, These are my guests, so do not disgrace me
15:69 Fear God and do not shame me
15:70 They said, Did we not forbid you to extend hospitality to strangers
15:71 He said, Here are my daughters, if you must act in this way
15:72 By your life, they wandered on in their wild intoxicatio
15:73 and thereupon the blast [of Our punishment] overtook them at sunrise
15:74 We turned the town upside down and rained upon them stones of clay
15:75 There are certainly signs in that for those who can learn a lesso
15:76 it is still there on the highwa
15:77 surely in this there is a sign for those who believe
15:78 The people of the Wood were also surely wrongdoers
15:79 So We took vengeance on them. Both are still there on the highway, plain for all to see
15:80 The people of al-Hijr also rejected Our messengers
15:81 We gave them Our signs, but they turned away from them
15:82 They carved out dwellings in the mountains, and lived in securit
15:83 the blast overtook them early one morning
15:84 All that they had acquired was of no avail to them
15:85 We have created the heavens and the earth and all that is between the two in accordance with the requirements of truth and wisdom. The Hour is surely coming. So overlook [their faults] with gracious forgiveness
15:86 Surely your Lord is the All Knowing Creator
15:87 We have given you the seven oft-recited verses and the great Quran
15:88 Do not strain your eyes towards the worldly benefits We have bestowed on some of them, nor grieve on their account. Lower your wing of mercy for the believer
15:89 and say, I am, indeed, a plain warner
15:90 such as We send down for those who are divisive
15:91 and who have broken the Scripture into fragment
15:92 by your Lord, We shall question them al
15:93 about whatever they had been doing
15:94 Proclaim openly what you are commanded, and avoid the polytheists
15:95 We will, surely, suffice you against those who mock
15:96 who set up another god with God, but they shall soon learn
15:97 We do indeed know how your heart is distressed at what they say
15:98 But glorify your Lord with His praise, and prostrate yourself
15:99 and worship your Lord until what is certain [death] comes to you


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